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  1. Probably Benfica with a full squad.(don't think they can) That was great experience over 2 games for the players and management. You can't buy that. Learn and move on.
  2. the performance of our players won't go unnoticed either. It's part of what its about. The value of players must increase when showing that they're competent playing in a European environment.
  3. ffs. Dream about 3 year ago and you'll wake up in a better mood.
  4. Great result over 2 games against a champs league quality team full of quality players. Hold your head up high Gers. Could of been better but...
  5. Patters been brilliant on here tonight. πŸ‘
  6. Clean sheets as long as we are scoring. nothing worse than watching a 0-0 game.
  7. Chill Goat. We'll hammer them tomorrow. We seem to have a really strong squad this year. I feel confident going into any game and I've not felt that way for years.
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