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  1. I was 47 and actually can't remember much about the last day. What I do remember quite clearly was Walters last home game and his lap of honour in the poring rain. The passing of the era.
  2. Couldn't keep it in myself at 6.0 minutes with King. Can't be many left that don't think he loves the club as a fan like us.
  3. Friday night, late and the lights are going out. Let the dogs loose in the morning. But if you are still compos then donate now!
  4. Agree and all that, but this is the picture thread. I'm too thick to post pictures, and don't have any, so just comment on them. So geez a picture.
  5. Got to worthy very quickly has our manager.
  6. Had to look round a few times to check the unworthy weren't there. And I don't think they are.
  7. Oh sorry, I must have strayed into a parallel universe where that must be sung at games. Will 'power cycle' PC.
  8. Its haunting and the only modern equivalent is build my gallows when it catches round the stadium. A lot more singing back in the good old days.
  9. My personal favourite is 'O flying high', but not sung any more. Best current song is Gallows when it catches round the stadium
  10. My god that's awful. Had a listen as I thought it was the one - yabba daba do and we support the boys in blue and its easy, easy..........
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