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  1. Yes. Nothing in that statement to argue with as what the core is, but nothing that says we cannot have others to join and be welcome. Sideways example - as a Glasgow club, should I not support as being from Paisley? No its open to those not in Glasgow.
  2. And remember he had world class wingers feeding him cross after cross. And they weren't timmy crosses.........
  3. Don't think we had such endless scrutiny as we had no f-in social media. The team went out, they all wear blue and they would win. We had total belief in the managers back then.
  4. Still ok as long as someone else does.
  5. Agree, but a great Rangers goal is something more than the goal, its the setting and opposition. The Cooper goal is mesmeric skill and against the scum, so a clear winner for me.
  6. These are the games that worry me - no interest in playing football.
  7. Roofe's goal is up their with the best ever goals in world football, but does not qualify as a great Rangers goal for me as not scored against the devil's 11.
  8. Me too and wondered why he hadn't been snapped up by anyone else.
  9. His undoubted quality has shone through and shut up his detractors. Not heard from them in a while.
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