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  1. Tough sentencing there eh? Surely Cairney can now expect a heavy fine.
  2. Pretty average post really, I only gave it a like because everybody else did.🙂
  3. The hivs pedo cover up. And seemingly the "victim" hasnt gone to the liquidators to stake his claim.
  4. Sky Commentator today, "its nearly an hour since celtic had an attempt at goal"
  5. We are all poofs today. Love you all xxxxxxxxxx
  6. It was awright ah suppose.
  7. I dont expect anything different on Saturday, they are pish but still better than what we have.
  8. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/police-boss-council-caused-Rangers-934693
  9. It was switched off. The Assistant Chief Constable of GMP said so, they feared there would be a crush so they switched the screen off.
  10. Off topic but still, does anyone know if uefa have charged bheasts for the salzburg player hit by a coin thrown from the bheast support. I cant see anything about it other than it did happen.
  11. Bheasts say the abuse first came to light in the 90s, what was it that brought it to their attention in the 90s?.
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