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  1. Sky Commentator today, "its nearly an hour since celtic had an attempt at goal"
  2. On another matter, after liewells commissioned report about how important the bheasts are to the scottish economy, (bigger than Golf actually), that was trashed the next day by the Golf people, did they make any statement after that, maybe something like an apology for getting it wrong.
  3. There is always a chance the Law says otherwise. Everyone in the world could be convinced of guilt but a court can still find the case not guilty. The Law is mental.
  4. I had a staunchness weakening moment earlier where I was tempted by the 12/1 Dundee. Sad that I gave it consideration, definitely worth a punt purely in the make money for yourself aspect but Im not doing it.
  5. Useless obviously wants to keep it out of the public eye. He is a public servant ,talk to the woman in public.
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