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  1. Sinister.
  2. I wont be confident unitl someone vows that the goals will come Or at least insists. They always vow or insist these things.
  3. All we need is goals.
  4. Can see us being involved in a lot of 0-1 1-0 1-1 games this season.
  5. They will probably raise it to 10 now.
  6. An internal investigation. So in 50 years we will be talking about the terrorist banners cover-up.
  7. What about the Belfast game. Were they not meant to dealt with today.
  8. Absolutely astonished and stunned at this will be the bheast statement.
  9. Its THE Open.not uk open. Peter Allis would turn in his grave if he was dead.
  10. Shame that PSNI haven't charged him. The ritual's over you're going to the jail.
  11. Griffifths transfer to hibs has been delayed as celic have yet to receive an official sectarian death threat for grififfthsth. Once that has been received the transfer will go through.
  12. He will leave the bheasts for other bheasts in the east. And it will be because of "death threats".
  13. Brothers in Blue.
  14. When do we think griffffffiffffs will ne transferred to hivs. Tuesday/wednesday maybe.
  15. And hot. Was lethal steam belching out from the cup.