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  1. Worst manager in your lifetime

    Anyone from the last 5. McCoist though,is the most likely and he is the only one that pretended to be a Rangers fan. The other duff managers didnt pretend to be a Rangers fan. So at a push McCoist is the worst.
  2. That's it for me

    If last weeks defeat made him stronger. what did today do?
  3. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    He will be replaced by another the same. The problem lies deep within Rangers. I have had it confirmed that I can ditch Rangers and still be PUL. Its not disloyal because Rangers has done fuck all for PUL. In fact there are PUL folk who despise Rangers. Wonder why?.
  4. I was right. the mideek presser was blah blah blah spin doctor PR pish. I blame Rangers
  5. Run about and kick the ball tactics again.
  6. I the future you will only be able to watch the match if you are playing in it.
  7. Pedro feeling Stronger than ever

    Well, its not as if Rangers doesn't have the resources to beat Hearts.
  8. Making rods for our own backs

    Why dont they turn it round . Ask the journalist a question. Your newspapers sales are plummeting do you feel any responsibility.
  9. Irn Bru Cup R1 match tonight - Dumbarton v Rangers U20

    Is this not the type of thing that should be on Rangers TV.
  10. Looking forward to The Rangers Observer arcticle that explains to the Rangers Fans why Rangers with all its resources, year after year, season after season, manager after manager, cant produce a football team that silences low life scumbags. Could Rangers SLO maybe explain it. I blame Rangers.
  11. Making rods for our own backs

    Blah Blah Blah. Why dont they say nothing then train for the match that they win. Its not as if Rangers dont have the resources to do that.
  12. Pedro feeling Stronger than ever

    Year after year season after season manager after manager Rangers cant produce a football team capable of beating Hearts Hibs Aberdeen or celtic this results in lowlife scumbags swaggering and smirking in and out of the main door at Ibrox and looking forward to doing it again the next time. World Class training facilities World class stadium hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide and Rangers are unable to produce a capable football. Seems a bit odd doesnt it. I'm fed up blaming SFA SPFL Bheasts SNP IRA Referees Glasgow City Council etc. I blame Rangers. With all the resources Rangers consistently fail to deliver and its the fans who take the flak. Rangers doesn't give a fuck that you and me on an almost daily basis at work, in the pub , in the neighbourhood have to put up with jeers and ridicule. Do we ever hear an apology to supporters from the Club? Even the other day just after being humiliated at Ibrox by low life scumbags Rangers decide to advertise a tour of a Graveyard on matchdays. eh????. Bet the bheasts were having a right laugh at that.. A capable football team results in low life scumbags crawling back under rocks. Its that simple it really is. Dave Dave do you gettit.
  13. Pedro feeling Stronger than ever

    wow. what would he be like if we had beaten them. More spin doctor PR shite dished out to the support.