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  1. To be honest, most of us would have happily settled for the league title at the start of the season, anything beyond that a complete bonus. But when you throw in: Ferencvaros Sparta Prague Dubaigate Juillien coming back with Covid Five games against them unbeaten Klimala, Ajeti Ntcham getting a manager sacked before he even played Barkas’ vertical dive at McGregor’s OG Shark attack in the car park after Ross County Liewell’s apology contradicting TLB’s “nothing to apologise for” Calamity Shane Broon oot Liewell oot TLB
  2. So, to recap. We have a possible unspecified act, details unknown, possibly committed at an unspecified location, by someone whose identity we don’t know. Not exactly a “smoking gun”, is it?
  3. Still looks overweight to me. Never make it at Rangers imo.
  4. Allan Preston saying Doig was a left CB when he came through the Hearts youth set up before they released him and Hibs picked him up. He went on to talk about fees they might earn from certain players and he quoted Doig at around 1.5m. If you offered me 10m for Barisic now, I’d take it and get this kid in.
  5. And we got away with it most of the time.
  6. Aribo should never start in midfield if Jack is fit. The fact that he’s played so many games is a reflection of Jack’s injury (which we hope to have cured now) rather than outstanding performances from Aribo in the middle. No problem offering Aribo an opportunity to challenge Wright, Roofe, Hagi or Itten for the remaining place alongside Kent and Morelos who are certainties. But, in the midfield, if Jack is fit, Jack plays.
  7. We’ve just signed a striker who only started playing professional football a couple of years ago. What price do you put on giving Sakala a year alongside an outstanding role model like Defoe?
  8. They still go on about that season as if it was glorious. CL - oot Fell into UEFA Cup - oot League Cup - oot Scottish Cup - oot League - runners up Their two greatest achievements were taking 2 million to Seville and, in trying to take the piss about that at Ibrox by bringing beach balls they overlooked the fact that Seville is sixty miles from the nearest beach. MON’s team of heroes (a bargain at thirty odd million) won fuck all and Eck quietly picked up yet another Rangers treble. One of my favourite seasons.
  9. And he’s not even one of our four POTY nominees! My next few nominees (Kent, Kamara, Barisic, Helander) are all Rangers players too. I reckon you would get to at least eight or ninth best in the country before you picked a non-Ranger. Possibly Young Doig at Hibs, Nisbet???? Incredible collective dominance by the champions.
  10. Initial thoughts are that I can't wait to see it and it’s about time. Biggest concern is the lack of real originality and the copying of so many ideas from elsewhere. Still, I’ll be there in the queue when it opens.
  11. Unusual to have all candidates from one club. Disappointed Duffy not an option.
  12. That is actually tragic. Really, really sad. He is clearly two crackers short of a communion and it’s shameful to mock. Aw, fuck it.
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