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  1. You’ve reminded me of a classic scum story that sums them up to a tee. Corner pub in Hamilton used to be the Tap Room (called something else now) which is where you watched Rangers on big European nights and across the road was the Academical Vaults, 2 minutes from Accies ground where the unwashed watched the scum back in the day. Tap Room was packed for these games but, strangely, got even busier just before halftime just as the staff sent round plates of pies (cut daintily in half) to thank us for buying their beer. Scum supporters had got wise, drifted across the road, grabbe
  2. If it wasn’t for the SFA rule that says you’re not allowed to tackle him and any attempt to do so will be a free kick to the scum, he’s magnificently average.
  3. Have we appealed the yellow card yet?
  4. Going to get my missus to go for a very long walk on the day of the scum match because either we will already be champions or we will clinch it that day. I know how emotional I was when Rogic fluffed his penalty in the shootout and we beat them at Hampden and I expect this to be ten times worse. I will, of course, be rehydrating furiously (Innis and Gunn already set aside) in anticipation of tears but, all joking aside, I know I’ll be a fucking mess.
  5. Sportscene on BBC Scotland (not BBC 1) at half eleven. ”How many games do you miss for a yellow for simulation?”
  6. 85 from 93 actually. Good old BBC.
  7. Cheers. My mistake, forgot just how many games McLaughlin has played. Probably got two of the top three shutout records in the division.
  8. Don’t know if anyone heard “Beat The Pundit” last night but one of the questions was “which keeper has most SPFL shutouts?” Guy says “McGregor” obviously but the dickhead presenter says “no, the answer is Joe Lewis” That cannot be right???
  9. Don’t know everything that Gerrard said (other than “bang out of order”) but how typical of Crocker to apologise “if you heard any bad language there” clearly suggesting that Gerrard had sworn at Beaton when nobody knows exactly what was said or by whom. Another hater in the media pissed off at our success - excellent
  10. Once the ref sees it at half time, I look forward to his apology and rescinding the red card.
  11. Two thoughts: Given the Liverpool connection and the esteem in which The Saint was held, it was poor to spring it on Gerrard, although, having seen the reaction of Chris Wilder, it looked as if it was also sprung on him at the same time. And secondly, Aribo is NOT a midfield player. Fed up with people quoting him in for Jack. If Arfield is fit, he goes in. If he’s unavailable, play young Dickson. If he’s unavailable, play Zungu. But do not, DO NOT, quote Aribo as a midfielder. Even better playing Hagi in there.
  12. Whereas certain players are your everyday players, there are games/tasks that require a different type of ability. Hagi is one of these specialists as is Aribo. Neither are 50/60 games a season type players like Tav or Goldson. In the right game, against the right opponent, he proves his worth. It is up to the management team to know which ones to use and when. He’s a real asset if used properly.
  13. Whenever we discuss the German language, I always fear the wurst.
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