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  1. For me, it’s not about personnel, it’s about how we’re set up. The old pressing and hunting in packs has gone (fuck knows why because it worked) and we’re fannying about from side to side while their inferior players get all the time they need to organise and set up and pick up our forwards while we’re still not at the halfway line. They get encouragement, they get brave, they sneak a goal or even two, then we bitch about time wasting for the rest of the game. Fucking desperate. Im assuming our best eleven (until Helander, Jack and Kent are available) is McGregor, Tavernier/Patterson, Goldson, Balogun, Barisic/Bassey, Kamara, Davis, Aribo, Hagi, Roofe, Morelos. That team is good enough to beat every other SPFL team home and away IF WE PLAY THE WAY WE DID LAST SEASON. We don’t need a wholesale clear out, we simply need to work harder. Certain stars of last season (eg Kamara) are going backwards and, as well as not helping our cause, their values in the market are falling should anyone want to buy them. This is so blindingly obvious, I despair that our management team can’t see it. Press hard, win it back and/or force errors, get a couple of goals in front and we won’t be chasing games against mediocre players who are better at winning fouls than they are at winning matches.
  2. Getting Willie Miller flashbacks watching Scott Brown refereeing this game.
  3. You’re wasted on here, mate. Bit like myself.
  4. The joy on his face when we went three up after seven minutes at Rugby Park knowing he could enjoy the remaining eighty-three minutes, no sweat. And that nine man cup win - nobody else could have pulled that out of the fire. Like others have said, so many that we’ll be remembering them for years to come.
  5. I’d be hoping he can do a Walter and when Gerrard moves on (as he will one day), Beale could step up. Interesting to hear Walter say that Souness offered to take him to Liverpool even though their existing back room staff were staying but Walter said “no”, effectively making himself unemployed if he wasn’t offered the Rangers job. Thankfully he was offered it and the rest is history. I think Beale could be very good as his own man, just hope he has the patience and has caught the Rangers “bug”.
  6. No issue with that to be honest. My initial thinking (albeit in a very emotional state) was that, if the new museum is a celebration of our history and our standards and culture, I could think of no better man to name it after. However, Sandy has his stand and I’d be delighted if Sir Walter got one too. Perhaps this debate if for another day to be honest. This is what happens when you start a thread while you’re an emotional mess.
  7. Three years ago, we were probably just another club to Gerrard. Watching that, you’d think his dad had died. Just shows how this great club gets under your skin. He did very well to keep it together.
  8. Mentioned this in the main thread - I think it would be ideal if we are building a testament to our greatest achievements that we name it after one of our greatest servants.
  9. It would be a fitting tribute if Rangers named the new club museum being built on the site of Edmiston House after him.
  10. Good call mate, it’s heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time. Watch it in private with a wee dram in your hand.
  11. I’m a 64 year old grandfather in tears at the death of a man I never met. Never worked with him, never had a beer with him, no family connection. Yet the tears are running down my cheeks as if he was my dad or my uncle. Thats what this club means to me and what it meant to him. God Bless You, Wattie - you gave us so much, we should be grateful forever that you were born a bluenose.
  12. Anyone got a link to the pictures from the recent golf day he attended? Looked frail but happy that day as I recall.
  13. Just taken delivery of a couple of pallets at Hampden…..
  14. Agreed. But we have bigger fish to fry so let’s get them beaten, no red cards, no injuries and if we earn the right to give some fringe players some game time (Bassey, Patterson, Wright, Bacuna etc), that’s a bonus and then on to the next game.
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