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  1. 72 hour curfew for all Danish teenagers. The Thumb is as well staying here. I know he’s thick as pig shit but I just don’t buy the “toys out the pram” or the “calf strain” stories. Flange has openly supported him and the club’s position is that, if the police don’t want to prosecute a nonce, then that’s fine by them. So my money would be on sponsors getting uncomfortable. All those child rapes from decades ago - well that was then, you know - lots of water under lots of bridges - this is 2021, let’s move forward etc. I genuinely believe that they had talked themse
  2. Really puts things in perspective when you hear of a sad loss like this. RIP and God bless his family. 😞
  3. That’s the team I expect as well based on pre-season. Wright, Kelly and Itten to come on after the third goal
  4. OK, I know it’s an under strength Madrid team and we’re pretty much at full strength but here goes..... I watched the highlights of the Glitterdome massacre and have now watched 45 minutes of the champions. We look as if we are not only playing in a different league but we’re playing a different sport. If we play like we’ve done today, the level of improvement they will need is simply beyond them. There is simply a huge gulf in class.
  5. Eddie hasn’t looked interested since he started collecting U21 caps all those years ago.
  6. Remember that guy Ryan Jack we used to have? Whatever happened to him?
  7. Blockbuster video card not acceptable means of payment, mate.
  8. Does that mean he can’t play for us in EL/CL? Asking for a mate.
  9. Ajer’s away having his Brentford medical otherwise he’d have got back.
  10. Let me paraphrase: ”If the polis don’t give a fuck that he’s a nonce, neither do we. Please bring your replica top and boots with you if coming to the match tomorrow as, in terms of players, we’re as dry as a kangaroo’s jockstrap...” (OK, I might have added a wee bit at the end) A club like no other.
  11. Kamara, Roofe unavailable, anyone else out? Midfield from Lundstram, Arfield, Davis, Jack(?), Hagi etc should be good enough. Up front, if Morelos is missing, need to have Sakala ready as option for Itten. With our recent form in Europe, we must fancy ourselves especially with a full Ibrox second leg.
  12. Good spot, OP Interesting that he sees himself as a number 10. Might be more opportunity for him if Gerrard tweaks things to accommodate Tav and Patterson?
  13. I know we beat this Danish team comfortably in the end but we were a settled team, confident in our system, with significant European experience, trust in each other and no real weaknesses. The scoreline makes it look like they were poor which they weren’t imo. The scum, however, are all over the place, particularly at the back, and I will be astonished if they get through. Flange will rely on Christie, Rogic(for the usual 60 minutes), Edouard, McGregor, Britton and Soro plus God knows who. Perhaps Welsh and Taylor? Still trying to get Ronnie Simpson to play in goals, the last I heard.
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