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  1. Lee Mack: “I’ve cleared my history so often, I’m back in Roman times...”
  2. The house is horrible and is a testament to wealth over taste. He might have plenty of dosh but he’s got zero class. Great views over the city (if you can shut your eyes to the piggery) but, as for the house itself, it’s a fucking carbuncle
  3. If this doesn’t get your feet tapping, they’re either nailed to the floor or you’re dead.
  4. Built an eyesore of a house on the hill down from EK to Cathkin just so that he could see the Theatre Of Screams from his window. If turning a blind eye to decades of systematic child rape at my favourite team was the price of wealth, I’d happily stay skint.
  5. If we only concede goals of that quality, we’ll not concede many in Scotland
  6. Itten’s time will come. We are going for four prizes this season and there will inevitably be injuries and suspensions. This week it was the midfield that was depleted, next time it could be up front. There remains a doubt about Morelos’ long term future and Defoe must be running out of road. Our recruitment has been really good recently and I think Itten will prove himself in time.
  7. The guitar work on this is just sublime for late night chill out.
  8. Knew one of us was confused because I was at Knebworth in 1978 and the headliners were Genesis! Zep were there the following year 👍
  9. Gerrard quoted them as 4th, haven’t checked it tbh.
  10. Roofe will be rested on Sunday (SG hinted as much) and I think Morelos will too. Could even be Itten, Defoe and Barker against Falkirk. Apart from Barker, I’d be OK with that.
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