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  1. Thanks , my daughter and grandson have tickets for tomorrow and have never been before,I thought that would be best place for them to park .👍
  2. Can you still park on Copeland Rd and surrounding streets on match days/ nights?
  3. That's why Sutton and Hartson are such bitter twisted bastards
  4. Tony Lavelle is a ragin Tim from the Bog in Falkirk, used to have the ginger hair, still got the close together eyes I see, DR making him out to be some sort of vigilante acting on behalf of the other ragin tims, stewards and police at fault for not stopping the wee twat getting on the park in the first place , thought they had armed polis on ? Ideal ?
  5. We live in hope , out of Europe and Treble fucked in the same week Yesssss!
  6. Just watched STV news live from Big Jock Knew Camp, interviewing a rabid one ,full colours on , he's English, posh accent accompanied by an 8 year old girl, either his daughter,sister,or girlfriend! Ironic that with 10 million supporters they managed to pick him to interview rather than one of the illiterate,unwashed,unintelligible bastards that will be out in force the night.
  7. I await irate "Liam fae Coatbrig" foaming at the mouth on RC phone in, or Brendan fae Possil ragin at Boydy in the Rebel Hot Line tomorrow.
  8. Exactly, this has been a total fuck up from day one, training ground and dressing room rows happen at every club, it's how they are dealt with that make the difference, unless he's lifted his hands to Warburton, he should be reinstated, we are paying wages to have him sit in the house. We are not exactly bursting at the seams with quality players at the minute.
  9. The truth is out there,AT LAST somebody prepared to put in print what we have known for years,they have been singing rebel songs at every game,not a mention in the Daily Rebel or the Sun, we sing one verse of TBB and its flagged up as sectarian singin, who the fuck banned it anyway, or is it another government directive?
  10. They'll be waiting on the Yessers coming with their Saltires to have Irish / SNP love in
  11. I'm sure the Saltire type flag is flown in parts of Spain/ Catalan but never seen the gold white and orange one ?
  12. Have they taken the green and yellow bin liners on tour, somebody must be making a fortune out those daft bastards, that will be the school uniform money / crisis loan for Wee Declan and Bernadette spent all in one go
  13. Look at that retard, my old tradesman had a word for Cnuts like that GOMERALL!
  14. Heard on Talksport song for this season: Beat by a rock you got beat by a rock youre feckin hopeless you got beat by a rock
  15. Exactly my thoughts,leaking stories to press every day to take shine of our cup final,4/5 days takes them to Sunday or Monday when the papers should be full of our historic victory etc. Dublin Desmond will name his new manager TLB the cheaper option,I reckon the story about Rodgers giving up 10m is bullshit ,just another tall tale from the propaganda machine to fool the dafties.
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