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  1. The “stay in control” bit is barking
  2. They’ve already said they are gonna scrap the winter break. they should for one scrap last season Scottish cup and then suspended the betfred cup for next season that solves the issue.
  3. All that with the audacity to add that the Scottish cup games from this season will need to be fitted into an already impossible schedule. Are they going to change the rules for the Scottish cup too because there’s no way hearts will be able to field a team of players that were already registered for last season.
  4. Only Rangers, Aberdeen and Hearts vote no with all others Yes expect from Ross county. They are king makers.
  5. The old lady vs the construction site no contest.
  6. No team would be able to successfully take their FA to CAS for failure to award title given the global events. every team relegated unfairly will take their FA to CAS and probably win. that alone will be the deciding factor in voiding the season.
  7. With player contracts usually running to start of June for squad integrity it must be void
  8. I’d say 50-50, the government cobra meeting is at noon, they could ban all large gatherings but I would be surprised if it were to come into affect so quickly for tonight (the old firm is certainly now at risk of closed doors) the major risk to tonight is the reported emergency UEFA meeting this morning to discuss an immediate suspension of European football. However, I suspect the true nature of the meeting is to discuss the euros being moved not the immediate situation. hopefully it goes ahead, Leverkusen are in town now no doubt most of there fans are here or en route.
  9. With both those teams despite their European fortune wishing us nothing but the worst. Double edged sword the coefficient. Means so much now to the country and the league but the turkeys voted for Christmas
  10. Paulinho. What a player. hopefully he will send some quality our way. His goal vs celtic I all I can think about when I hear is name. pedro that is
  11. No it will overwhelmingly handicap us. however the only reason it is hurting us now is the lack of leadership at our club. some of our songs are now classed as racist. The same songs that were attempted to be categorised as racist in the early 2000’s we fought it and won rightly so. But all of a sudden it’s racist. our songs are not racist, nor am I or anyti would associate myself with. Sectarian yes. To a level. At a football match I think I should be free to express myself and heritage. on the street I’d never disrespect another, respect deserving individual regardless or race or religion. bottom line is football is football. Let us shout and sing.
  12. Pedro. But if Pedro knew Jonatan pre Rangers I would be flabbergasted. I wanted to give him a fair crack of the whip and did aslong as I could. But it was a disaster of an appointment. and for measure I was and still am a PLG fan if we had rode the out. I couldn’t see that with Pedro.
  13. Was this confirmed tonight? what about Mendez, giving it Rangers have no chance the feeling in Portugal is that braga got sloppy first leg we will get pumped tonight. F.T. Ally took great pleasure in tearing him to shreds. Edit. Loved him as a player, braga is his team. But he was instrumental in Pedro appointment. as for Morelos Jonathan Johansen. That’s who got us Morelos no one else
  14. Was talk about this earlier. Funny how when you go abroad no one can speak or understand English yet alone drunk Scots. But put it into a football context they are fluent linguistics. I couldn’t make this one due to ill health but if you go you are entitled to enjoy yourself and sing a song. I’m quite happy to take it in the neck from the pc brigade on this one but songs should never be a grade 1 offence
  15. Tempted to have this framed for a place above the mantle
  16. Tim’s next round = destroyed just waiting for the greeting at a pen against them and a pen for us. their not used to a level playing field. always cheated. Never defeated.
  17. AGC123


    Anyone think Alfie might be a bench warmer at the weekend? silly yellow to rule himself out tonight, ineffective vs st Johnstone clearly not at his best. I’d start Kamberi. Everyone needs to earn their place
  18. Post of the season, in a nut shell
  19. At least shagger has the balls to challenge the wee snivelling prick at the end. And got booked in the process
  20. Bill Leckie...... the company he keeps, enough said
  21. 100% That’s that place al over the back. Back stabbing turn coat fucks. Give us ur £ but don’t swear or say anything mildly offensive. wouldn't be surprised if they were behind the everyone anyone campaign
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