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  1. Absolutely glorious this bit, sealed their own fate by hating us so much.
  2. Quite simply incredible the Var calls for the first pen (not given) and the 2nd Davis one. I was raging at the first and calm at the second because I never thought in a million years var would let that stand. Mind boggling. I was an advocate for it up here until this game and a few recent epl examples. Quite simply it doesn’t work. If anything takes away from the game with goals scored and being in limbo for 30/40 sec after to be sure
  3. I liked this bit, On the bright side though, it is going to be fun watching McLaughlin try to report on 55 from his wee spot outside Ibrox where the burger vans usually sit. hopefully they’ll be some bear’s there to give him some hassle if he try’s it.
  4. State of this headline story big bad Rangers, taigs get the tiniest of mentions right at the end
  5. Sorry let me rephrase that absolutely no contact
  6. How is that any worse than the taig McGregor one
  7. Greegsy vs Goram. I think we can settle the argument, goram was special in his day. However he has embarrassed himself and his legacy in recent times. Whereas Alan has repented, proved himself in Europe and shown us the last true bastion of a ranger.
  8. Fuck going into the changing room after that with Shagger. Exactly what should be said from a Rangers player and In my opinion captain. his interview was excellent, Gerrard’s too. Made a reference to the st mirren game. Last time he rotates like that. Zungu is done in my opinion
  9. I could hear him in my head there saying that as I read it
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