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  1. Our club needs an enema to expel the utter shite that is our team.
  2. I was one of them mate, but let's not forget he inherited this team.
  3. Here's me thinking we were invincible under McCall. Brought back to earth.
  4. A needless elbow from an experienced player (captain) in a game in which we have been excellent, and now have to change our tactics and possibly momentum. No excuses.
  5. Fingers crossed it's Jig's last season. Back to the game itself, Stuart McColl is working miracles with this team. We need to hold onto Vuckic, too. Another goal or two please, Rangers.
  6. The only positive to take from this is that McCall should realise how utter SHITE Jig is, and never play him in again.
  7. If I was being honest, I really wished he didn't start with Jig - but I fear it's going to be mission impossible with this team regardless.
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