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  1. Orange Persson

    The Time For Change Has Never Been Better

    Yes, a very good read with some style too.
  2. S.I.M.A is a pretty good all round Bear and debater.
  3. Orange Persson


    Cracking wee player. Maybe been fit since Feb, but not match fit. Mid Feb could be when his pain or issues ceased.
  4. Orange Persson


    Voted to let him go back. I always thought he was living on that season in Championship. He even fell away from that form, while still with hivs. Maybe Gerrard could turn him around if he rates him, but we don't know if he does. As far as Morelos goes, you should sell at the top of the market I suppose. It was Murty who seemed instrumental in getting him to stay. His head has been wasted since then anyway. Gerrard won't be keeping those he doesn't rate,so it will pan out.
  5. Orange Persson

    BBC Scotland/Sportsound Bias

    They are not banned as they merely played the victim card. Sound familiar? The OP points are good and hats off to him. As far as denying license payers coverage (correct btw) you only have to look at them covering Gaelic with the Nations' license money for a minority of Gaelic speakers. It is a mirror image of SNP itself. Parading republicanism, while being financed by Unionism and their taxpayers.
  6. Orange Persson

    LET'S GO!!

  7. Orange Persson

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    This is it. Mad that we are doing something, trying something daring and exciting in a business and football sense, rather than curling into fetal position.
  8. Orange Persson

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I truly hope for no Skrtl. That is a tattoo impersonating a defender! The same mould as a certain Swiss person who visited us recently for a sight seeing holiday.
  9. Orange Persson

    Is Gerrard the "vanity" choice as manager?

    SG does know how brenda thinks and works. That may be a help in some ways. Whatever your opinion, the hoodoo must be broken against the scum for us to move forward. Those games are definitive for fans and players morale to act as a springboard.
  10. Orange Persson

    Not so Bad ?

    Scum had a blip when the hammerings in Europe took a toll on them. Once European games stopped they improved a bit. Every team suffers from doings like that with confidence and self doubt. One win against scum will change things. Not transformation but it will help us compete. It will come.
  11. Orange Persson

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Still think we need an experienced manager. The only time rookies succeed is with massive money. Apart from legends like Clough etc. When a manager is in a game, he needs to be able to recount and re-call on past situations. How much hot water you have been in and got out of, counts for a lot. Even in Scotland, many clubs are miles ahead here Think about it, we haven't had a proper manager since Walter. This again is too left field with SG.
  12. Orange Persson

    Have that shower of bastards been sacked yet

    They have had a terrifying experience which was akin to serving in the horrors of Vietnam. To be asked time and time again to play one of the best teams in the world ? It's feared many of them could go on to develop PTSD. The claims could cost millions......
  13. Orange Persson

    "I just stand on the sideline."

    Apart from the ifs and buts, the defining moment was the 3-2 game against scum. That was the road to Damascus for him, and that team. Never recovered respect, togetherness or confidence for each other. There were lows before that and some highs. It all comes out in the end as ability is found out. A Manager is Like a Therapist. He either kicks you up the arse, or fools you to believe. When Murty showed the near tears at interviews, the cat was out the bag. It showed he could not kick arse, or be emotionally detached enough to perform. Professionals cannot be emotional as they pull your teeth out or do an operation on you. They need to be cold and clinical to get a job done. Working with kids...........he was like a kid himself.
  14. Orange Persson


    The point is that we have had actors in the players and managers role for seasons now. They fill the same space on the pitch and the dugout in our great stadium, but they are hypocrites. Found out at the end of each season, making off with a few quid for filling a jersey or a managers seat. An Old Firm game is like the drama of a play by Shakespeare. You have to turn up with Brian Blessed, John Gielgud,Derek Jacobi, etc etc. We have had the cast from fuckin' River City for 6 years now!
  15. Orange Persson

    Murty thinks it’s his

    Yip. Got to go out with all guns blazing now and a demand for some real effort and performance.