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  1. Voted No. Cannot see a major upset, given the budget. The reality is that Aberdeen are closer than us. We will do well to overhaul them and get nearer to the scum. Even this assumes stability and that Pedro is competant. We have a manager who is a totally unknown commodity remember. A fantastic speaker and personality thus far, but who knows. Like a bloody flip of a coin really with all this.
  2. I agree. Never talk in the "I'm gonnae" tense. We will see when you have done it. His presser was better yesterday. Spot on in fact. Give the Press what they deserve. He has been too accomodating at times and that has raised questions on his mentality and ability to walk, rather than talk.
  3. I think Pedro is starting to think he is Brian Clough or something. Either that or he is morphing into David Icke. Getting a sickly feeling about it all now. I don't want to pre judge him, but he should give this stuff a rest. We need action and play, cos talk is cheap.
  4. The immortal words of MW. Adding value to the squad. We will gain nothing of value in selling those players at prices well below what we paid. Their wages are crippling us in return for nothing. Half of them should be deemed to be "aggravating their contract"
  5. There are always instances where a manager can improve an existing squads performances. Murty actually done that. This is the way it is going to be, then the signings. Got to deal with the reality BA. It's pish for all of us. We are trying and hoping here with no real money. Nobody is brimming with confidence but who wants fucking moaners on the Lifeboat? I have no opinion on your view but I see no alternatives ATM. Not going to give an opinion on PC either as It is early. What is the point of no confidence and hunches. Time will tell.
  6. It will be 15 games into next season when we get what he is really about. That will be his second phase so to speak.....with signings. This is his first phase. The Board wanted to find out if he could improve the existing squad. Jury is out ATM.
  7. What is classless about the phrase sucking cocks in hell? Linda Blair sure sounded convincing when she shouted it to that Catholic Priest!
  8. I don't think anyone is sure about Pedro. We took a chance and it will unfold. The question is: Can he grow in the job? It is going to take some manager to operate on an inferior budget like this and challenge. Got my doubts. I agree with you Ejay. A handshake is good enough. Can't go that jobsworth pish of cuddles and headslapping.
  9. It is down to money, plain and simple. Was Scottish football ever a level playing field? Apart from a few periods it wasn't. It certainly isn't now, but instead of Old Firm domination, it is the tims who are the only horse in the league. What we lost, they gained ten fold. Without a Billionaire, it will take years to chip away at this. Can't afford or attract a top manager. Their isn't a manager worth having, who does not need massive money to spend.
  10. Whoring his job interview to DR. Can't STFU. Would have been really surprised and disappointed if he had impressed Pedro more than JJ. Barry had some good years with us. I can't be bothered listening to him though.
  11. His analogy of looking inside out, rather than outside in. A masterstoke that was checkmate! The guy is one of the most rounded individuals we have had here. He gives respect and commands it, without constantly mentioning the word itself. Pedro is the James Bond of Scottish Football!
  12. MOH is a matter of signing the brightest or "in" player of the period. It was the best of what was there. As in many cases, they do not rise to the occasion and the jersey weighs too much. It is one thing to shine against us or other teams. He lacks real Rangers footballing character, ability and mentality.
  13. Excellent. They are awa hame tae catch Robbie Shepard an his dance tunes.
  14. 3 points and 3-0 at the Sheep. It cannot be argued with. A string to our bow and a way to win that we have not shown all season. Aberdeen got humped at home by us. If it had been same game but score the other way round, would we get any plaudits for the way we played? We would have been roasted! All credit to our jerseys today. It could be a long time waiting for another scoreline up there like that.
  15. That is Modern Tribalism at it's finest!