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  1. It's because they're Orthodox
  2. I have always liked King anyway, considering he stepped up to the plate. As for being a Criminal, don't make me laugh. There is not a business tycoon who doesn't get up to that tax stuff anywhere in any country. The law says King is a criminal but Craig Whyte is innocent? The law is an ass.
  3. Let's please our fans with the colour rather than the many who say they sit on the fence............but actually hate us. Orange a gogo.
  4. Yes he was great while at West Brom...rejuvenated in fact. As a Scotland player then, he was real International Class and unplayable at times.
  5. You see Stan hit his best shot crosscourt and it is run down and returned. On the faster court, Stan is used to that being nothing more than a get. I don't see why Rafa cannot come in and win Wimbledon now. Yeah, I know it's a different surface etc. He was winning Wimbledon and Roland Garros consecutive before though and beating natural grass court players. The key thing is that he is back to his peak. Get enough practice on the grass.....
  6. Stan is shell shocked. When he came to the net and did nothing with the volley. Rafa watches the ball though in that running winner. It is the minds eye that knows where the target a good striker.
  7. Nadal, fresh and top form. Stan can play better but might not get the chance. Stan's backhand is better on a faster court when players attack the net. He is too far back to hit his winners from that wing, with a guy who covers the court like Rafa. The serve is so good that Stan cannot hit out a winner from backhand either. Stan is doing no better than Thiem at this point.
  8. You can see the massive pressure that Stan is under on all these points. It is a wearing down process. Thiem was worn down like this. Lets hope Stan is more resilient and has a few more tricks. Needs to serve well and set up that big forehand.
  9. Yes guys the interesting thing here is how Stans game will stand up to this Animal form from Nadal. This is Stan and he has massive experience compared to Thiem, but is he going to be hangin on, or can he impose in any of these sets? It is the match ups that are fascinating. I mean, Nadal does not care if you hit flat to him, slice to him,or topspin and force him to stand further back. Will Stans flat hitting be effective? I would love a competitive match. Big Sod found a way remember. It would be a massive surprise but there are many in tennis. I am just going to enjoy it and know that Rafa is best ever on clay and the complete legend at Roland Garros.
  10. Thrilled to see Ostapenco win this. The big shots and the winners told in the end. There will be much more from this girl.
  11. At two sets to love, Nadal has dominated and forced Thiem to hurry on every shot. Nadal's driving shots into corners have ground Thiem down. The young mans previous win on clay, where he stood on or inside baseline for serve and rallies, has been impossible to implement. Nadal's serve and groundstrokes have seen to that. When Nadal serves well, it is actually one of the best,given the swerve and placement he gets. Great second serve too.
  12. Cannot see this other semi going any other way than Nadal. At a set down, young Thiem is having to work so hard for every point. His natural and brilliant crosscourt backhand, feeds right into Nadals best side. This young guy takes some toll on his body with every bit of his weight and sinew going into those forehands.
  13. Best player won. The better tennis player too IMO.
  14. In for a nail biting afternoon with Andy here. That key 7th game in first set was hard for him with some errors. Murrays second serve, still the weakest of the top four and Stan is setting up his points from it. If Stan's forehand is on, he can dominate. The backhand as we know is top drawer anyway.
  15. This is it, nobody has been able to put her away. All the big hitters have tried and this young Ostapenco is a hitter too. If the young girl is calm and confident, we could get another good match. If she gets overwhelmed then she may beat herself with the errors. She has the tennis but not the experience and match play of Halep. It might be interesting or just too much for her. I do hope that Bartoli is not commentating. She spoiled that match with babbling through the rallies with some of the most uninteresting tech talk I have heard. Her timing was awful! Somebody pull her aside FFS!