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  1. Ryan Jack -- Staunch

    It's brilliant and very funny. Kids always steal the show.
  2. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    I think we were punching well above our weight with that crop of players. Things change and we may not see their like again. Like David Wilkie Alan Wells or Jackie Stewart, they are once in a long lifetime really. For our population and monetary situation, it is no surprise where we are now I suppose. Agree with Souness being about our best ever. Like lots of that ilk, no header of a ball either. Never recall Zidane or Baxter heading much . Yet Brian Robson would go through a brick wall to head a goal. Different midfielders and their talents and style............all in the game.
  3. DJ and the 1978 World Cup

    If you compare DJ and Jordan as tradesman, Jordan made more of his trade. He got better jobs, bigger money etc etc. It's like the engineer who goes to Canada and makes twice the money of the guy who stays on the Clyde. DJ was in the wee Rangers club after the home games. The difference was more mentality, but DJ had as much or more natural ability. There are players who totally maximise what they have, like Keegan, ie model pro's. Then there are guys like Baxter, Gazza who took the piss out of you on the park while still hung over from night before. There are many if's in DJ''s career, but he was one of the most talented ever in a Rangers jersey.
  4. DJ and the 1978 World Cup

    You can see where DJ's heading power came from.............look at the neck on him!
  5. Nacho Novo

    Pretty shocked like everyone. Just relieved to hear he is stable. Thoughts are with him and family.
  6. Fraser Aird - Video

    Plenty good goals anyway and part of the climb back.
  7. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    Football players are people. They have spirit, character, flaws, personality. All things that are on a football field. You sign that too, they ain't robots.
  8. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Don't pay up front if you don't need too. Cash flow is what any sensible business is about. How much do we have out on our other players ATM. and what have we got out of them so far? Even Dorrans has not returned anything yet of his fee really. If anyone thinks we can keep spunking a million at a time just to be flash with the cash, think again. The Board have provided cash...........managers have wasted it! Prudence is needed. I don't know about this belong thing. We have hardly made money on a player for years and contracts are a double edged sword in many ways,especially when things don't work out on the field. Oh and welcome to Rangers Jamie!
  9. Colin McAdam - Video

    Yes many good headers of a ball we had. For young 'uns..............look up DJ's header against Wales, when it actually meant something to play for Scotland. It was headed harder than some can shoot.
  10. Colin McAdam - Video

    Yes!............the human battering ram that was McAdam.
  11. Jimmy Nicholl

    Happy with JN in. Murty has a chance to grow with him. End of season, see where it has led us and take it from there.
  12. New Bates Contract

    What young defenders agent is going to settle for a one year contract? An agents job is to get a deal and security for the player. Some agent,if that is all he can get you.
  13. Tavernier

    Tav has real football and movement in him. Sorry if he goes and players like that just don't come along for the money we have available.
  14. Brown.

    And broon also talks like a wee lassie. When I hear him speak it reminds me of when Jim Baxter said of Alan Ball, that he sounded like wee Jimmy Clitheroe broon is about as scary as the scream of a women tennis player. Funny how a guy has to keep a certain hairdo for image purposes. A bit like Robert Smith of The Cure or Brian May of Queen.
  15. El Buffalo

    If you watch football every week in the EPL, you will hear managers talk about missed chances and opportunity's. Every team, in every game. That and defensive mistakes are and always will be, part of the game.