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  1. Spiers was playing with his Doodlemaster and chemistry set while everyone was playing football. A well scrubbed mummy's boy who probably looked as awkward on a football pitch as he looked at a disco. Keevan's cannot utter a sentence without looking for any sensational or sinister angle. He imagines himself at Speakers Corner with every word that he utters. He is a parochial tit! So I agree with you of course!
  2. All ifs I think. If he won the Scottish Cup, that would have been an achievement. If had he got anything from his summer signings, we would have been closer to tims. On both counts, he failed. I think he had an issue with what fans expected. What DK expected as well, given the extra signings he got, was the other issue. He had some good results, like beating Hearts and sheep in consecutive games but many long periods of no real improvement. We wallowed in mediocrity for a lot of the time, with the same old story of getting caught out. We never looked convincing or gave an opposing team a going over. A lot of the games we struggled when we won.........many of them in fact. He may have played nice possesion football, but I think there would have been quite a few managers who could have achieved as much, or possibly more, given his budget and our support. I have no issues with him and I think he was a credit to us in many ways. Salesman though and I wont miss that sales patter.
  3. He is as cool and steely as a character in a Spaghetti Western!
  4. Thank you for such a lovely thought on a wet thursday evening......
  5. Tainted. Even TLB pissed off because there was no challenge, no achievement.
  6. Tainted. Even TLB pissed off because there was no challenge, no achievement.
  7. Gardening leave... Makes me laugh at the mentality of the hacks who pen such jingoism. It is nothing more than a mix to stir up some kind of jealousy. He offered to work his notice. A board of Scoundrels said No fuck you! Go now and your money will be sent to you. So McCoist is a cunt for working to the letter of a contract, but our current board worked to the same letter in dismissing MW. Well, this is contract law, and business. An absolute demagogue mentality prevails on RM in condemning Ally. It is nothing more than the same kind of destructive thinking when we lose a few games. More money wasted on some players than that contract of his.
  8. I would love him to stay and and get stronger with us. Real talent that could grow to be a top top player.
  9. The pollution on a still night is horrendous.
  10. Hamilton were outplayed by sheep big time but they got the breaks. They were outplayed today and got no breaks, we did, so it helped the scoreline. Pleased for players, Murty and our fans. It is good financially and for moral. As boys have said, what a change for a happy weekend.
  11. Crampsie had that refreshing honesty. without a hint of bias or needy sensationalism. He was studying the game with real insight and you listened when he gave his views. Remember his terminology of the "expliterating header" ?
  12. It won't transform our season of course. We still have the same playing staff. New ideas and tactics maybe, but no gaurantee that it will improve. It's a move for our future, so I don't see any rush till we get the right man. If they have found the man they want, yes, get him in and let the plan begin. No revolution this season though in football terms. Better defenders and finishers for next season is what we need to aim for.
  13. No issues from me giving Murty some credit. He has stepped up to the plate and is giving his all for Rangers. What more can you ask for?
  14. Happy tonight with that result. Happy for Murty. Apart from scum, the rest of the league are in a dogfight. It is a bit of a scrap and good to get a win.Actually quite competitive, if scum had not scooped every last penny from Scottish game This is where we are. Have to deal with it and make the best. Never heard McInnes whining last night about his defeat. I like that. Oh of course, we are Rangers. We should never be happy. I suppose that win tonight will not be "acceptable" to some? Makes me fuckin laugh that stuff.
  15. I am not "alarmed" by newspaper stuff. Headlines like explosive or fears grow are all shitey cliches. Stop dancing to it. They do it with politics, sport, crime the lot.