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  1. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Lesson for the day really.
  2. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    Sure mate. Fighting our corner..........He started doing this journo thing to fight for the oppressed. Hoping to make a better football world for everyone. This is demagogue stuff. He preaches to the converted for profile and money. This whole business of journalists using players while they still play, is a seedy one. We even have players inside our dressing room , rehearsing for these journo partnerships to come. Feel free to swallow all their revelations and hang on their ghost writers words, while they proof read it saying "yeah that'll go down well" or "that'll rattle a few cages". If you think reading something is just brilliant 'cos you agree with it, black or white, carry on. . Boyds stuff and BF columns are laughable really. You think 'cos they are ex players, they have insight in business matters or boardroom stuff? This is journalism and football journalism at that! If you think Kris Boyd has the criteria of many of our greats, who epitomise the history of our club...........you need to do some research on the archives. As for me being all that is wrong with the support? You know, stamping the feet and get rid of the board is all very well. You have to be pragmatic. We would all love this or that. Revolutions are usually sponsored by bankers. Maybe Kris could have a word with the branch in Tarbolton?
  3. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    Typical cheap journo, sticking the oar in when we are down for the sake of his latest profession..........money for writing Do these cunts think they are some sort of prophets, stating the bleedin obvious? Oh yeah, I forgot....he is a supporter. Spot on Boydy, nail on head, bang on, get ripped in, etc etc. All this, while you made fortunes from The Rangers, now have a job scoring goals against us and another job helping us all out with your comments. All this while having a last spell with us, which was as pathetic as some of our worse signings and also being termed a lazy cunt by Sir Walter when at his peak. I have no respect for this set up of writing a commentary while playing in a league against us. It is cheap, obvious exploitation and he can get to fuck with his ghost "observations". We don't need it at this time, especially from someone who was anything but a model professional.
  4. Foderingham

    He is on a par with the rest of the team. You can go through that whole team in a similar manner, in every position. Not one position will match up to decent Rangers teams of the past...........not even close. I don't blame him for today. Have to say that the chipped penalty was an absolute case of salt rubbed in the wounds. I don't remember a Rangers keeper losing one like that in an Old Firm? A severe case of taking the absolute piss! Does happen at even the top level mind.
  5. How many touches is needed for an open goal

    McCoist spent less time taking a chance than Alfie spends thinking about it.
  6. Murty Speaks

    If players had performed and taken chances, I don't know that tactical nous would be the main issue. I would like him to develop into our manager for next season. Him growing as a manager would be a great thing for us. He's got till end of season to do it. I do think he still believes he has a chance of doing it. Let's see.
  7. They should lift the lid and flush this shite non story down the pan. A waste of paper mache....
  8. The battle for 2nd place

    If you finish second, you fulfil the potential of the team you have for this season. That is about where they should be. I think they underachieve if they don't do that. Underachievement is failure. It isn't failure, not to win the SPl this year. That would have been a massive over achievement. Many a Rangers team have finished second in the league. Many of those teams had fabulous players. It is unacceptable, if we are outspending, or on a spending par, with scum, and do not win or go to the wire. You are right I care about second. Sheep have rubbed our noses in it with being better than us. Why wouldn't you want to turn the tables? Establish your foothold and get ready for the next step. It is simple logic.
  9. RIP Ray Wilkins

    That's just tragic. RIP Butch and you gave us some great memories we won't forget. Thoughts with family.
  10. McCoist: Suggests clarity on New Manager may be forthcoming soon

    Don't see us doing 3 managers in the one season. We can still take something from this season, even with Murty. End of season, new manager in, players out players in. I hope for a better platform again and some progress. Players need to improve their performances . They have no excuse for their inconsistency. It's not Murty who sells goals and misses chances. It's the same players who hit the highs and then fall below par.
  11. Pardew

    I would give him a job...................running the pub in Eastenders. Fucking nut case!
  12. RIP Ray Wilkins

    It's a sad affair. Still remember his first game at Ibrox. By God he was tenacious as well as having the skill. Willing his recovery. A real Gent.
  13. Hibs only 4 points behind with a game in hand

    The fact is that we still have a great chance to finish second. They need to pick up and start the season now! Let's get these players back and get going!
  14. ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    We'll tan them!
  15. Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    Those stats are interesting of course. The stat that I am interested in , manager discussion apart, is that we are still second in the league, Every team in this league this year, have been inconsistent. Not a great league but a competitive one with teams constantly taking points off each other. There it is. A wee run is all that every team is achieving. Willie Miller alluded to the same thing Dude was saying about Steve Clark just yesterday.