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  1. We should have signed this guy or that guy. We sign lots of guys, but they don't do it under Rangers pressure. We let guys go and the pressure is off their shoulders, so they perform.. They need to be good enough with The Rangers jersey on. That is the acid test only. Anyone in football will back Aberdeen to be second. We need to step up and prove otherwise. Improvement, support and faith are the only way. Destructive thinking must be kept at bay. Football can change. Let's see.
  2. Let's just live in the moment. He is playing this season, playing well and if he stays fit will make a great contribution this season. What more can you ask or want?
  3. This is something to build on. No scraped win or excuses here. We are coming back to winning, scoring and playing good football. Confidence building!
  4. Miller is at the centre of everything!
  5. The angled catch of the report is to say that we got one million for a guy who is worth much less. It gets a reaction. Basically click bait.
  6. Cannot get goals and strikers on the cheap. We have to score as a team and build on defence I'm afraid. Still, if Waghorn can get 16 goals in a season (no disrespect) then I would hope some of our current players can step up. What are tim strikers market value?...............out of our league in money terms at the moment. We ain't buying a top striker.
  7. Wes is a half decent keeper. Not in our "best keeper" company by any means though. His balance, movement and decision making could be better, but he comes up with saves and shot stopping. You just cannot pull the Gorams, Kloss or Woods out of the bag on our funds.
  8. Even Andrew Neil wouldn't relish the gig!
  9. He does have some football ability in him. Where are his 16 goals going to come from for this seasons players?
  10. Mols point is valid, as is Kings. Jan Kodes won Wimbledon in 1973. He was a previous Slam winner anyway. However, the main players were not there because of a boycott. If he had won another 5 Wimbledons in the same circumstances. would he have been hailed better than Borg, who won 5 ? Soft titles guys.
  11. Politics and religion mate............always intermingled.
  12. It's like a crowd from Donegal cattle market who are apprehensive about sale prices!
  13. In life, you cannot sit and wait for money coming in. You have to go get it. Every cause needs to have a sales drive. Anyone who don't think in black and white can see this. Motivation..........don't knock it when good comes of it!
  14. Too much coaching talk from Pedro. Needs more Manager silence, fewer words. In life, don't believe anything you hear and don't tell everything you know. Pedro gives too much information on tactics at interviews..........that is naive and I hope he learns to cease it with experience.
  15. My answer to the OP is ..........ohhhhhhhhh yes!