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  1. Orange Persson

    Peter Lawwell Finds Out No Punishment For Alfie

    I know it''s done to death.................but I love all this shit!
  2. Orange Persson

    It's oh so quiet at work

    Play them some nice music?
  3. Orange Persson

    Massive step forward for Connor Goldson

    He's an honest player and took the injection for pain before the game. Loves playing for us and for a first season has done well. He can build on all this.
  4. Orange Persson

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    He is on track. He is learning. I like the fact that he he has kept himself professional and in check..........cool if you like. He had a change of heart as he went from saying if these players aren't good enough , I will get others. I think he took a step back from that and thought about getting max from what he had. He has done that now and will get more in of course. Improving what you have is the acid test of a manager.
  5. Orange Persson

    Special mention for El Buffalo this morning

    Our Alfie is like something out of Apocalypto. He is made from Columbian Lignum Vitae!
  6. Orange Persson

    Andy Halliday's Block And All Round Performance

    Andy showing that John Greig Rangers type spirit. It gets you far in these games and inspires those around you.
  7. Orange Persson

    Intae these bastards

    I will remember this as the day the Battle Fever returned to Rangers. That was fucking better than Gladiator!
  8. Orange Persson

    Alfredo dropped an Old Firm bombshell

    SG saying that he will reject offers is good. It means that we mean business on keeping him or only selling for big money. That is all it is.
  9. Orange Persson

    Teams who defend

    Why do Hamilton need to come out at 5mins in? The game plan is still to keep it tight at 1-0 and sneak a breakaway or set piece. Nothing has changed for them really, sneak a win, turns into sneak a draw. Either would have made their day. Then when still only 1 down , you have a go in last ten mins. Their plan was spot on really. Come out against us after 5 minutes and you play into our hands. Packed defences have been coming to Ibrox since football started.
  10. Orange Persson

    H&H Sheep Reaction

    I never miss David Edgar and his wee face, happy or sad. I reckon last night he had to gather himself before putting that one out. Not easy.
  11. Orange Persson

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    I see a change. Last time around at Hampden he slated the players. Not good enough, I'll get players etc etc. This time? They don't carry out the game plan. They don't listen to discipline, all true. He didn't give much away which is probably best ATM. So it was bad polis last month and with nowhere to go last night, he had to be philosophical. I felt for him really.
  12. Orange Persson

    Not since Gazza

    Craig Levein looks like a fucking tobacconist!
  13. Orange Persson

    Gerrard should quit

    Yeah , every football manager in Europa league just loves those easy trips out to play Russian teams for that stonewall easy 3 points! Ha ha. Cheap journalism for reaction aside, these cunts are hurting atm. They all seem to have been sent a white paper hat with the cut out eyes, and told to get to work.
  14. Orange Persson

    Goldson rested ?

    You do look at Goldson sometimes and wonder if we can win SPL with him as mainstay of the team. However, there are no great defenders in the SPL. Not one defender in this league would make it into our good teams of the past. A top centre half is rarer and more expensive than most prolific strikers now. Fingers crossed the big man can grow and develop into what it takes.
  15. Orange Persson

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Only need to listen to brendan talking about the same ref. willie this and willie that and willie got that spot on and willie was well positioned. I thought, it can't be that cunt of a ref he is talking about..............maybe it's Willie Nelson! Well done Rangers, the tail has been wagging the dog long enough on this one.