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  1. Orange Persson

    Gerrard should quit

    Yeah , every football manager in Europa league just loves those easy trips out to play Russian teams for that stonewall easy 3 points! Ha ha. Cheap journalism for reaction aside, these cunts are hurting atm. They all seem to have been sent a white paper hat with the cut out eyes, and told to get to work.
  2. Orange Persson

    Goldson rested ?

    You do look at Goldson sometimes and wonder if we can win SPL with him as mainstay of the team. However, there are no great defenders in the SPL. Not one defender in this league would make it into our good teams of the past. A top centre half is rarer and more expensive than most prolific strikers now. Fingers crossed the big man can grow and develop into what it takes.
  3. Orange Persson

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Only need to listen to brendan talking about the same ref. willie this and willie that and willie got that spot on and willie was well positioned. I thought, it can't be that cunt of a ref he is talking about..............maybe it's Willie Nelson! Well done Rangers, the tail has been wagging the dog long enough on this one.
  4. Orange Persson

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    The result is most welcome as we get sorted out. Scum drew here on a Fri night IIRC. Well done Rangers!
  5. Orange Persson

    Would you have taken this start to the season?

    Happy with where we are. The disappointments are obvious with some points dropped in SPL. I think SPL is going to be ultra tough this year. Many years there are teams who have a run in Europe, but underachieve in League. If you look at table now, we are doing that. It wont be easy climbing through those teams above us. We have given them a start and just cannot afford any more dropped points away from home. That is going to be tough.
  6. Orange Persson

    Morelos Goal

    Great finish. He is always there in position, in space at centre of goal, time and time again. He is fabulous at it.
  7. Orange Persson

    BBC Article on Morelos

    Rugby players are made up of GP'S, accountants and farmers. They can't play football, so they play Rugby. This cunt is a Mercenary with no football in his blood except a connection to the scum that brought him here for a job. The most obvious partnership since Jekyll and Hyde.
  8. Orange Persson

    Harry Forrester

    He could have been this and that and so much better? Flattering to deceive more likely.
  9. Orange Persson


    The guy is a goalkeeping animal. Like a middleweight boxer in command of the ring. Quick reflexes and strong.
  10. I am quite blaise about it. I don't care who beats them or when it happens!
  11. Orange Persson

    Manager Reaction

    I think he brought Wallace on to taste victory, rather than defend a corner. He isn't going to say that though.
  12. This for me was always going to be a test. I saw it tight against a physical team like them and I did not think we would roll them given our schedule. No cigar but hard to take the late goal.
  13. Orange Persson

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    It's a decent result. We weren't on fire but only one team can score away from home now and maybe count as double....The Rangers.
  14. Orange Persson

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    Keep playing away and more goals may come. Above all...........don't lose a goal.
  15. Orange Persson

    Police brutality last night.

    Stuck out in a boat in Moidart with no phone signal, I put wee radio on to try and get the result. Radio Scotland (yuch). Last main news item before Sport. This Oirish bint from the house down from Craggy Island, who could barely be understood and still suffering PTSD from The Treaty of Nice, gave the report. " Rangers fans have been involved in violent scenes with police in Maribor game. It is not known how the incidents started" That was the cheap and sketchy prelude, meant to grab you and think the night was a disaster. Now, after sticking the knife in, The Sport: " Rangers produced a professional performance tonight to go through to the next round........"