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  1. No way SG is going to sell him less the player wants to go, or we get a crazy offer. Tav will be first name on that team sheet of SG every week whatever our opinion of him . I think he is captain because he has the football and the drive going forward that none of the others in the team have. Not saying he is a captain, like our previous stalwarts, but that is where we are at with the players we have ATM.
  2. Orange Persson


    If he can get fit and keep form, he must be a good squad player to have. I think SG has made his mind up on it.
  3. Wishing you full and speedy recovery SEMA!
  4. You don't throw an arm around guys who constantly smile when they are being sent off. Guys who think it is a game and a joke. He respects nobody. He sees no big picture. He has no interest but in himself. Straight to the ground and the crowd on every goal celebration. Me me me.
  5. Business wise an easy 7. We have been the club with the highest profile and have filled our gates and made money. That's because we are Rangers and because we have SG. Kick on from here and steady the ship till end of season, then look forward to next. You have to do that.
  6. All the stat stuff. We are 8 points in front of sheep. If we had a better record against the bottom 6 we would be up there with scum.
  7. Sheep player raises his arm in denial after holding him down. I was holding him down, but now I'm not............look! my arm is in the air. He wrested Morelos and he knew it and got away with it.
  8. I would take any proper Rangers player from the past. Atm we only have one in our team..........goalie. Even our best actual player now, Alfie, still has a bit to do. If this team were finished now, who would we wax lyrical about? Apart from the main choices of Baxter Gazza etc etc, my left field choice is Ian Ferguson. A man who could sort out anyone, play and link, then lash the ball in the net fairly regular. I can still see him standing with his hands on his hips, as he got that huge motor wound up to go again.
  9. We are a more solid unit. We are vulnerable to losing a goal though, when we have had a lot of play and not capitalised. That just needs more quality and time. Going in the right direction.
  10. If we could win this cup and he has a good run in with decent discipline, it will be to the good. Any more carry on and suspensions may hinder us getting the big dosh ie the icing on the cake for him. I would love to keep him another season and add quality to play with him. Another season of development with Alfredo will see us get benefit on the park, while his value still goes up for the inevitable sale. I think it is really a sellers market. There is some right pish around to be bought for stupid money. This league is not big enough to bring in money signings now. Only a selling league.
  11. I know it''s done to death.................but I love all this shit!
  12. He's an honest player and took the injection for pain before the game. Loves playing for us and for a first season has done well. He can build on all this.
  13. He is on track. He is learning. I like the fact that he he has kept himself professional and in check..........cool if you like. He had a change of heart as he went from saying if these players aren't good enough , I will get others. I think he took a step back from that and thought about getting max from what he had. He has done that now and will get more in of course. Improving what you have is the acid test of a manager.
  14. Our Alfie is like something out of Apocalypto. He is made from Columbian Lignum Vitae!
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