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  1. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Don't remember Clint Hill moaning about it. There isn't a good Rangers team who could not take it and dish it out. Refs not doing their job though.
  2. Get Big Eck now until,the end of season

    Eck is not the man he was. Whatever that even means.
  3. The Case for keeping Pedro

    The board may have made a mistake. The guy may not have what it takes. So we just go on and on? I don't think fans have that patience to turn up in 45,000 strong. This is not Alex Ferguson in the top flight. We are Rangers and cannot win 3 games in a row. Read the signs.
  4. We are absolutely shite

    We have been like this for years now. It is at least something, that we can't get used to it or accept it.
  5. Fitter and Stronger

    You do notice a togetherness with the latin type signings if they score, slightly separate from the others. I think Miller has been told he should have been doing more, and he may have told Pedro to look at some of his golden signings and tell them to pull their fucking socks up. All in my imagination like.
  6. I hope 'Pedro's backers' wake up now

    This ^^^ all day.
  7. Alex MacDonald

    There wasn't anything he did not do well. Clever on the ball, ferocious in the tackle, great engine and heading ability. Link up play was excellent and tremendous spirit. Remember a thunderous goal against Ajax. I was going as a kid when he came from St Johnstone as a left winger. He improved physically with us and became the all round player, rather than a winger. He always ran straight off the field at Old Firm games............no handshakes!
  8. Alves press conference

    Cool guy!
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Broon is one of the poorest scum captains in an era of strolling against nothing in SPL. I also loathe him as much as roy aitken! I'm trying to be reasonable......
  10. Nottingham Forest

    He wants to get back on to the floor trading..............at Arnold Clarks!
  11. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Fabulous player. Every shot in the book. Incredible game. Capable of beating any of the top 6. Has beaten Zverev and Nadal recently. May never be a Slam winner but can beat a Slam winner on his day. Would pay money to watch him. If he can get a Shamen to sort his head out and mature , he is capable of big wins. Forgot to mention Thiem as well
  12. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Yes guys, good points. We have the other 3 main men coming back too. With Nick and Zverev big threats now, men's tennis keeps on giving.
  13. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    He dictated the match with massive serve and return. He had Nadal 15ft behind the baseline receiving serve. Was able to throw in some serve and volley with surprise slower serves and he was on top of the net before Nadal even struck the ball. The amazing thing is how Roger is able to be so close to the baseline, cutting off Nadal's angles and topspin. He is half volleying so many returns, it is incredible. Mac use to do some of this but not with this power and accuracy. Yet when you say this is peak Federer,, you get the reply that he is 36 and was so much much better at 26. Was he? His serve is as good as ever., returning awesome. Watch his overheads. That is the first thing that starts to go with age. He has as much power as ever and you never ever see him tired....not even out of breath. You just cannot run around backhands and then cover open court against this years Nadal, unless you are playing at peak. Nobody can do that, except Roger.....GOAT!
  14. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    Greig's legs and studs were rooted in that turf and rarely was he ever out muscled in a tackle. Guys ran into those shoulders and thighs and bounced backwards. IIRC he did some coaching courses near end of his career and his football became very smart indeed. A much slighter player in his youth at left half. Those journeys in CWC were legend. In a bedroom with a wee radio, toss of a coin against Zaragossa. Mr Rangers, that was Greig.
  15. No interest in them. If you aren't emotionally involved, then you don't give a fuck.