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  1. Duff and Phelps said that the oldco would be changing its name to Rangers 2012 (or something like that) before it gets disolved so that the newco can register as Rangers football club ltd and then plc once floated on the market
  2. What would happen if we refused to join this SPL2? As no doubt it will come with sanctions which they can shove up their arse.Div 3 for me anyway and i'll gladly pay full season ticket money every year to make us stronger.
  3. Cancelled yesterday after decision was made(virgin media). Apparently not the first person the guy in Deli had spoken to citing Rangers omission from spl as the reason.
  4. Passes straight passed my house The Heros were out again tonight with the lodge for another stroll
  5. Was a toss up between Tam Forsyth and Terry Hurlock for me,but voted Hurlock as he was an absolute loonball.
  6. I'm certainly hoping so. We are going to need every player available to us from now till the end of the season.
  7. Was talking to one of the editing team from the sun earlier,and he was saying the word around the office is that the admin have accepted the deal put to them but want to wait till tomorrow to announce it.
  8. Came in off my shift the other night and that roulette casino thing on channel 5 was on when I switched the tv on,and the very first thing I heard the host saying was "Big Jock Knew is a winner" some one had signed up with the user name. He must have known what he was doing as every time he won he would say it with a smirk on his face. Made me stay tuned in for a bit just to chuckle every time he said it
  9. Same here, feel sick at this moment in time.
  10. Have they worked with him before for certain? as the statement I heard them read out stated that they had NOT worked on behalf of Craig Whyte previously. I don't know if it's wishfull thinking or not but I am hoping that he has the money holed up in another account to use once we come out of administration. My thinking behind this is. I think he thought he could have struck a deal with HMRC (pay half of what is reportedly owed 24.4m or there abouts) by threatening to put us into admin.This deal would have been payed by the money from ticketus.(this spreading the hit over the 4 years) HMRC retaliated with a curve ball saying,see that 9m you owe us for the PAYE that we said you could pay in a couple of months,we want it now ( probably knowing full well craig would have cleared out the accounts of as much money as possible just incase his gamble didnt pay off,so he couldnt just say ok heres the 9m now fuck off) So in turn went to the court with a letter stating we owed 9m but had just lodged an intension of admin so there's a good chance we might not get it so we want to appoint administrators of our own so we can secure the 9m for the government purse which was granted by the courts unless we appointed our own administrators hence where we find ourselfs today.
  11. Looks like some cunt at the Giro Dome has given HMRC a lone of the "Saville calculator"
  12. I've just got this feeling that Boyd is going to turn up in a press conference soon in a gers top saying "it's great to be back and it was the biggest mistake of my life leaving and i'm sorry.........etc" Or maybe it was a bad dream.
  13. I can see this happening,but i would hope if it does we bring in at least one more striker with a bit of pace about him to make up for boyd.
  14. I'd agree with this
  15. Was Bomber that scouted Ortiz