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    ***The Official Hibs v Champions Thread***

    Shaggs Whittaker - Bougherra - Weir - Papac Weiss - Edu - Davis Miller - Beattie - Jelavic Although I feel it may be unfair to drop Naismith.
  2. adamlafferty

    Kris Boyd officially signs for Middlesbrough

    http://www.mfc.co.uk/articles/20100707/signing-ends-seven-month-chase_70638_2085993 Bar the game against Hearts at Tannadice, Kris Boyd was hopeless from January onwards - he should have been pushed out the door, then we would have at least got a bit of money for him. Hearts at Tannadice ?
  3. adamlafferty

    New Home Shirt Thread

    Lafferty said on his facebook he'd be number 9 when someone asked yesterday.
  4. adamlafferty

    New Home Shirt Thread

    All I know is Lafferty will be 9.
  5. adamlafferty

    *** The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    Davie Weir played every minute in the SPL this season. :praise:
  6. adamlafferty

    *** The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    Will we be applauded onto the pitch?
  7. adamlafferty

    *** The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    And the music playsss, on the Penny Arcade!
  8. adamlafferty

    *** The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    He's 7 foot...
  9. adamlafferty

    *** Live Football Thread 10/11 ***

    Hes skillful, but hes only good when we wants to be. Although I feel Walter would be able to control him. Sadly his connections with the other side and the financial situation will prevent him ever joining us. He is a constant threat and his pace is frightening at times. Fuck him though, T*rrier bastard Superb outlet to have in your team. His crossing
  10. its almost as if the sfa dont want us to win the league
  11. What???? We've avoided defeat at the 3rd placed team in the league. Utd must be the form team in the league right now. We're 11 points clear. Celtic will NOT win all their games. Might have been a dire performance, but we've avoided defeat. 53's on it's way....you're still not happy with that????? I won't be happy till we've actually won the league.