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  1. Makes us sound like fuckin gretna
  2. Ally seems to have only learned the negatives from his apprenticeship under Walter. No flowing football, playing players out of position and playing favorites. The players knew if they didn't turn up for Walter they'd get a bollocking, they didn't have to be stellar in attack because the defense could generally stop a train. Ally has none of the good traits of Walter and all of the bad. Love him as a player and a legend but he's just not up to it. Dundees players today, the ones that damaged us are exactly what our youth players should be by the time we're back at the top. Only problem is I don't see ally letting develop into them
  3. 1st game ive managed to watch in a while as i live in the states. diouf looks like the only player who thinks 1-0 isnt good enough. dissapointing so far
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