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  1. With 2 or 3 good standard friendlies starting next Saturday. We should be trying to get the deal done this week. I sure this & debuts for dorrans,alves & Pena would get a few extra tickets sold for the Marseille game. I hope if it he does sign. We get more out of him than the last hearts winger we bought for around a million after playing well against English premiership opposition! Imo opinion I think we will. But who knows.
  2. Dorrans said he's been "talking to the manager in the last week" & there's some " big names coming in " So maybe there will be a few more options in the spine next season.
  3. 75 points has been good enough to take 2nd the Last two years in this league. There's 29 games left to play (87 points up for grabs). If as some on here believe that celtic,aberdeen & hearts are all better than us & we lose all 10 of the remaining games against them (30 points) but we beat everyone else that would give us 57 points plus the 15 we already have that gives us a total of 72 for the season. Personally I don't believe we'll win every game against the other teams but I also refuse to believe that'll we'll loose all ten against the so called "top three" I have a feeling the points we get will be somewhere between 72 & 80 which should secure 2nd comfortably.
  4. Not one rangers player in the top ten scores in the league this season after nine games. I can't remember that happening ever and i've had a season ticket for 25 years. The defence has improved in recent weeks which is good. The next five league games are massive must win games. Before we play hearts twice & Aberdeen in a ten day spell.
  5. Were in a very good position now. Our next two games are at Ibrox (St mirren & raith) They're next two are away ( Dumbarton & q.o.t.s) then they play Ross county in the cup we've got a game away to falkirk. Win our next three games & we stretch the lead to 11 points. That's assuming they win the next two away games of course ? Bottle assessment can be judged better after the next three games for both teams I would think.
  6. I'm so impressed with the way Warburton comes across in these press conferences. He represents the club & the fans brilliantly. 10 12 minutes every week where he's bombarded with loaded questions from these so called "journalists" looking for a negative heading and he just bats them away every time. I would urge every fane to ignore the newspapers and watch the press conferences on the rangers you tube channel. That way you'll get to hear everything the boss has got to say not just the bits that suit the papers agendas.
  7. He looks genuinely happy to be here. Compare his press conference to that turn coat allan's and it's night & day. Welcome aboard son I hope you you grab this opportunity with both hands at the world's most successful football club!!!
  8. We have a tight squad just now & certain players are not contributing for one reason or another (aird,bell,oduwa,Templeton,Walsh) and those players places are being replaced by guys who mw & DW believe will contribute for a minimal cost. This looks like good management to me.
  9. I've never worried about who hibs are going to sign and I won't be starting now. Let them sign who they want. As our manager keeps saying it about what rangers do & I'm sure we'll be making a few signings of our own.
  10. Couldn't agree more with this.
  11. That first home game! When I knew I still had my club to support. I knew then it wasn't going to to plain sailing but I didn't realise just what the next three years would hold! But finally this year i feel were on track. I know it's a small comfort but being the only team to win every trophy it's country has to offer ( championship & petrofact cup this season hopefully) will then be a part of our great history.
  12. Impressive stuff. With the right backing from the board and the fans who knows where this man can take us. Great football just now I just hope results follow as suit. A real legacy could be achieved at our great club. In Warburton we trust!
  13. Fantastic! Really enjoyed that. Can't wait for Friday now.
  14. I'd be surprised if there's not a big take up of season tickets in the next two weeks. On the back of that great result today. I would expect the same next Saturday & a further couple of players coming in the feel good factor is coming back & I think we're in for a great season. Why wouldn't you buy a season ticket?
  15. It's early days I know but " with all due respect it's about what rangers do" comments some it up perfectly for me. Under mccoist we were far too respectful to the other teams around us and the " we are rangers" mentality wasn't fostered in our squd like it should have. The new management team seem to get this and that coupled with a good work ethic should stand us in good stead for the coming season. There will be setbacks i'm sure but we really need to get behind coach & squad particularly in the 1st month of so. The league is the priority. A cup run would be nice it's a new team & we can't expect a cup win after all.