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  1. therightway

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You never know they've shat the bed away from home in Europe plenty of times in the last decade, lots of games on paper they should have got something from but have ended up getting gubbed easily instead.
  2. therightway

    Fanzone cancelled.

    They also have a bid in tae buy the piece of council land that they have theirs on, no doubt they'll get it at a knock down price with the pretense that it is good for the area .
  3. therightway

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Great worked goal
  4. therightway

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    Video was uploaded yesterday before he had signed so they have just stuck his head on somebody else's body for the picture.
  5. therightway


    Good start, joke of a pen and we haven't been in it since.
  6. therightway

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Could have at least worn a club tracksuit
  7. therightway

    Heavy Defeat For 17’s

    Think we now need to win our last two group matches to make the final which includes another game against them, if not then its the Scum v Queens Park for the trophy.
  8. therightway

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Zenit will be Putin these cunts oot in the 2nd leg
  9. therightway

    ***Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread***

    Jesus fuck thought that was in
  10. therightway

    ***Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread***

    No attempt tae play the ball
  11. therightway

    ***Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread***

    ffs get that First Aider tae pull his trousers up
  12. Think its changed now and the ball only has to overhang the line but doesn't have to actually touch it.
  13. Somebody has to be there