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  1. Long ball down the right has been overhit by about 25 yards 3 or 4 times now
  2. I thought that clubs from smaller nations were supposed to be going to tell UEFA to go fuck themselves over the ban on running against Champions League TV coverage after the big countries got more teams in the CL ?
  3. Probably a small fine then, would have been ok if he hadn't gotten as far as the actually pitchside area.
  4. I think the first one may have been for giving the lino a volley of abuse after being called for the foul.
  5. Did he make it over the advertising hoardings?, if not then we may be ok as far as a not getting as fine.
  6. Back to Forrest in January son.
  7. You never know they've shat the bed away from home in Europe plenty of times in the last decade, lots of games on paper they should have got something from but have ended up getting gubbed easily instead.
  8. They also have a bid in tae buy the piece of council land that they have theirs on, no doubt they'll get it at a knock down price with the pretense that it is good for the area .
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