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  1. Over rated
  2. Tav kiernan halliday mckay and wah horn as well as garner all need to be sold to raise funds. MOH and dodoo too. Wilson too. Get maybe 30 bob form them the rest we need to make up
  3. Toral has apparently penned a new deal with arsenal. Next season may be his me or break. Or he could stay on for another year with hyndman. That would allow the team to settle slightly ...if Pedro likes them and gives the board to rape us all for.another year to try get a stash of money to stop them for the season after next
  4. A man who fought for his country . There is no higher accolade or statement that can be made. A genuine hero. Rip.
  5. You used to get the matching bottoms with it too. They were heavy cotton. Yes they were from about 87.88 . Great tops. Think someone brought a similar one out recently in last few.years but it was like mitre or something.
  6. That's fucking horrendous. .. he should be getting a 5 match ban or fine or something . That's shocking
  7. Superb mate cannot wait for that experience.
  8. Alex rae
  10. Don't talk utter pish.... u think he is a good player then it's no wonder cunts over recent years accept second best He is inept m clueless lightweight. Pansy m no idea how to take man on in 90 percent of occasions. HE IS A WASTE OF A SHIRT
  11. Pish Over rated superstar
  12. Think ashley has stated last year or so that it is his intention to sell Newcastle
  13. As I posted last week. There.appears to be only one option ... make peace with ashley somehow .. king and the rest of board have no money. There major who is mega rich wanting to invest. Ashley is.making money from us anyway. The state we are in just now is how we will be forever and a day. I don't see any other option opened at present.
  14. Two options.... Me Or my gran who passed awY 10 years ago.