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  1. No it wasn't. I trained on the ash park thee and there was a grass park too.
  2. Piss off . He comes out onto the track supposed to be warming up and all he dies is look for his mate in copland Rd be professional. U living the dream. Just no
  3. Seen what on twitter . Looked through first page . What I'd happening ? Money transfers ??
  4. You wouldn't get passes me . Not one shall pass. I would have booted u up in the air.
  5. I disagree there. being sucked in towards the ball on this occasion and oy realising was when. The pass had been made. He jogged over towards mcginn and could have shut him down so much quicker than he did. He allowed mcginn to easily cross the under no actual pressure. He does not have an awareness of his man and didn't bursta.gut to shut him down.. so with that he should have that player within closer reach and leave the defending of the ball in that zone ro the centre half's. .. his.job is to mark the. Winger . Nothing else fro m the minute he walks on that park. Stay close to your man. When I played right back I would only allow the winger say 3 metres.of space from me. Therefore if the ball went in behind me I was close enough to try block the pass and close enough to shut down in less than a second putting him under pressure to force.him to play backward and not get a dangerous my job was done until the next.time. you look how.close players.get to McKay to see that more.than 75 % of.themtime.he turn back. That reduces the number of.dangerous crosses that can be.put into the danger zone and if you look at your stats with regards. To where key passes come from its area and goals are scored from within the top 3 is zone 17. Right back areas. Clearly that is an overall stay from the league but it's certainly something I would be looking at if I was a manager. If Pedro does analyse stats etc then it should be clear to him .
  6. Cheers mate. Will have a look at it.
  7. Can u tell me where u got your stats ?
  8. As I say he was no where to be found at their second goal. (See attached picture) . 1 second after that screens hot the ball is played out wide to mcginn. Why was tav in there? Why was he not watching his man ? Why did he not close him down sooner ? Mcginn bastille under no pressure and allowed to put the ball in from a wife position into the box. I never disagreed with you regarding Beerman. We know.he should have done better. But you cannot say he was wide.with mcginn when he clearly was.not
  9. Did u see him against Aberdeen the other night. ? Their second goal no be seen So many times at East enclosure making a cunt of it. Na tav is not the player he believes he is .
  10. I certainly think "anyone" is better than tav. He is brutal. Can't make a pass,his crossing is woeful, leaves his man all the time. Na. Get tav to fuck and let him and warbuton carry on . Get the young boy in.
  11. Pace isn't everything. A good player has the.ability to find space, think quicker than their opponent and have the ability to make the pass, the crucial pass.. niko has said recently he has never worked so hard to get fit in his career, so from that point of view I am willing to give him a crack at it. We Have not had a creative midfielder since gazza in my opinion and it's something we have lacked for years and years. So if he comes in and works hard over per season them give him a run .
  12. Three parades done today. Was soaked to the fucking bones but couple of quick pints had, home to get nice shower and a linky of the pork kind, and clothes ironed to head back put. Fuck sitting in a soaking wet uniform . Still weather was shite But who cares? It won't kill you but tarriers will try. So hey ho. Good parade, all three from 930 this morning . So aye happy with that. Well done ABOD
  13. Giving the donkeys on blackpool beach a bad name there. Fuck they couldn't do any worse than our donkeys. I.think our players have been playing with one of those balls for blind people in training and thunk they still use it on the park .a fucking disgrace to that jersey . A total utter shambolic fucking riot of a team we assembled.
  14. Just seen that torbett had been taken to court again for allegedly breaching bail conditions. He appeared no no plea and.them was released on bail again . ? Eh... why.. how? Anyone else they would be up Bar. Seriously in a case such as gross as this one and he gets a get out of jail free card to play.!