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  1. Arm chair supporter. .you're just an armchair supporter. Oooh you're just an armchair supporter. We can't see you sneaking out. We.cant sneaking out .. to put the kettle on to put the kettle on we can't see.ypu sneaking out ooh we can't see.ypu sneaking out Why don't you go home? that's right cos you're at home .. a part time supporter your not one of our own.
  2. That's a bit pish they send you tops etc snd then you send them back hahahahaha 👍 Get what ur meaning mate
  3. Booooooo.. ooft
  4. Britney is not feeling it
  5. Or rosary beads
  6. Fuck knows I type too quick and my finger hits the full stop button instead of space bar but . can't. Be. Arsed. Going. Back. lol
  7. Tried the pub I nothing will call lost property later in case. Taxi in. Doubt it. But. Worth a try
  8. Lost two bak cards and a wallet with around 160 quid in it on Saturday. Fuming
  9. Within 10 points of that mob and win a cup.
  10. That is embarrassing as fuck .god.sake.son have some. Dignity. Shoot yourself in the foot with a magnum 44. Plead insanity anything but that. Blow torch at the ready
  11. Wrong it's Lee griffiths
  12. Favorite saying. . .. hey rat fans
  13. Roland rat
  14. Roland Anita
  15. Take it you not been in Belfast much ? It's a tinderbox .