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  1. and see on the back of my last quote. ... Ur a fucking prick of the lowest order. Lower than a snake belly. People lives have been ruined thrpugh this shit. And you want to take cheap shots. See. Cunts like you I would happily see die.
  2. You wouldn't want to know prick!! I M merely telling people it is not going away and giving you an update. I am an interested party due to my mate who had dealt with stuff in his life. So your fuckin cheap shot don't work with me . Your fucking question is not needed. Stop being a total bellend. . Hang ur head in shame
  3. As an interested party in this. ... I cN confirm that the sfa are spending a fsir amount of money in an independent review with the aim to clearly stop .. at source any potential abuse situations. They are talking now ro survivors of said abuse, in conjunction with former police investigators,child protection officers and as I say victims of abuse. Their aim is to produce areport for the SFA and they hope that the review will take.the highest priority... they are looking at all levels of football.... Just a wee update. Just to let people.know it is ongoing.
  5. They honestly would be contacting our employers everything. They are cunts This season they will get smashed off the park. Season after ..on it. We gonna have a party. Lines ooooooooooooot
  6. They would be contacting our employers the police Any cunt who would listen. Dude How is your influence going down in the MSM?
  7. Can imagine who this would look if it was the bears. Rangers fans in gun salute to terrorists. To them. Justa.bit of.banter.
  8. I know. I just think he is going to pick n choose. And I think he will want one last championship at wimbeldon snd that cell be his focus . He may play in the US but I doubt he will reach the final . .
  9. I doubt it Jamie. He is getting older snd the grass is probably, in my opinion, his beat chance. The hard courts maybe just to fast for him nowadays.. . Think he was talking today about taking another 6 months out. ... Prob give the french open a go and Wimbledon next year to defend his title but after that I think he will retire. I hear today he has won something like $90m in his career but 10 times.that in sponsorship. ... Fucking unreal. Do luck the football I will get wee boy into tennis. Lol
  10. Definitely the best sports star in Europe. A TOTAL class act from the minute he leaves the changing room to the court, his interviews, his whole attitude. .. . Well done fed. Deserved it.
  11. Foderingham <<< cardoso>>> Tavernier Alves wallace Candelias Jack ?? Pena Herrera Morales Think we need to have defensive cover in that cardoso can sit few years deeper that Bruno Alves . Let big Bruno go snd win all the vital headers and leave cardoso a little deeper to cover when ultimately wallace and Tavernier are found missing in action. Jack can sit there and do all of the graft and that allows pena to make.late runs into the box. It's a major factor in our play where we.dont have people bursting a gut to try get into the box and feel like pena would be our solution to that part of the problem. Candelias is not afraid to work back and watch we him the other night running 40 yards or so to sit in tav vacant space til he sat back in. Herrera is.a big lad and can win balls to knock down to Morales whether that be from an upfield pass or from the wing. The problem is who to play wide left for me. Dalcio does.not any better option than McKay at this point so it is a problematic area I would say for us right now. Would miller be our only option ?
  12. Take it you not been in Belfast much ? It's a tinderbox .
  13. My Moobs have grown slightly since I last bought one. Fuck need to hit the gym now to get into that xxl "slim fit" new Jersey. ... Oh wish MA would have fought it . Can't be arsed going to the gym!
  14. I hope that they listen very carefully to what has happened and really sit down with every single club member , as well Las the Scottish youth footballers association (if it is still called that) and look at the following : 1. Risk management. Clearly we have PVG schemes to apparently help prevent those with those sort of attributes being allowed to work with children. This clearly did not happen and when it all kicked off there were still some 200 applications waiting to be processed while the people were still in and around kids. There has to be the stage of PVG, aquicker.turnaround in conjunction with the police in getting information re the PVG scheme. In addition to this, no young footballer should ever be left alone in a physio room,dressing room to discuss injuries etc without another member of the coaching staff there and a pro forma must be completed and signed by all parties.,thus reducing the risk at the earliest point possible. 2.The clubs and the sfa should have a youth worker assigned to the club in order for any young player to approach them with any concerns about the coaching staff again so information can be passes to relevant people to monitor the person closely. 3. The clubs should also have clear support structures in place in order to ensure.that young players have a place where.kids can go and ask for support . It's not all about football and some of.the really talented footballers in my era came from poor background with patents separates alcohol, domestic violence etc and professional clubs should be looking to enhance a young persons whole life by allowing them access to counselling services within the club. This also assists. In crime prevention by said child as they are growing up. 4. As we are where we are now .. clubs should be providing clear and concise routes for legal intervention and for those 130 boys who have made complaints to have some sort of recourse to claim compensation directly from the clubs. It.not ok just to be given a poxy 3k from criminal injuries for.a life changing occurrence. Which took place at their clubs. They must be held financially responsible for their role. In this. Wester that be allowing a pervert to gl to another club and not provide information or.whether that be that they turned a blind eye. Only then, along with those who have been arrested or will be arrested being brought to justice will boys have some sort of closure. For.others though who cannot get justice thrpugh court due to accused. Being deceased then a monetary compensation and a.new.set of guideline to ensure this never happens again is their only closure. I hope that all the boys cansometime.in the.nesr future put thus sorry affair to sleep and try and get on with rebuking their lives.
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