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  1. i thought it was amazing that it happened 3 times during the actual match and gave everyone else in the stadium a lift to get the songs sung
  2. i thought it was brilliant that the broomloan road stand done the disply about 3 times during tghe actual match
  3. the model of the bill strurh stand behind walters a belter
  4. how would that go way tickets? surely bye then every tarrier wil have shot the craw n we can pick our own seats in the theatre of shame
  5. not sure mate, i bought my box with it on it and just renewed my sub recently with same supplier..
  6. i have both a zgemma h2 box in my living room and a firestick in the bedroom, both are stable very rarely buffer or freeze.
  7. streams are top notch mate, everything is hd quality
  8. or iptv for £45 a year and get every channel known to man
  9. ill be in tenerife, fucking gutted doesnt come close
  10. by the way if anyone has old Rangers shirts for sale early 80s late 70s give me a shout please
  11. its a long story.. maybe dek will fill yous in..
  12. dek can you let me know if your selling to me or not mate.. cheers
  13. can u post pics of them.. £150 for the lot then ?
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