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  1. a mind my oldman had a cassette" Rangers canny sign a catholic " then souness fucked that up, great wee song though, you should youtube it
  2. tactics/ formation plan b is do plan a better. where we heard that before
  3. got to love a bit of blind optimisim
  4. the rest of the league prefer to raise there game and beat the most succesfull football club in the land than tryn beat that mob, its a fact, aberdeen always fold against them, hearts too. 100%
  5. great result for the young boys, few decent prospects in there, the young american lads ball to mebude was class
  6. it was worn in a one off european game around 96 i believe grasshoppers
  7. Rangerswuls


    the boys just not good enough for the mighty Rangers, wouldnt suit our style of play
  8. mind cover your number plate, so as not to get a parking fine.. i park at the quay, hopeing its ok with the fire during the week
  9. we lack passion, attitude, leadership, ability a winning mentality, how do we get that fuck knows but we need to get it for sunday
  10. stan from the stonefield tavern sorted it for me through 29
  11. the bronze package, its with 29..£270 x 2
  12. i managed to get hospitality sorted today so happy days
  13. i thought it was amazing that it happened 3 times during the actual match and gave everyone else in the stadium a lift to get the songs sung
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