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  1. I just hope these games dont interfere with their League commitment as Sunday games and Midweek games are sure to have an effect on performance,players getting injured and less support from the Ferrys as they cant make the early kick offs. All in the name of Sporting Integrity and all that chaps ;D Ma Ar$e I hope De Boer dumps them on their arse!
  2. I just got sent a link to a Ronnie the Roaster thread on a Tim Fail Forum. I know ,i know but this is typical Tim mentality at its finest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gonga 28 Aug 2015, 01:57 PM Maybe if Ronny got beaten up on the streets by a group of H*** it would create that swell of protection and energy that could be channeled in to our performances. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pig sick Beelin haters! They cant help themselves,,,,,, Edit,,, Forgot to mention i posted the same thing on a Scotsman Article and every single comment got wiped by someone there 2 seconds later! Bizzare when its full of posts Hating on Rangers.
  3. Joan Collins has held his hands up and said "my gameplan was a wee bit of a pigsty and the boys couldnae follow it so it will be Back to Basics in training with Double sessions of Piggy in the middle at the lennoxtoon MadHoose!" Ronnie the Roaster is not giving postmatch interviews as he is as sick as a Pig! Scott Broon has asked Rosenberg if he will take his hawn to training as he feels intimidated goin oot. While over at Ibrox we are havin a Party! GIRUY GSTQ FGAU
  4. Lets Oduwa Bouncy! Lets Oduwa Bouncy!

  5. We Are The People!

  6. I watched the game again lastnight on the link below and enjoyed it more as its a tad better quality than Albas and the true noise coming from our fans is class https://youtu.be/9h3qZUDIMSE Rangers Till I Die,,,,,,,,,,,Best summer Halliday ever!
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