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  1. As good as the squad we've got now its not anywhere near as good as 08/11 squad that sir walter built
  2. Fuckin outstanding yet again
  3. Canny fine us nae strict liability in scotland mate
  4. Fucksake didny realise that a was just gonna point out that we canny get fined cos theres nae strict liability in scotland
  5. How can we get fined for singing on sunday?
  6. Its not our songs that offend them its the fact that we exist as a club but the spineless bastards in our boardroom are to busy "building bridges" with the same clubs that tried to kill us to give a fuck about us tbh
  7. Excellent statement our board are spineless bastards
  8. Only gorams against the taigs 3-3 game at ibrox beats that for me
  9. Praying for that to be first game
  10. My assertion of his point is we canny greet about getting called H*** etc if we're singing about them being fenians and up to our knees in fenian blood
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