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  1. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    A wish they would name the individuals ffs we all know who's behind this pish
  2. Blackpool End of Season Party

  3. Blackpool End of Season Party

    Aye you won't you're a certainty for the jail mate
  4. All the fouls from Yesterday

    Exactly these cunts go on holiday with him instead
  5. Blackpool End of Season Party

    25 of us going down should be a cracking day
  6. Dundee United

    Their official twitter is taking an absolute hammering 😂😂😂😂
  7. Oh Rangers, you’ve got me singing the blues

    Got sent this earlier canny stop listening to it absolute class
  8. Club Statement

    A fuckin shambles of a statement these morons that run us are so far out of touch with the fans it's terrifying
  9. POTY awards tonight?

    Honestly wouldnt suprise me if they fuckin gutless spineless cunts turn up to that and enjoy themselves and forget all about the game cos let's face they don't give a fuck
  10. Hibs confirm allocation cut

  11. Judas

    Tbh I'd rather see him get a life ending injury he's a rat cunt
  12. Statement from A Johnston

    These clowns are so out of touch with the fans it's unreal ffs
  13. VB Support The Union Bears

    Vanguard bears taking some stick some posts saying they aren't actually Rangers fans a lot of nonsense