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  1. We've honestly moved into loopy world. Not even @mitre_mouldmasterwould be offended by this.
  2. I'd love for them to fill Ibrox for the OF game with 50,000 x cardboard cut outs
  3. Absolutely. Whilst it is frustrating to think we could have beaten such opposition, and at some points seemed to be with ease, in the bigger picture to be punching so high against heavy hitters with such finance; fantastic. If you'd told us about this back when we were watching Pedro in the bush, or players like Sandaza in the third division...
  4. Ross County does tend to be the banana skin that becomes the final slip for Celtic managers though doesn't it?
  5. That's when you get on to Fortnum mate; get the hampers on the regular.
  6. BBC website trying to get a positive spin: "Celtic: unbeaten away from home in Europe in 2020!" Followed by their europa league table.... paints a different picture
  7. Zoom in or check my post after it... Oozing with moist cheesey class, is our @Dan Deacon's omelette.
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