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  1. Steven Whittaker as Messi in the Uefa Cup run as well "He's going himself here... Steven Whitakkker...."
  2. This was the spirit Walter brought to Rangers, an example among thousands I'm sure.
  3. Don't even give their bastard fans the air time for what they're saying about Walter. Rangers; just fucking pump them into oblivion.
  4. I posted them earlier, but I'll do it again... this moment in that video above was enough to floor me; you can see in that one moment all that words can't begin to describe on their connection. To then hear Ally talking about it...
  5. Had to stop at McCoist hugging Walter after the title win in 88.
  6. The 9 man part of that Rangers video there totally sums it the spirit of what he brought to the team. A cup final. 9 men. Still won.
  7. Fuck. Fantastic tribute, but absolutely devastating to watch.
  8. Absolutely this, feels like a connection to all of that world, memories and shared experience has been lost.
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