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  1. How I wish JUSTUSTIMS was about still so we could see Declan, Declan, and Brenda spewing their shite
  2. Celtic fans went from thinking they were up there with the Elite, taking on players from 'special relationships' with Barca et al and selling them on for a song to "how did we get beat by this mob no one can pronounce?". Reality though: the Danes are thinking "how didn't we beat this shite by more?"
  3. They still think they're going to win the league or even do a double. How deluded can you be?
  4. He doesn't get it AT ALL. This sort of shit is fine in Japan and Australia - NOT IN SCOTLAND MATE.
  5. "It's pretty strong language mate, it's not my definition of catastrophic" "We can't fault the players they worked their socks off, we scored...." "No that's not fair: catastrophic means the end, it's far from the end...we can't ask anymore of the players" "The blame? We don't blame people. I take responsibility. I can't fault the effort of the players." "This suggests to me it wasn't a demoralising effort as you described it" "You're talking about things before my time" "We've lost 2-1 in ET, so you know... considering the challenges of pre-season, I'll take resp
  6. Even under Rodgers they were getting spanked 6-0, 7-1 in the CL
  7. Any interviews with the big man yet? Must be a peach.
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