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  1. JamesRFC__

    waghorn off to ipswich

    £1 million. One million pounds. Martyn Waghorn. One million pounds for Martyn Waghorn.
  2. JamesRFC__

    Watford v Rangers

    Fucking Windass
  3. JamesRFC__


    A 3-4-3 relies to much on the wing-backs. Giving Tav and Wallace even MORE attacking freedom is a horrible thought. Not got a decent final ball in them. Our failings come mainly from the wingers. They're all fucking shite. Including the one's from last season. We're effectively 2 players down and rely far too much on going through the middle. It's easy to defend. And a midfield consisting of Jack, Rossiter and Kranjcar does not exude goals. It's honestly imperative to our season that Pena and Dorrans are going to provide goals and attacking runs for us if our wingers stay as they are. If they don't then it'll be a carbon copy of last year.
  4. JamesRFC__

    We Desperatly Need Creative Wingers

    It'll be the main reason we fail this season. I've said before that you can get away with an average defence and midfield with a quality striker and 2 direct wingers that cause the opposition problems in our league. The jury is still out on the quality striker but Dalcio and Candeias will not get us the goals/assists that we desperately need this year. To be honest though even if we did have a decent front line we'd probably still get embarrassed with our clown of a manager overseeing things.
  5. JamesRFC__

    Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    He's a fucking degenerate. Couldn't even see a style of how he wants us to play during these 2 legs. A total total disgrace.
  6. JamesRFC__


    Should be sacked before the fucking clown even leaves the changing room. There are no words for that. A team of part-timers pumped us out in the first round. His shitey wee Dalcio and that other shite winger can fuck off as well.
  7. Was an okay performance I feel. A lot of positives accompanied with some negatives. Jack and Cardoso the two standouts amongst the new signings. Cardoso will only get stronger with Alves next to him which will be great to see. Fantastic seeing Rossiter back on the field again and I'm sure he enjoyed the enormous roar when coming on. Candeias looks to have an unbelievable cross on him also. Can't say much else on his overall performance but dealing with O'Halloran/Tav/Waghorn crosses for the whole of last season it's a nice change to see. The biggest positive of the night was Kranjcar's performance obviously. Faded in the second half yes but some of the balls and little 1 2's he played in that first half were incredible. Playing in a game of his own at times. Dalcio was busy and energetic but not up to much else. Definitely not writing him off after one game but seeing as he's only in on loan and we're looking at bringing another winger in I'm not to worried that we'll be overly reliant on him this year. Hope he proves me wrong though. Holt again offers very little. With Jack in and Rossiter fit again I struggle to see a place for him near this team. Waghorn is Waghorn. Everything that could be said on him has been said on him. Still think we're majorly weak in the full back areas though. Tav and Wallace will lose us points this season if they remain starters. What a midfield we'll have though if we get Dorrans over the line. Jack, Rossiter, Pena, Dorrans, Kranjcar all to chose from. We'll win by a couple next week. They're shite. At least the scoreline tonight makes it more likely Premier Sports will be showing the game.
  8. JamesRFC__

    Mexican wave

  9. JamesRFC__

    ***Rumours thread***

    Try to not hit my body in the way in.
  10. I'll definitely be holding you to that if we do. No backing out now
  11. After the last couple of weeks I can't believe I'm saying it but we'll win our last 4 games I reckon. 2-0 Rangers on Sunday. Miller with both.
  12. JamesRFC__


    Just had a look at the out of contract players there throughout the prem, championship and some of the bigger European leagues. If there's funding there then there's a good opportunity to really improve this squad with some free agents. Philipe Sampaio is an example. Purely on the Pedro-Portuguese link. Early 20's and a no nonsense physical centre back.
  13. JamesRFC__

    Get Pedro Out !

    Fuck up.
  14. JamesRFC__

    ***UEFA Champions League 16/17***

    Nah I don't think he's that bad a guy, arrogant when it comes to football definitely but away from it has done a lot for charity etc. I save my hate for scum like Roy Keane. On a separate note, Besiktas and Lyon going to penalties on BT Sport 3.