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  1. I dont want it. The problem with our league is the rest if the teams, the support from the rest of the clubs outwith the OF is dreadful.....they only turn up when it's semi final or final day if they make it. If these clubs could actually age to fill their stadiums when they are not playing Rangers and celtic it would really help them but for far too long they turn up in their dribs and drabs and thats a big problem when attracting decent Investment.
  2. You can tell all the other guys cant stand the shite he talks.....he went on a right proper rant there and you could sense the tension.
  3. Be interested to see the starting lineup but I reckon we will see Shagger Patterson, Goldson, Helander, Borna Davies, Kamara, Aribo Kent, Morelos, Roofe Think thats the likely line up but in all honesty I'd prefer to see Aribo up top Instead of Roofe and Arfield in the midfield. A game where we could really stamp their faces in the mud especially given thry will have gained some confidence and belief in their last 2 games against us.....either way I think that suits us, them believing they will win. 3-0 to the famous.
  4. Ye I was thinking about some prints but surprised at the cost....I'll let you know if I get them 👍
  5. Was only going to get prints if I had enough folk interested in it tbh
  6. So posted a few pictures of my painting to commemorate us winning 55 and I'm so happy where it has ended up. Painting is now sitting hung on the wall at the training centre, opened up by the main man himself Stevie fucking G......so happy. Cant post pictures of anyone with it but here it is in a little video of its progress. QUIK_20210316_111747.mp4 QUIK_20210316_111747.mp4
  7. Ye had a few people asking, this one is going to a special place this week which I can't say but anyone wanting something similar can dm my page......prints will be available soon too. https://www.facebook.com/GacArt/
  8. Someone asked the question earlier when we thought it was possible thst we might win 55, for me it was just before I started this piece as I dared to dream about winning.....I believed this was it so started this piece back in earlier January. I've posted a few updates and I've finally reached the end....well just about. Once the paints dry I'll have a wee touch up here and there. 20210308_185812.mp4
  9. For me just after Xmas, could see the change in our mentality. We no longer had that inferiority complex, sure we knew we could beat them in previous 2 seasons but we lacked belief we were better......thats when I knew the players knew they were better than them.
  10. On the case as we speak 👍
  11. Small update on my piece for 55 with the main folk involved, staff and players. Just Kamara and Balogun and maybe the league trophy to go on.....Will wait for one more win before I do though. https://www.facebook.com/GacArt/ 20210304_171520.mp4
  12. Going to be a tough game due to the shocking plastic pitch but I think we can get the 3 points. 2-0 to the famous.
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