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  1. Think we need to see more game time from him to have a better idea but the minutes are adding up and he had a few decent moments.........be interesting to see a fully charged Bacuna as early signs are encouraging for me.
  2. I've been saying this from the first time I watched him play. Sure some players can take a while to get sharp, find there feet etc but for me he is wayy too careless and doesn't have the concentration, awareness and positional sense defenders need. Hope im wrong but can't see him lasting, don't get why Katic is allowed to leave and we keep someone who I see make regular bomb scare mistakes.
  3. Think its a good point, Itten was allowed to leave mainly because of the striking numbers......defoe not being used shows there is room. If one or 2 get injured we could be left scrimping and scraping, then defoe gets called in quarter or half way through a season with no games
  4. Someone I know, asked Stevie G if he wanted the painting and he liked it that much decided to keep it at the training centre in the coaches office.......was a proud day getting the call that day and hearing what he thought of it.
  5. Be a tough test but we are not too shabby on the European front these days. If we can put them under pressure early then I'm confident we can get a result. 2-1 to the famous.
  6. That was brutal to watch , even without covid I feel the performance would have been the same given how we've been up to this point. Sunday is one im looking forward but the closer it gets the less confident I become and thats a first given our dominance over them last few seasons
  7. Hagi was MoM for me, close between him and Bassey but whst a shift.
  8. Fantastic painting, I had done to commemorate us winning 55 and was lucky enough for the main man Stevie G to have it in his hands and its now in the training centre.
  9. Positive result to keep the momentum and pendulum swinging in our favour. Shagger Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barasic Lundstram, Davis, Aribo Wright, Itten, Kent No doubt a few subs, Sakala and arfiield if they don't start the game. 2-0 to the famous.
  10. Get off to a winning start and set the tone, solid performance and a victory to show the rest who the team to beat is. Shagger Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barasic Kamara, Davis, Lundstram Hagi, Sakala, Kent. 2-0 to the famous.
  11. I'd keep Bassey too but I don't think he's adequate cover at full back.......thats an area I feel we might suffer when Borna is out.
  12. Kelly doing his reputation no harm at all, could be a wee chance for him....calm and composed, simple and smart
  13. Cant say I have seen the guy play but must have a decent pedigree playing down there. Also think its incredible that we have an excellent midfield without spending wads of cash......hats off to the recruitment.
  14. I think its a massive mistake by Hagi if he has said it.....he will be very much needed early on and as things currently stand he is hardly first choice in the starting 11. I'd think a good run of games would give him a better chance of cementing a solid place in the team......goes there it hampers his potential involvement with the team.
  15. To be fair I did mess up Davis and Jordan milstrom but at least mine are all hand drawn......seen quite a few on Rangers pages and they are clearly traced then coloured which isn't art. Even if they looked like stick men I wouldn't be that bothered as something I've created has been accepted by Stevie G and now sits in our fantastic clubs training centre.....thats good enough for me.
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