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  1. Get in. We win by 2 clear goals at ibrox. Even though I had to watch the minute by minute updates on flashscore I was biting my nails 😂
  2. That will quickly change. They look nowhere near as good as last season. mind you only seen them play Gil and feyenoord. Really fancy us to do them at home.
  3. Thankfully Porto are currently garbage and don’t look like they will travel well. 2-0 - Morelos double
  4. He should be. We were lucky. 2 attempts on goal and they hit the bar aswell. Was a shocker. Hopefully he’s going to axe a couple of mainstays. Keep arfield central and stop fucking about. That side will struggle at livi and hibs. Changes need to be made.
  5. Kent has a long way to go also imo. Last season had a couple of big games but several below par performances. The argument that stats mean nothing (when it comes to Kent) is riddy. The difference between Kent and Ojo i can see is work rate and determination. Kent gets knocked and is still driving on. If he can turn that to goals and assists he will be a great. Ojo doesn’t have that personality
  6. Don’t think we bottled that. Think the gaffer was tactically inept and out done imo
  7. You make a critical point. The quality of our game in Scotland is poor. Doesn’t mean it is easy though. Takes heart and determination in spades. A lot better players than Ojo have came and failed. He is foolin nae cunt
  8. We have a tough run in to the January break. Once that’s out the way it gets a lot easier. Livi, Aberdeen, hibs and the taigs - will all be hard away games - if we stay in touching distance I’ll be happy going into the new year
  9. The man who can break the lines - provided he’s in the middle
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