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  1. Bruno Alves

    Correct. Rattled a few times this season and has been unconvincing in games gone by. Easily his best game for us. More of the same.
  2. Windass.

    Wouldn’t say we took our foot off the gas. We sat in and managed the game. People forget the first half - the sheep had as many chances as us. May could have had two. The first half was 50/50 minus the goals. for that reason I felt we played well. The second half we were in complete control, never in trouble and saw the game out. its a start. Repeat performance and I’ll start being positive.
  3. The Boxing News Thread

    Guybgot outboxed by Parker in a snooze fest and annihilated from povetkin (nothing against povetkin apart from being a drugs cheat - rather see him fight Joshua). Takam is the 19th best how according to ring magazine that tells you his quality. I like Joshua but Hearn is taking the piss. Streaming this one. Will pay a tenner for groves v Eubank jr, paid £20 for AJ Joshua but this is ridiculous
  4. Sky Vs BT

    I can’t wait to hear Sutton’s ramblings when we are looking good and challenging. It’s been easy for him and it’s hard to disagree with him so far this season but when the shoe is on the other foot - that will be worth tuning into Bt for alone. Walker is a bellend. Commons is decent. Sky definitely have better production value. Don’t mind craigan, Stewart and I love super Ally the pundit compared to gaffer Ally the gardener lol.
  5. For me the simple answer is no. The standard of refereeing is awful in Scotland - far lower than the average quality of the football played. Sounds sad but i always watch whatever Scottish match is on opposed to the EPL (unless it’s a big top 4 EPL match) and every match I watch has horrific officiating. It’s really dismal - but I don’t believe there’s a systemic anti-Rangers problem in the SPFL/SFA - saying that is taigy lol
  6. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Morelos is starting to embarrass me with his play acting. Started the match riding challenges now this shite
  7. Kevin Thomson Scotsman

    I would not read too much into that. If Miller had any hope of top spot he’d be caretaker now.
  8. Murrayfield National Stadium Bid

    Have you been through stoke ya maddie? Or Rotherham? Or Birmingham? Or Wakefield? Or Sheffield? Or Crewe? Or Belfast? Spend a 1/3 Of my time in England (diff places), some in N.I, Home in Edinburgh and the rest Singapore. I can tell you straight up Scotland is in far better condition than the RUK you fucking crazy bastard ?
  9. Murrayfield National Stadium Bid

    For me both are unsuitable. Murrayfield pitch area is massive and we all know how bad hampden is at keeping in the atmosphere - least intimidating stadium around! Plus the fucking stupid running track! is it not about time a fit for purpose national stadium was built and owned by the SFA? How much £100s of millions lottery funding and tax payers money did the English get to build Wembley ?
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    Aye. He won’t face a genuine threat anytime soon and as soon as one is mando he will then vacate. Only fight that’s sparks interest is the wilder fight. Parker, Whyte, Ruiz Jr, Ortiz really don’t excite me. I will watch breahmer brant for free and try and stream Joshua. Over 2/3rds of the stadium tickets cost over £100 and they are still charging £20 on ppv for this nonsense. Not a genuine 50/50 on the card - anywhere. 2 or 3 fights fit to headline Saturday Fight night doesn’t make a ppv.
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    Welterweight division is frightening. Surely that is WBSS end game
  12. Barton.

    No time for him. Another troll. He trolled us in the past, talked about being a tim, signed for us, gave us nothing (also claiming he wasn’t payed ?), now he’s trolling the twigs in retaliation for them trolling him after his failure. Not worth celebrating ir putting on a pedestal. Although his tweets amused me I really don’t like him.
  13. The Mexicans

    Basically a poor mans moult or even (hold back the vomit) Adam Rooney. The two Mexicans have to go - particularly Pena. Along with dalcio.
  14. Adrian Durham - nail on head

    Exactly. He only backs us or slaughters the taigs for calls. He’s a mercenary. People should know better. He’s basically a troll - like Sutton.
  15. The squad

    The squad isn’t bad tbh. Easily second best in the country atm and with the right gaffer who knows... Dalcio and Pena there is zero hope for. Will not entertain the notion that Pena is a footballer or has potential. But Alves, Dorrans, John, Jack (although he’s an egits at times), Morelos, Candeais and Mccrorie give me hope - especially under a decent manager. Would like to see Mcleish or Mcinnes with Barry Ferguson. No point gambling on a high profile manager with some ethos that inevitably will be unsuccessful in Scotland - get the best ‘blue blooded’ gaffer who knows our game in imo