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  1. SDM, Whyte and green allowed that cunt to exist
  2. Players still won’t be able to train together before 10th of June allegedly and need six weeks. Apparently that hasn’t changed
  3. What’s wrong with that? Listening to Sutton get slapped down regularly by Mccoist was the best part of the show. Craigen and even Rae (don’t know how as the version on Clyde is as thick as they come) slap him down regularly. He may speak the loudest but on countless occasion gets his arse handed to him
  4. https://twitter.com/bearshoose/status/1262482508077244417?s=21 I know these bears do their 2 min podcasts in jest but their points stand seperate entity - ya dirty fucks 😂😂
  5. And DJ before him. It’s like a prerequisite to being a recurring expro representing Rangers you have to be thick as mince and regularly spout garbage. Mccoist in the morning on talksport - class how can Clyde not dig up a decent clever ex Rangers player instead of the absolute cabbages they serve us up
  6. Bt was far better and the balance to sutton was in the form of mccoist or rae. In fact Craigen and Stewart usually stood against Sutton when debating. The format, chemistry between pundits and production value is far superior to the lazy half hearted sky effort. Commons, Walker and Boyd are fucking worse than poor. McCann best of a very hopeless bunch. Not to mention the tarrier traits
  7. Bundesliga thrives. Doesn’t need a huge tv deal and fans don’t get roasted. Sponsors come third after fans & clubs/players. The Germans have it sussed in most walks of life.
  8. Considering this was decided Friday they must have something by now
  9. If it ‘sneaked’ by our - already proven to be hapless - legal department and inept board heads must roll. Today everybody knew what they were voting for. Awaiting a statement to clarify the nature of the vote and if it was ‘unanimous’ how could it be with hearts obvious objection and our clear position on anointing the terriers champs
  10. Even a protest vote. One vote may not have changed the outcome but ‘unanimous’ and agreement from ‘all clubs’ legitimises the tarrier title. A protest vote would also indicate if further action was in the pipeline. Pacify the more hardline supporter and give some glimmer of hope to the rest.
  11. Our board are as guilty as tarrier clubs today. Unanimous? Wtf
  12. Don’t get that at all. Why would our board do such a thing? Must be a reason? Maybe a promise of people standing down from SPFL administration
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