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  1. If the history books show the taigs 10 times in a row then it has been a complete and utter failure from DK. Gap closed this season and won next. Otherwise DK should walk. Fishing trip or no fishing trip our objective is still to win the league every year and by deflecting, he doesn't fill me with confidence that his targets are the same as ours. To me he's basically saying they can win ten because it's not really ten and quite frankly it's not on.
  2. Mckay and Wallace = myths. Two players that are genuinely pish yet have a strong following.
  3. I get the feeling this is a concession from King and is hoping the fans retort to saying two in a row rather than six. As much as I feel the bheasts titles are tainted, the history books showing their name against ten consecutive titles is unacceptable regardless if king says 'it's only six, we weren't there for four...' For me DK is sending the wrong message, and should be looking to win the league in the next 2 seasons no if's or but's. The fact this statement has our supporters celebrating has me worried we are losing sight of what's important. The history books CANNOT say their f*cking name ten times and it's up to DK to get serious and stop it.
  4. King has been like trump. He has drained the swamp. Onwards and upwards. 😃
  5. Nani is pish
  6. Without sounding controversial - the mhanky mob essentially went into fan ownership and as far as stability goes it's been good for them. I well and truly believe the future is bright for us. We will be back at the summit very soon. And not the summit the bheasts have been on top of, but top of a league that there is a buzz about. The league this season is tenfold stronger than last and soon we will be back to dominating it!
  7. I have to disagree with this thread. Great banner and great feeling when we scored. But a pitch invasion for beating Partick and coming third? We were shocking, we never created a chance in the first 75 minutes! How far have we fallen? A fucking pitch invasion after that and this season. It's embarrassing and no I ain't a fucking taig. This shit hurts.
  8. He benefits from point scoring, but it shows that's not the way rangers fans think. The apologists and the 'sweep it under the rug mob' on here are pathetic. Anyone who knows the muppet should out him. Not sitting here pretending it didn't happen.
  9. It leaves a stain on rangers and us, the people who support rangers.
  10. The whole world seen it before Chris graham tweeted it. It was broadcast live to millions. It went viral.
  11. I don't see it as looking out for our own. I ain't no racist, and the cunt will get what's coming to him. It's out of fucking order and puts a stain on us as a group of fans and our club.
  12. Ignore what's actually happening to our team and focus on a flailing arm - call it an elbow and talk pish. We have just been fucking humiliated and the is no light in sight. Our manager is likely a dud, no investment and no playing squad. but yeah browns flailing arm was an elbow intending on doing damage - let's get retrospective action - which obviously won't happen because it wasn't a fucking elbow. Let's moan about conspiracies.... im fucking done with this
  13. Pish. He he slid in and won it with one, got there early. Walker is full of shit.
  14. It's time this forum had a dislike button for comments. i have to disagree with you. The players train for a couple of hours a day and play football once (sometimes twice a week) usually badly. They also get a couple of weeks at winter and I'm sure if you split hairs they will get more than your average 28 days per annum. Coupled with their salaries, health care and other benefits they should stop complaining. The fact is we are starting our season at the end of June in a European comp and have to be prepared.
  15. He's the biggest fuckin leak. He tells his opponents his line up a day before and also spells out how he thinks they will play - not to dupe them. The man is bizarre. however if any of our players were whingin to the media about a break they should be fired on the spot.