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  1. Hamilton away is a good result as is their draw with us. They have been lacking goals and brought Main into the picture. They are not playing badly. They are turning it around. See how that mob enjoy 70mph winds up by the North Sea. It’s not an easy game.
  2. It’s worth noting the game has changed. We are dwarfed in budgets in the CL now. Back in those days there was still a gap but it was narrower. Cannot overlook this euro run.
  3. While I agree with you about how dogshit the rest of the league are the filth still struggle at livi and hivs. Aberdeen away is a usual 3 pts for them but I have a feeling. Aberdeen are starting to find form. Other than those fixtures and ibrox I cannot see them dropping points anywhere. Our run before the split is a lot better. We must win every game - then who knows.
  4. Merely speculated. Not been a great few days. Traynor is a master bullshit and spin, he is only out for himself. The problem is daftys like yourself get suckered in and never learn. As I have said I’ll wait and see what comes out of this and will hold my hands up if I’m wrong.
  5. Definitely not out of the realms of possibility mate. Just waiting to see what fully transpires. I cannot trust a story involving the man on face value.
  6. I get that point of view. And I am more than happy to accept the nature of the attack could be far worse than how I perceive it atm. I just cannot trust a story involving the man. Especially one of such vague detail. You can interpret it that he was koshed with a brick or a pebble hit him on the shoe. The fact he’s told the sun it’s due to his job tells me he’s fine. Until there is an arrest and further clear detail on the incident I won’t take it as seriously as some on here. I just have too much scepticism. In a week of dropped points, manager scrutiny, more Alfie scrutiny, diseased pitch, yet again kit deal problems this could be a very very minor incident blown up to deflect. Take our minds off pressing issues. That’s the PRs job. Especially with attack off Stewart - it’s an easy deflection - if that’s what it is. If it is as bad as it could be - then of course I’ll be angry and hold my hands up.
  7. All the kids these days are on tablets, smart phones, insta, FB, Twitter etc. What adult throws stones? Especially a pair of them. Traynor is an auld man. If two adults wanted to leather him you’d expect that they would. As I said - I’ll wait to see what transpires but I’m not getting sucked in to this one yet.
  8. He has. Its reported that Traynor said his job was the reason for the attack. He’s spoke to someone
  9. Certainly 3-5-2 on the big pitch. There isn’t a side in our league I wouldn’t play two strikers (when fit) against. Defo time for change.
  10. Spot on. A winner and a Rangers man. Would bring him on to the management/coaching team in some capacity. Would be a boost.
  11. He told a reporter the attack was motivated by his job. So he’s certainly up and talking.
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