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  1. Derek McInnes

    Calm down ffs! I remember when I had my first beer 😂 The board are still trying to sort out the absolute basket case of a financial situation we are in, while trying to invest in a playing squad and appoint a manager. No doubt the Caixinha appointment was wrong - backing him was worse. Sadly that means this choice HAS to be right. That takes time - especially when we don’t have two scabby givers to rub together. now keep your anger beans in the tin and chat board shit in the board thread 😂
  2. Derek McInnes

    Lol. How far do you want to go back - the root cause can be traced back to SDM. again there are other threads for this chat.
  3. Graeme Murty

    Although GM has had his hiccups he has got the best from windass and a couple of others. We attacked well and and managed the game well both times against the sheep. He got a point against the terriers and tbh I think he has got the most out of our current squad. Although i reckon DM is a good choice I can see the merit in GM until the summer. I believe he, with this squad would achieve second - save a bit money in the meantime and invest in the summer - reflect on how GM has done over the rest of the season
  4. Derek McInnes

    Doesn’t matter who is on the board atm - we are still in the same financial predicament with the same playing staff. The is supposed to be a manager discussion.
  5. Derek McInnes

    That’s the fact. Mcinnes next logical step and ours is for him to take over as manager. To think there are morons on here nursing semis for McCann because he was a half decent pundit and some other unproven foreigners. Pull your head out your arses. Mcinnes is the most proven we could go for and a winner ex player to boot. Getting makes us stronger and Aberdeen weaker that is a simple fact. Would love Bazza involved in the new set up aswell. As much as I loathe Neil Lennon his return to celtic as a coach completely changed their fortunes and mind sets - we need that in the background.
  6. Bruno Alves

    Correct. Rattled a few times this season and has been unconvincing in games gone by. Easily his best game for us. More of the same.
  7. Windass.

    Wouldn’t say we took our foot off the gas. We sat in and managed the game. People forget the first half - the sheep had as many chances as us. May could have had two. The first half was 50/50 minus the goals. for that reason I felt we played well. The second half we were in complete control, never in trouble and saw the game out. its a start. Repeat performance and I’ll start being positive.
  8. The Boxing News Thread

    Guybgot outboxed by Parker in a snooze fest and annihilated from povetkin (nothing against povetkin apart from being a drugs cheat - rather see him fight Joshua). Takam is the 19th best how according to ring magazine that tells you his quality. I like Joshua but Hearn is taking the piss. Streaming this one. Will pay a tenner for groves v Eubank jr, paid £20 for AJ Joshua but this is ridiculous
  9. Sky Vs BT

    I can’t wait to hear Sutton’s ramblings when we are looking good and challenging. It’s been easy for him and it’s hard to disagree with him so far this season but when the shoe is on the other foot - that will be worth tuning into Bt for alone. Walker is a bellend. Commons is decent. Sky definitely have better production value. Don’t mind craigan, Stewart and I love super Ally the pundit compared to gaffer Ally the gardener lol.
  10. Graeme Murty

    Truthfully I wouldn’t be rushing out to spend in January, just spent over ten million ffs! I would see what we have under Murty. I know it’s just if’s and but’s- but what if we go on a winning run between now and January under murty including some sort of result against the taigs? A consolidated 2nd by January? its really not beyond the realms of possibility. We cannot get our next permanent manager choice/transfers in wrong between now and August. That would set us back hugely.
  11. Graeme Murty

    He also had rob kiernan and Andy Halliday in his starting eleven
  12. For me the simple answer is no. The standard of refereeing is awful in Scotland - far lower than the average quality of the football played. Sounds sad but i always watch whatever Scottish match is on opposed to the EPL (unless it’s a big top 4 EPL match) and every match I watch has horrific officiating. It’s really dismal - but I don’t believe there’s a systemic anti-Rangers problem in the SPFL/SFA - saying that is taigy lol
  13. Graeme Murty

    Lol. My fourth attempt at a thread is probably as unsuccessful as ever! My point is just sit tight. Don’t appoint a permanent manager just yet, no rash expensive philosophical wasters. Murty took a worse Rangers side and got a draw with the taigs and were more than good value for it. Lets just see where this takes us is my point.
  14. Graeme Murty

    I would give Murty until the end of the season. I certainly think we have a decent squad capable of a clear second - we could get the best manager ever but would still be hamstrung by our squad in the chase for 1st. Doesn’t matter who we get we won’t win the league this season. Let the dust settle, get results with Murty which he showed today and last season he is capable of getting. And review it in the summer.
  15. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Morelos is starting to embarrass me with his play acting. Started the match riding challenges now this shite