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  1. Very Kind. @eskbankloyal seems to know his stuff and starts the best threads 👏
  2. Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    I don’t know a lot about Kent - but my best mate has a pool ST and reckons he has huge potential. His opinion is we will get Kent and woodburn. He reckons there is a clamour for Wilson to get a chance with the first team. However fan clamour and what Klopp thinks is best for his young players may be two different things 🙃
  3. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    This is a deal where would need Europa qualification. Same with solanke. These talented youngsters - great additions and immediately improve us will have other options who play in a better league and even have a chance of game time for Liverpool. The sides interested in them could match us financially - Gerrard is a draw but getting lumps kicked out of them at tynecastle or a cold weekend up north won’t appeal.
  4. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Truthfully he looks best coming in from wide. He hasn’t got the intelligence for CAM but defo an inside forward role would suit him. Its not his footballing ability that fails him it’s his millennial powderpuff mentality that does. He must piss his old man off
  5. Feel good factor coming back?

    We do but we don’t need to play like Barcelona to achieve it is my point.
  6. What is Mark Allen’s role?

    Gerrard wasn’t in place and they are not his signings. No question a bullet was dodged. I commented last week for the kind of money quoted we could get a prime CB that’s decent. My concern is i have doubts that the gaffer will get who he wants. I don’t regret the use of the word shameful as all reports had him signed only to be told we can’t afford him and his agent used the word terribly when describing the differences. Every bear I know had him signed.
  7. What is Mark Allen’s role?

    Aye because nobody knew he was on £60kpw before we agreed a fee? Course we did.
  8. What is Mark Allen’s role?

    I said ‘almost’ it was pretty bad.
  9. What is Mark Allen’s role?

    It’s stuck in my head since one of the boys posted Scot squad shagger video 😂
  10. What is Mark Allen’s role?

    Because they were very publicly linked and in arfields case terms agreed before Gerrard was announced. Even before Gerrards last round of contract talks.
  11. The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    Worst in my lifetime by a huge gulf.
  12. What is Mark Allen’s role?

    What is Mark Allen’s role? Clearly had a big influence in identifying and securing Arfield and shagger. They are Allen’s signings and should be judged as such. But now Gerrard has identified a potential signing only for it not to come off in an almost shameful way. Surely it is now down to Gerrard identifying who he wants to fit the style of football he wants to play, and Allen has to make it work - numbers, securing sales balancing the books...etc? I truly hope the gaffer has full autonomy on who he wants in his squad - otherwise I can see another disaster
  13. Feel good factor coming back?

    Don’t care about the quality. Care about the desire and winning mentality. Couldn’t care if we grind our way to 55 as long as it happens
  14. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I largely agree with you. I rate his potential. Most people don’t have a problem with his playing style. It’s his attitude and desire. Cunt goes missing far too often. i also agree he’s better than Morelos. Morelos is wrank and the sooner people realise the better.
  15. Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    Aye. What I’m led to believe. Wanted to retract resignation to get end of season sacking pay off.