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  1. £250k for a clear asset within the side is criminal. Aye he may not have always been first choice but he would still have contributed and have had further big moments in a Rangers jersey. some of the attitudes on here are mind boggling
  2. I get that. But clearly there is a strong possibility for protests/retaliation around the church in question. The current state of the country could cause riots.... Its sad that the media reported as if the OO has spat on the priest. Can’t help but think they played a massive part in the outcry and tensions that resulted. The manky bastard that did it got punished and was an isolated incident in an otherwise peaceful event as I remember.
  3. Ahh right. Setting a precedent then. As long as it’s peaceful who cares where it goes. The gobbing attack should never have happened and as I see it - it’s either retribution (poor form of I know) or fear of anti-OO gathering at the church and further incidents occurring... either way it can’t be worth the fees. The same people will congregate and March as they do - their right to do so cannot legally be under any threat
  4. Good lad. I’m still an amateur at posting 😂 Whats the significance of the route in the first place? Surely not worth the legal fees?
  5. Orange walk blocked as court backs council ban on march past Catholic church http://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/scottish-news/orange-walk-blocked-court-backs-16234716#ICID=ios_DailyRecordNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  6. I agree. Every single centre mid in the squad is better than Jack.
  7. Absolutely. They have been garbage for a season and a half. I hope they stay deluded and give lemon the job and don’t spend big otherwise this is an opportunity missed.
  8. I’m with you. Our record against killie in the league is nothing short of abysmal
  9. Robbed of what? A solitary point? Means nothing. For me it was a penalty and pure pish from barasic. The better team won, that’s the worst thing about today. I expect a good transfer window and DK not to thing his work is done.
  10. Pish today. The better team won. Worral and did aside we were full strength. Haven’t beat killie in the league this season - regardless of current form we need a good transfer window to take the league. We are not there yet.
  11. Every time I have watched ajer against Morelos he’s bullied him. Hopefully he goes instead of boyata lol. I think people are seriously underestimating the tarriers squad on here. They have been shite this year and it was still enough to win the league at a canter. Agree with Mccoist 100% on this. I hope king sticks by his statement. I also don’t see the need for it or the adverts on Clyde for season tickets? We sell out and have a waiting list... what’s his worry?
  12. That’s it. They have been pish all season, their fans know it and if the board are complacent 55 is coming. But as much as I hate the corrupt taig bast*ard liewell, he has proved to be shrewd in the past and I think they will spend. Hopefully fritter millions on a high profile, egotistical manager rigid in H*** philosophy who knows nothing about Scottish football 👌
  13. One thing I’d say is brenda’s Sides try and match better sides and get exposed badly. Lemons sides are harder to beat while playing a less attractive brand of football. Tbh I’d have more confidence going into next season if Rodgers stayed. Or if the taigs get a gaffer tied to a philosophy who knows nowt about the Scottish game. The AVBs of this world flatter to deceive, would cost millions and likely not hit the ground running.
  14. That’s it really. The mhanks quality and depth won them the league. They have money in the bank. Its likely they will invest more than us. Aye they are losing players. But not enough to make me think next season is ours. I’ll be a keen observer to Scottish transfer dealings. Kings statement gives me a little hope Morelos won’t be sold to fund incoming transfers and ST sales will. That is a major plus if true
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