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  1. Septic play a similar style of football to us in the same league of hammer throwers and have more success is my point
  2. While we have ‘strengthened’ they have undoubtedly been weakened. Our points total has stagnated in comparison and the sheep’s has dropped. Just logic.
  3. Septic play similarly in the same league of hammer throwers. SG is lucky Aberdeen lost Kenny Mclean, Adam Rooney and Ryan Christie for this season otherwise it would have been obvious we hadn’t moved forward domestically.
  4. Sanity has prevailed this time
  5. 19 players and we are no better off. To blame player quality when he has been backed in the manner he has is laughable. Im not advocating sacking him. But he needs a rocket just as much as the players. He’s not been good enough and it’s as much his fault - if not more - than the players. He should be under pressure going into next season because if the league has realistically slipped away before Christmas he should be gone. And plenty experienced good managers with decent reputations would be interested in the Rangers job - to say otherwise is false.
  6. He shouldn’t get concessions because he’s a rookie. We are not a ‘normal’ club where mediocrity will be accepted rookie or not. We are a footballing institution where winning is in our blood. No matter where we have came from.
  7. Too many posters bring Europe up every time someone mentions our obvious domestic failures. We won’t stop ten by doing ok in Europe.
  8. Sorry boss. Alex Rae’s Continuous use of the term has rubbed off on me
  9. A low block is absolutely Gerrards Kryptonite. Its not a new tactic to counter better sides - it’s existed for ever. Good managers and players break this down.
  10. Very hard to disagree with this. All bases covered realistically
  11. They have. I’m not adverse to Gerrard staying in the hope we kick on. I’m not one of those fans screaming he should be sacked. I am however realistic and in no way domestically has this season been a success and is nowhere near good enough. As for next season it will take a lot because I can see the bheasts spending big and pulling out all the stops to get 9. To assume somehow they won’t strengthen is dangerous and hopefully the board recognise this.
  12. People can see what they want about him but the job he’s done with limited resources is remarkable. He’s a prick none the less
  13. I should have been clear. An experienced manager who hasn’t just come from the footballing backwater that is Qatar. There are several experienced unemployed/English championship managers who could have came in and improved us.
  14. Once again I didn’t mention Mccoist or his squad so I don’t get your point.
  15. A manager with no experience shouldn’t have been at the helm. I was excited when he came in but reality set in. He doesn’t learn week in week out and I cant see him learning throughout the seasons tbh. Plenty of experienced managers could have come in and romped the league considering how shite the alleged top side is and has been. Too many people are blinded by Gerrard the exceptional player to see the below mediocre Gerrard the manager.
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