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  1. Next Manager? (Options)

    I never bought into that either. It wasn't Murtys team either, yet he dumped the silly total attacking football mantra, made us hard to beat, and drew with the taigs. The same mantra that would probably (admittedly boringly) beat hibs and hearts. PEDRO OUT.
  2. Next Manager? (Options)

    Mcinnes is proven on a tight budget and a rangers man to boot. Played in a winning rangers side, rejected Sunderland which suggests he is pragmatic and not all about cash. If we can get him he's the one. gary rowett second. pedro should not have hotmail his foot through the door - not to mention buying out his contract for around £1mill ! Crazy stuff. Everytime he talks to the press I want the ground to open up and swallow him!
  3. Utilise Dorrans more

    Dorrans is very ordinary. Had a good season at WB but really is limited. He is an improvement on Halliday and holt don't get me wrong but I have never thought he was that good. I wasn't dancing a jig when he signed and he's showed pretty much what he showed at Norwich. The pedestal a lot of us are desperate to put him on is undeserved. For me he needs to show A LOT more.
  4. Four players We Moved On All Scoring AGAIN!

    If ever there was evidence of mismanagement. If garner and waghorn get 20 goals in the championship and Ipswich go up it will be clear we have scored a massive own goal. Mckay playing well too... imho we fucked up big time with Pedros appointment
  5. Shocked me. Quality for the first 20 mins both games this season, now we aren't even getting that 😒
  6. Win or walk for Pedro today?

    He didn't deserve to get the job in the first place and two more losses and he deserves the bullet no question.
  7. Win or walk for Pedro today?

    We were on the back foot at the time of the red card and the hivs had already equalised. He needed to change it up when we went to ten men, bolster the middle of the park and that diddy didnt. That's what cost us. Without jack going we would have still lost. hearts are shite but I'm betting on a top class first fifteen minutes from us - maybe even a couple of goals. Then we will lose our way concede a half dozen clear cut chances before half time and maybe even a goal. Tight all the way to the end. When we should be spanking them.
  8. Win or walk for Pedro today?

    Correct. He's a megalomaniac with a god complex, he will never walk. In reality he's a tube, who is so far out his depth it's staggering. He has a squad who under the right guidance can have a good go this year and give us something to build on - sadly the man at the helm is a loon.
  9. Klaxon Jackson is hurting

    I think you are taking it far too literally. The parallels are in the bampottery that all three show. chill out.
  10. Klaxon Jackson is hurting

    Comparing our manager to Trump/Kim isn't that far. All three talk utter shite most of the time. All three don't often make any sense. And all three have misplaced aggression.
  11. Klaxon Jackson is hurting

    Agree with the bold points and in all fairness it isn't that bad an article
  12. Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    They have blocked anyone who disagrees with them on social media regardless who their team is if they disagree with them. They are bizarre and I have unfollowed them. No point following a group who has blocked you ffs 🙈
  13. Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    I agree with what your saying, the cunt doesn't accept losing especially against us and it's something you would always want in the dressing room. could you imagine our team of last season going into the dressing room at half time and having to face a souness or a butcher (not talking about managerial ability just personality). They would get destroyed and a lot of the time it gives a positive effect. I get your point but it would never go down well on here!
  14. The red card

    Exactly. Refereeing is shite up here and it's something we have to be wary of and deal with. Aye stokes could have got sent off 3 times but that's no reason to lose the plot. The team and fans suffer then. As soon as you offer your head it's a straight red. It's the rules. Worse still the ref was a foot behind him. Jack needs to be smarter. Not just the head incident he tossed mcgeouch by the throat aswell. He was going regardless. The worst response for going a man down was 100% caixinha. Didn't recognise it was a close battle in the middle of the park, as soon as jack went we needed another ball winner on. Not Pena at 65mins.
  15. Questions need asked of Scottish Referees in General

    He did it plenty. Of courses lot more so when the tarriers got pumped.