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  1. Thanks bud, first season doing the away games, hopefully get a couple
  2. Do they let you know if you're not getting one or just fucking blank you?
  3. Ffs give him at least one more friendly.
  4. Yours by Christmas.
  5. Agreed.
  6. Told too ditch the green boots. Poor wee lamb. Fuck off ya wee dick!!!
  7. Could you heat my weans bottle up ref...
  8. Unfortunately for them and Pedro they have to hit the ground running, we're not good enough to let anyone have any time to settle in. Here's hoping, Saturday should give us a better gauge of them not expecting a big win just looking for a solid performance.
  9. Cardoso for me.
  10. Think it's condos all the way along almost to oshawa now. Not been back in 18yrs.
  11. No that was up north of the city.
  12. Lived in oshawa for 9 years.
  13. I'd put money on beerman turning into a decent player
  14. Continually hearing Pedro talking about positional football, lacking in third area, players understanding system he wants to play ect.Heard similar stuff from Warburton. I think we are over coaching our players and taking away from there natural ability, especially our forwards and centre mids, positions i believe you can't really coach. Forwards should have a natural ability to understand where they should be to receive a ball. Centre mids should be reading and understanding/directing the game. Those players should be managed. Defenders, goalies ,wide players I believe can be coached into playing certain systems. Opinions please.
  15. Think you answered your own question in your last line.