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  1. Must have had my blue tinted specs on at the game, I saw an exciting, action packed controversial game of football. Result wasn'twhat I wanted ..,but fuck me some of the comments I have been reading you would think that we are totally fucked for the rest of the season
  2. Fuck me . I'm buzzing for this one. Last time they were here, a bunch of them came down sheildhall Rd in front of me giving it big licks. Sure they came out of Fairfield bowling club.wonder if the pricks will be doing it today.... No holding back this time.
  3. Hey!!!! Enough now. This was almost a positive post. Not on this thread buster. Move along.
  4. Enjoyed the game tonight, more positives than negatives for me. There goalie had a fantastic game 4 really good saves, there defence played well also, think 5 times they played us offside, all close calls.we dominated the middle of the park and think they maybe had 1 shot on target. Our defence wasn't really tested. West look great heard him ordering his defenders about. Released the ball quickly kept the game flowing, big kranjar was a pleasure to watch, and Cardoso is a player Jack was professional. Will pass comment on the rest after a few more competitive games. Expecting an 2.0 or 3.0 over there as they are going to have to set up differently or if the play the same system don't think they play that we'll 2 games in a row. Buzzing to be back.
  5. Fucking raging about this. Growing up in clydebank watching the marches through my scheme, boy downstairs bringing the Irish boys back after marches ,impromptu sash bashes in the street. Need to get my finger out....
  6. 30 seconds in, England defender hits it of the thumb out for a throw. Miller~ Scotland are really putting England under pressure ffs what a dickhead.
  7. Wonder when we will get the obligatory ex rangers player writing a piece about how we shouldn't use this a point scoring against our rivals. Well fuck that, I will be singing loud and proud about it. Posting on social media and telling everyone I know about what those scum covering up child molesting animals have been up too.
  8. In total agreement with this. But let's Wait and see if SFA act on any of this. Our club gets dragged over the coals with excessive punishment because we were conned. Wonder if they will see fit to act on these bheasts animalistic behaviour. Fuckin scum.......
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