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  1. ***Rumours thread***

    ? Question mark at the end of the sentence so assuming a question %
  2. Ross County Vs Rangers - Video

    Greg video and love the tunes..
  3. When your son/daughter marries a Celtic fan .............

    Ex wife's new hubby takes youngest daughter to septic game. Gives oldest daughter septic top. He gets the reaction he was looking for (well maybe a tad more). Unfortunately for me it has put my daughters off football altogether but the message has been delivered and my girls know exactly where I stand on this. New daughter on the way with new wife.her family have all been told in no uncertain terms what school, which team she's following.
  4. Work or Rangers?

    Work it, bank the cash, spend as much time as possible making the fenian gaffer's life's hell. Then put in dodgy claim for harassment at work sign off sick due too stress. Spend that time with the girls and the Gers. Sorted...
  5. I'll just leave this here....

    Wow !!! check the shine on the chrome dome...
  6. The Appeal

    You did say you would be. ?
  7. Wide areas

    Easy tiger.this is an almost positive post. We'll be having no more of this. It's got to be doom n gloom n diet coke for at least another week. ?
  8. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Must have had my blue tinted specs on at the game, I saw an exciting, action packed controversial game of football. Result wasn'twhat I wanted ..,but fuck me some of the comments I have been reading you would think that we are totally fucked for the rest of the season
  9. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Fuck me . I'm buzzing for this one. Last time they were here, a bunch of them came down sheildhall Rd in front of me giving it big licks. Sure they came out of Fairfield bowling club.wonder if the pricks will be doing it today.... No holding back this time.
  10. Him and that wee fanny Motherwell fan should hook up and do a vlog together. Comedy gold.....
  11. Alves vs Candeias

    Alves. Was'not expecting it. I was thinking they were going to try and put a floating ball in.
  12. The Rangers Overseas Development Project and the Founders Trail.

    Brilliant work guys. Class but expected.
  13. **Betfred cup second round draw**

    Not that I can remember. but that go for fuck all. But makes sense now.
  14. **Betfred cup second round draw**

    Is it still split the gate money?