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  1. Definitely credit to Gerrard tonight. Narrow forwards constantly cut off the pass into their 2 central midfielders who murdered us for 60 mins at Ibrox. This meant the ball was always pushed wide and allowed Arfield or jack to help out the full backs. Rarely did their wide men get a 1v1 against barasic or Tav. I don’t recall them once breaking us down through the middle of the pitch and Edmundson / Goldson were happy to deal with the crosses all night long. works well against teams who have a lot of the ball but let’s see what happens against Hearts.
  2. In January the usual shite has come out linking Alfie, tavernier, barisic with moves away but is our window all about retaining what we have? My only potential position we would look at to improve is right side forward but with Aribo/ Arfield/Jones should we just try and resist all bids rather than add? i would ship out the squad players on the periphery and run with our core of 20 with a few bench appearances for the younger ones so they can see a pathway. The taigs will shit the bed after the last 2 games and panic buy but we just need to sit tight and have faith in the squad we have.
  3. Watched the game in Sydney, 1.30 in the morning. Need to get up in 4hours to have breakfast with koalas at the zoo. Booked by the wife months ago and kids buzzin. fuck it though im straight on another fosters and I’ll be reekin for it.
  4. When I was 18 I went out with a girl who went to a school of the saint type. She knew he was my hero and bought me a Rangers strip with Laudrup on the back. Married her soon after , 2 kids since both gers fans. still would divorce her for Laudrup.
  5. Gerrard needs to be more flexible in the way he sets up teams depending on how the game is going. Tonight , the YB no 3 was towing a caravan all night and a switch from Aribo to a more natural , pacy wide right should have stretched the game. Instead Aribo and Arfield camped in which also meant Tav was deeper. 4-3-3 is his we play but should not be the only way we play. The last 3 games show we need to have the ability ( which I Believe we do in this squad ) to adapt.
  6. We need to try and give jones/ barker/ Stewart/ Ono a run of consecutive games on the right of a 3. That’s the one position that is a concern and the continued changing isn’t giving anyone a run of games and confidence. Gerrard knows 10 of his best 11 and they can play with the confidence they are not dropped after 1 poor performance. I don’t mind a bit of rotation of a few players , aribo in midfield, Flanagan fb, Katic CB, given the schedule but let your right sided choice play his way into form with a run of games. I’d go for Barker given his pace ahead of the others.
  7. Yermawsa

    Left back

    In every other position the competition for places is driving up the standard with players raising their games to stay in possession of the shirt. LB seems to be the one position that the one player that’s least shite at the time gets the jersey. Hopefully the 3 candidates can have a wee look around and see what is fuckin happening all over the rest of the pitch. Id go barasic and hope he gets a bit of confidence. Give him a heid bandage. That seems to do the trick for Osijek
  8. Very surprised at that. I thought he has been excellent since in all his run outs so far.
  9. Id keep Candeias and in addition to the above I’d loan out Hastie. This time last year he was out on loan at Alloa and it’s to big a jump to expect him to make a meaningful contribution this season. Too much pressure to stop the fuckers in the east from winning whatever it’s is in a row. I also think Kent will be back by the start of the SPL season. Another good season up here and he can bypass your shitty low end Struggling english premier sides and go to Burnley 🤔
  10. When Barsasic plays he allows the team to play in a different shape to either Halliday and Flanagan. He pushes high and stays wide which allows our left sided attacker(hopefully Kent) to drive inside more. May not be great defensively and gives away silly fouls by getting caught out but I think he allows Gerrard to play the football style he wants. If one of our 3 midfielders drop into the false left full back role it allows barasic to keep width for a quick left sided switch. I’d persevere with him and will tolerate a few errors.
  11. Halliday at LB Ejaria midfield morelos up front. Could be a game he may get a few goals which will set him up nicely for the next few games. I wouldn’t trust Sadiq on the evidence of what I’ve seen from him this season
  12. That was coming for the last 20 minutes.why the fuck were we so deep against a team that continually plays long balls and crosses into the box. Fuckin naive and cost us the game.
  13. I know Sadiq has not had much game time to judge him fully on but if anything happens To Alfredo we are struggling. He looks lost and just plain shit. Almost at the Mexican boys standard.
  14. Put the Croatian left back with the bandaged heid in our team and we are getting there. Thought Flanagan did ok but will never be an attacking threat from left back. Kent likes to cut inside so a natural lefty would suit team shape better.
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