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  1. Loyaleastend

    Tramp goes to Ibrox

    Utterly obsessed, it’s difficult to imagine someone living their life like that, but then he is a sellik fan
  2. Loyaleastend

    RM and FF

    With that kind of patter I’d have banned you too tbf
  3. Loyaleastend

    RM and FF

    Tennents is rancid mate
  4. Loyaleastend

    Tramp goes to Ibrox

    State of that, fucking bespectacled mess
  5. Loyaleastend

    RM and FF

    I was banned to fuck a decade ago for Loyalist expression fuck them
  6. They have, given tons of cash for the iraoke barras area
  7. An absolute toilet of a place, full of hellholes
  8. Disgusting really, who the fuck says it should be in his interest
  9. Loyaleastend

    TLB leaves hibs

  10. Loyaleastend

    TLB leaves hibs

    The sheep would get right behind him in his victimisation complex
  11. Loyaleastend

    TLB leaves hibs

    Aberdeen would love him
  12. He drinks in the West end I believe
  13. Loyaleastend

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Sellik are a team of nomarks followed by jakeys and cunts with a massive chip on their shoulder