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  1. Loyaleastend

    Top of the League

    Post of the year
  2. Loyaleastend

    Honest interview from the manager

    Couldn’t give a fuck what he says at this point
  3. Loyaleastend

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    I haven’t read any of story, I hope he’s come out as mutant
  4. Loyaleastend

    Chelsea racist

    Football is a political pawn too much nowadays
  5. Loyaleastend

    Fuck it......

    Ulster is British
  6. Loyaleastend

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    Lafferty is a cart horse, don’t think I’d cross the street to meet him tbh, though im sure he’d feel the same
  7. Loyaleastend

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    No offence mate but positive post match interviews mean nothing
  8. Loyaleastend

    Rangers supporter stabbed

    The scum is a vile tarrier rag
  9. Loyaleastend

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

  10. Loyaleastend

    Lack of movement

    Dundee could have dealt with those crosses into the box all night, not a lot of imagination on display today at all.
  11. Loyaleastend

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Linesman looked like a jakeball sellik man
  12. Loyaleastend

    False dawn after false dawn

    Bring Pedro home Im away to lie down
  13. Loyaleastend

    I Told You So

    Pathetic performance today, absolutely gutless, can’t watch much more like that.
  14. Loyaleastend

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    Some poster said before the season began that we wouldn’t be allowed to win the title no matter how good we were, I’m starting to think he had a point.
  15. Loyaleastend

    Blantyre RSC

    Fucking get him telt mate