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  1. Referee today

    worst performance from a ref I've ever seen in over 40 years of watching the game, its actually insulting people who paid good money to attend to have such an incompetent bastard officiating.
  2. Junkies unsold tickets to cost us £62.5k

    If you've kept up with the "Hibs" fans getting huckled out of their flea pits in the mornings for the cup final invasion you'll notice that strangely loads of them have Glasgow or thereabouts addresses., Hibs must have some "reach".
  3. Every Saturday we follow

    What a cunt of a morning it is out there, hope it clears up a bit, Hampden's depressing enough
  4. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    I think we'll give them a total fucking hiding. 5-0 Rangers and fuck the Scottish media.
  5. Dusseldorf

    Didn't see too much of the place mate, plus I was mostly smashed out of my skull for the duration in the city, Sorry I can't be of much informative help.
  6. Millers Agent

    Bothwell isn't the best choice, riddled with them, mind you he probably has loads of sellik loving pals since he seemed to love playing for them
  7. Millers Agent

    The guy's entitled to go out with his missus anytime he wants, I only wish he'd gone out the day he was meant to sign a new contract, and stayed out.
  8. Your first experience of Hampden

    Can't stand the modern Hampden but will be there on Sunday giving it pelters.
  9. Butcher's Son.

    sad news, sorry to hear that
  10. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    I had a pint in the Louden, once.
  11. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

  12. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Mcinnes is a right Rangers man, so he has no chance of getting anywhere near Ibrox. See, I appeased both sides here, what ma like?
  13. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Wasn't me
  14. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    UKIP? Where do you remember me from ?
  15. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    I'm kidding you on