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  1. Morelos warm up today.

    Morelos would have missed that Goal Cummings scored
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Filth in throwing a game shocker
  3. Novo wants Glentoran job

    He should be taking it easy surely? And what's his boozer like for a jug?
  4. Does anyone believe ?

    Would you be shocked if they went that far? I wouldn't.
  5. Does anyone believe ?

    yes, yes they are.
  6. Give us your fucking money!!

    Great post title Dave.
  7. VB Support The Union Bears

    I’m pissed off with endless statements and “guest writers “, all that matters now is a clear out.
  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Some guy back in the thread beat you to that line bud
  9. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Seems to be true what a fucking mess King must get out
  10. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Making a mistake is missing a bus, signing for the vermin is contemptible and unforgivable in my book, he's heading right out for a pint with his pal Stokesy in no time if he's bumped.
  11. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    you fucking kidding?
  12. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    If this is true then I can only rejoice that Miller is off to fuck chest beating arsehole
  13. Kenny Miller

    Kenny will be sitting in TV studios for the next ten years being as vehemently prejudiced against Rangers as his Scottish media career progression wants him to be . Surely anyone can see that?
  14. The only positive from yesterday

    The only positive from yesterday is that it's over.