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  1. Garfwang


    Best player on the pitch
  2. Garfwang


    Looks like there's a bit of substance to this, not in any Willie Vass training pics from last night.
  3. Garfwang

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    http://elitegroup-uk.com/contact/ It is indeed this mob, company registration number is LBJ sports
  4. Garfwang

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

    You'd think they'd have learned from the Setanta deal
  5. Garfwang

    Jd selling our new kit from tommorow

    Still nothing in Glasgow airport.
  6. Garfwang

    Have Hummel Subbed...

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/theesk.org/2017/07/01/football-shirt-manufacturer-deals-a-barometer-of-a-clubs-appeal/amp/ explains it all quite clearly
  7. Garfwang

    Have Hummel Subbed...

    Rangers are not paying anything for the contract with Hummel it is the opposite. Hummel pay Rangers in exchange for brand exposure which is achieved by recognition of seeing their brand on TV etc. Also, Hummel will outsource the majority of their operations be it production, advertising or distribution to specialist companies. Most sports manufacturers do this.