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  1. What they have in the bank at year end isn't really too relevant, they could have £30m he day the accounts are approved and pay it out to creditors the very next day. Cash flow statement shows they made an 8m monetary loss in the year i.e. They have spent more money than they have generated.
  2. Gain on sale of players keeping them from making a loss, will be the same result from Tierney sale in next years accounts.
  3. All areas limited now for package, Not many 2's together.
  4. Hopefully Fleetwood see something in him and take on loan
  5. Was walking about the town with a celtic tshirt during the day, fud!
  6. Hope it was Burt that missed their penalty
  7. Did he play yesterday?
  8. Did Kent stick in a half day so he could go home and iron his shirt?
  9. Best player on the pitch
  10. You'd think they'd have learned from the Setanta deal
  11. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/theesk.org/2017/07/01/football-shirt-manufacturer-deals-a-barometer-of-a-clubs-appeal/amp/ explains it all quite clearly
  12. Rangers are not paying anything for the contract with Hummel it is the opposite. Hummel pay Rangers in exchange for brand exposure which is achieved by recognition of seeing their brand on TV etc. Also, Hummel will outsource the majority of their operations be it production, advertising or distribution to specialist companies. Most sports manufacturers do this.
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