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  1. Any one know if this is on Hesgoal ???? Or anyone have a link?
  2. Cant be arsed to comment on this...… Say what you want Jack and Gerrard. Just get it done on the pitch!
  3. Hi DBBTB, Have you got a link to the interview please?
  4. Is it just me or does Hagi look like the consummate professional?
  5. Mon Rangers, please do this...…...CMON!!!
  6. Wish we had a Jorg Albertz back in the team, to much fannying on outside the box for my liking tbh
  7. No M8 was in the shower and the misses told me we were 1 up, just watching RTV and see its 1 a piece. Apologies for being a Bellend……..will have a good hard talk to myself in the mirror!
  8. Just in from work see we're 1 nil up hows the first half went??
  9. qwerty

    Leagues over

    Its not over yet. All still to play for imho
  10. Mon Rangers, Dig fucking deep here, Sense of urgency required big time.....No Surrender!
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