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  1. Inter Vs Juventus at San Siro and Boca Vs River at La Bombonera.
  2. McGregor is number 1 but we have 3 goalkeepers that I trust. Great position to be in.
  3. I wouldn't vote snp if there was a gun to my head. Personally I wouldn't ever vote for independence, moronic I'm my opinion, but that's a different arguement. I could almost tolerate a Rangers fan voting yes but not voting snp. They hate everything about us.
  4. Statement from Barca saying this. Confirming Messi won't be able to sign and he's leaving.
  5. I won't be supporting them and I doubt I will ever support the Scotland football team again.
  6. Would give anything for it to be 3 Tav penalties in the new year game. Imagine their reaction to conceding 3 pens to us 😂 Operation stop 10 in full masonic flow 😂😂
  7. You're probably right however I for one will not forget him. Not our greatest ever player but a legend indeed when so many others abandoned ship.
  8. Of course it's not real. Declan can't count to 18462.
  9. One of my biggest hero's growing up. The greatest goalie I've seen for us, maybe even the greatest player overall. Stood up and defied them every single fucking time.
  10. Great players always find/make that little bit extra time on the ball and never seem to be rushed. That was Ronald, looked slow as fuck yet never got caught. Class above the rest of the league at the time.
  11. Monaco 8 Deportivo 3 deserves a mention. Dado scored 4 I think. Other than that Barca beating Man U in the 2 finals for sheer quality.
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