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  1. Of course it's not real. Declan can't count to 18462.
  2. Could've had their winter break on the Gaza Strip.
  3. Not a good day all round for wee kt 😂😂
  4. I agree but I'd also bet if he un-retires the manager would welcome him back and be gushing all over him.
  5. I think the national team and brown are well suited and deserve each other but the arrogance of the prick thinking he can just pick and choose when he retires and when he plays is astonishing. If he comes out of retirement (again) and is automatically picked it's all the more reason to despise the national team. I wish to fuck Ryan Jack would retire from it 😂
  6. The very people they refuse to honour are the very people that fought and died to give them the freedom that allows them to behave like arseholes.
  7. The best thing if we had an orange top would be the widespread meltdown that would occur in Scottish football. It would be hilarious!
  8. Totally attention seeking. I can't understand why any Gers fan would support Scotland. I never will because I'll never forget the hatred and bile from them towards us. I've gone from not caring about the national team to really really wanting to see them fail.
  9. I actually like Arsenal (probably because of the Rangers shares) and feel for their fans. Wenger has been left behind and although he sticks to his principals which is admiral he gets easily out thought by other coaches and his players out fought. He seems to make no effort to change tactics against different opposition. Everybody knows how to play against Arsenal now and they don't seem to be able to offer anything to counter it. Maybe their plan B should be to do plan A better?? If Wenger had left after 10 years he'd be forever lauded as their greatest ever.
  10. Whatever people think of Pedro he stands up for himself and our club. It's about time someone did. Good on you Pedro and long may it continue like this after victories.
  11. As much as I wouldn't want my daughter to be with a fan of them at any point in her life there's no way I'd ever risk my relationship with her over it. To me it's about priorities and I love her more than I could hate anything. I would however ensure that I was the best grandad ever so that her kids would follow the Gers with me! Hopefully never happen though and as she's only 10 I've plenty time to have an influence!
  12. I know he has been a good servant but I've never rated him highly as a footballer although you can't question his commitment. The reason I will never love him as a Ger is the chest beating celebration at the scum dome and I don't know why he's revered by some on here. Stokesey? Fuck right off.
  13. Brilliant. The next generation. That pic makes me proud! You must be bursting. ??
  14. I think for a little over a million we've got ourselves a real bargain. Looks quality. cArdoso also looks decent!!
  15. Both fantastic but big Bruno's maybe because you don't necessarily expect such a deft touch from a massive centre half. Both class through and through though. I'm almost fucking giddy!!
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