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  1. One of my biggest hero's growing up. The greatest goalie I've seen for us, maybe even the greatest player overall. Stood up and defied them every single fucking time.
  2. Great players always find/make that little bit extra time on the ball and never seem to be rushed. That was Ronald, looked slow as fuck yet never got caught. Class above the rest of the league at the time.
  3. Monaco 8 Deportivo 3 deserves a mention. Dado scored 4 I think. Other than that Barca beating Man U in the 2 finals for sheer quality.
  4. No matter how long I live I will never tire of watching that ­čśé­čśé
  5. Yeah did think about that and will probably arrange something but video calling is a decent alternative in the circumstances.
  6. They did but I'm still working whereas her and her mum aren't leaving the house at all and I can't in clear conscience put them at risk when they're not at the moment. It's horrible and I'm really torn because I'm struggling without her but ultimately feel I have to do the right thing. I'm luckier than a lot of people tho because she's 12 so I can video call and she fully understands the situation. Must be worse for people not seeing kids/grandkids that are too young to understand.
  7. Agree. Right now we hold the aces because they've no idea what we've got. The panic dripping from their every pore is joyful.
  8. But what's that got to do with 2020 and an unprecedented global lockdown leading to an incomplete season? An incomplete season yet a title handed out anyway. We were in D3 and they won titles which are a bit meaningless without us there but they won them mathematically over a full season. I don't get why you are arguing for them and against us.
  9. Fuck me. I didn't see that. Mind boggling from a supposed Ger.
  10. We're talking about 2020 and 9iar. This is nothing like 2012.
  11. That's what it sounds like and what I can't get my head around. I'm not going to start insulting him but fuck me, imagine coming into a Rangers forum with that stuff.
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