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  1. Bit harsh on the disco lights being compared to that diddy
  2. If we stop them from having any early momentum, kill any quick start, we will most likely control the game and win 2 or 3-0. This is a very poor Hearts side
  3. They're shite. This current crop of manks wouldn't compare to most of their teams that we outplayed for years and years. We need our act together. We are getting there slowly, but turn up tomorrow and spoil their day would be a good start. If we are to lose, go down fighting. Murty, if you're out a job on Monday, make sure you wrap the nut on Rodgers. That's all i ask.
  4. Going down with a whimper last time was unacceptable and still boils my piss thinking about that inept display. Go out tomorrow, get in their faces and take the game to them. They're shite, get into them Rangers.
  5. Genuinely baffled we'd go for someone with no experience. Massive gamble, but, count me in. He will get my full support and it actually is an exciting prospect.
  6. RIP Derek, have met him a few times and known him as a poster on here for years. God bless.
  7. So you entering a discussion with a Rangers fan, no actual desire to engage and discuss the topic but instead call them taig scum over absolutely nothing, said fan reacting negatively to it makes them sensitive? Again, backwards logic.
  8. But as it was my post, you lumped me in with this "general opinion" of yours that those who disagree, I.e me, are taig scum. I've also met many people from here, I've been a moderator on this site years ago and attended meets until driven away by the characters like you that now infest the site with bile like you've spouted on here to me. I've got to consider your feelings first before being upset that you called me taig scum? What backwards logic is that? You're not the type of person I'd ever associate with socially thankfully and I've zero intention of discussing you are so annoyed. Here's a novel idea, why not actually enter a discussion on here the way you would in a normal day to day social interaction? Do you pipe up with that nonsense down the pub or at matches? This site was fantastic at one point, my first post today was my first in yonks and it was greeted by your taig scum reply, so yes, I feel it does need highlighted and getting shot of folk like you on here would do the site a lot of good.
  9. Would you or anyone else on here go into a Rangers pub and call a bear a taig for disagreeing with them? Or scum? Course not, so why is shite like that allowed on here from people that hide behind phones and laptops? We are all meant to be Rangers fans, there are differing views wherever you look. Calling someone taig scum for disagreeing is the type of character you see calling Ricky Foster a "prick" at games.
  10. You can wordplay as much as you like, I said I'd no doubt be called a taig and you piped up with "taig or scum, same thing". Therefore you were calling me scum and a taig. Again, you've given me the opportunity to defend my position? To you? So I've got to reply to you properly when you were unable to converse with me like a normal human being originally? Is that it? I'm replying to you as I want to highlight the problem this site has at present, and weeding out characters like you will get this site back to being great again.
  11. There was no confrontation in my original post, I didn't direct anything towards this boy yet my post was worthy of being called taig scum? I can handle heat of the moment stuff, what I cannot handle is that sort of attitude and then badgering me to show him the same courtesy of a proper reply to his "point" that he point-blank refused my original post. As I said it's this behaviour that's the reason so many have turned away from RM down the years which is a crying shame.
  12. I reiterate, I will continue to "avoid the point" as I refuse point blank to discuss this matter with a character like you. The irony being you completely ignored my original post and your only reply was calling me taig scum. No discussion, no rebuttal, no conversation, just a frothing at the mouth ridiculous "taig scum" reply. Yet, despite that, you now expect me to reply to you and accuse me of avoiding your points like you have something mature and reasonable to say? You see my problem here? If you actually had any decency to discuss any point with a fellow Rangers fan you'd do it like a normal human being. And I will certainly be using that report function when I'm home
  13. Yes, I find discussing you far more important than Rangers. I repeat, I will not go in depth with a conversation with someone who calls me taig scum for not agreeing with them. I wouldn't talk to someone like that in the street or associate with anyone of that ilk, so why would I on here? Clearly having a rational, mature discussion is not something you are able to muster so why would i start? To reiterate, people like you are why so many stopped using Rangersmedia. I'm on my phone and can't seem to find a report post button, if you direct me to it I'll gladly report you for your disgusting behaviour.
  14. Taig, scum and want to hurt the club? You really expect any right-minded Rangers fan to engage in any sort of debate with this type of mindset? I repeat, I will not discuss this with you. Despite your quite disgusting attitude do you see me retaliating with name calling? No. Frustration that someone disagrees with you results in them being a taig? Quite disturbing. And if you even bothered to read my original post that resulted in you calling me taig scum, you'd realise I was holding no one to ransom. My season ticket money will be conditional, based on the current boards actions and transparency from this point onwards. As a Rangers fan, after everything we've been through as a club I feel this is more than acceptable. Dave King is a man i trust that has Rangers best interests at heart. If you don't, carry on. Calling someone a taig for not agreeing with you will only switch users off from this site. The fact you're even still posting without being banned yet is unfortunately a damning indictment of where Rangersmedia is as a forum now and sadly why so many good Rangers fans have been driven away from here over the years.
  15. I'm not conversing about the topic at hand, I'm quoting you to reply to the sheer horrible attitude myself and many others have had to endure, thus forcing us away from what was once a great forum. Avoiding your points? What points? That I'm a taig scum for not agreeing with whatever opinion it is you hold? Yes, in that case I most certainly am avoiding your points and will continue to do so. Discussing this subject with a person of your mindset is not in my interests.
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