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  1. Fuck all once again. Killie, Hamilton and livi for me
  2. Nothing. Only had killie, Hamilton & livi this season.
  3. Any idea when we will find out what day/time the game will be?
  4. Didn’t get one, any spares pm me
  5. Out of interest, did the players turn their backs and clap the Rangers end when the mhanks done the huddle?
  6. Never got any post split away fixtures. Any spare tickets pm me please.
  7. Never got one. If anyone doesn’t fancy it pm me
  8. Everywhere apart from the govan rear is an adult ticket at 16 as far as I’m aware, could be wrong though.
  9. What time does the louden open against the taigs?
  10. Anyone know where I can find the full match?
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