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  1. Rumours of press gathering at Ibrox now
  2. I am warming to the idea the more time goes on. I thin though if he doesn't now come, it will hit us trying to find someone else, with the amount of publicity it has had
  3. Cric free won't load on my iPad any suggestions?
  4. That's the thing that really has me about this the amount of players in today's team coming out and say it's best moment of their careers - it will only getter better from here
  5. What matters now is the reaction against Morton at the weekend.
  6. Couple weeks ago, Acocks Green Birmingham ordering a Chinese and the wee Chinese woman had a Rangers hat on.
  7. Would watching their services not count as acceptance of the contract.
  8. Havent seen it but I would presume it will be some bit of tech, checking things like heart rate and bp ect
  9. Think we have to remember this team were playing at the likes of Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and Anfield last season. A lot more positives to take out of this game in regards to the general overall play
  10. Think we just seen why we need another winger attacking player - after that Templeton and McKay exchange on the break
  11. Will be interesting to see how we do now going 1-0 down, was looking good though before they scored
  12. We had such an opportunity three years ago, and now although not as great we have the chance again. We need a overhaul from top to bottom New coaching staff, new scouting system, correct view on things like dietary plans and fitness coaching. If we can get the it right this time we have the chance of being self sustaining club. Looking at models from Portuguese clubs like Porto and Benfica and you can see how it should be done. An article on Eurosport from 2013 gives Porto having a profit of £400 million €'s between 2001 and 2011. I am not saying we could get to this level but this is where we need to be heading. Where as they obviously have tapped into the South American market we should use Scandinavia as a base for trying to find the best talent and bringing them in and selling at a profit.
  13. Got to admit that's the biggest rollercoaster of emotions during a game I have felt for a very long time
  14. Way to much room for Allan then in the middle of the pitch
  15. Im dreaming a bit but Birmingham or Coventry would be great for me
  16. Foster has lost the ball more times than whore drops her knickers on a Friday night
  17. I don't use the word to mean Roman Catholic and if and when I sing the Billy Boys I do not mean that line to mean Roman Catholic or supporters of the Roman Catholic faith. So I am not a liar like you say. The meaning of the word to me a supporter of Irish Republicism. Irish Republicism is littered with Protestant Fenians as an example. leading Irish Nationalist during the 1800's John Mitchell's father was a Presbyterian minister and the phrase was originally coined by one of there own John O'Mahony But what I will say is that this is the Roman Catholic way, say a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. They have done it for hundreds of years with many different things. There whole religion itself is based on lies and ill truths to benefit it's leaders. Why do you think their was a reformation in the first place. The bastardisation of the word needs to be challenged as it is getting wrongly identified and wrongfully passed into laws. The more people accept this and give the dignified silence the more it will be accepted and by the end we will be sat on our hands watching the football an a 'dignified silence'.
  18. 2-2 with Roberts in goals is my first memory being in car with my Gran and Granda. 3-0 to win the league at the Piggery. I was in Anglesey with some mates for it was bank holiday weekend. I was hanging from 2 nights and a day on it but went to the pub on my own to watch. One bhoy sat their with his missues could see him getting more and more wound up as I just sat with a smug look on my face as the goals kept going in. Mates joined me at full time I lept off the pub step and could almost touch the clouds I jumped that high. Got a carry out and walked down to the beach pass another pub and group of guys stood outside singing Follow follow and TBB joined in. Thats the magic of being a Bear
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