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  1. Barring Rangers, I'd like to play in Serie A.
  2. Jordo

    Fm 2012 Demo Out.

    Quite good you can actually tell what impact your team talks are having now, although a few times I've confused them
  3. Northern Ireland's collapse put me down £150 on my Over/Under 2.5 accy Under I had, Serbia vs Italy, Slovakia vs Russia and Northern Ireland vs Estonia. Over I had Turkey vs Germany and Montenegro vs England. Fucking raging !!
  4. Treble for the night is - Serbia, England and Croatia. £10 returns £100.
  5. True actually I heard it's fancy dress day for the game Bet ye nobody's thought of going as Captain America yet
  6. Block T, Row A Been looking forward to this since my allocation came out !
  7. Jordo

    Fm 2012 Demo Out.

    First game of the season I won 8-0 against Hearts Had 34 shots on goal aswell
  8. Jordo

    Fm 2012 Demo Out.

    Preferences, in the main menu
  9. Ezequiel Lavezzi from Napoli Absolutely rapid !
  10. Where does this fascination with Forrest come from ? He's pish !
  11. There's a demo ?! Need to have a look at Steam just now
  12. Played in the Ibrox game against Man United. Still as you say, didn't look out of place.
  13. Even at that. Who's counting anyway ?
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