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  1. Northern Ireland's collapse put me down £150 on my Over/Under 2.5 accy Under I had, Serbia vs Italy, Slovakia vs Russia and Northern Ireland vs Estonia. Over I had Turkey vs Germany and Montenegro vs England. Fucking raging !!
  2. Treble for the night is - Serbia, England and Croatia. £10 returns £100.
  3. If I ever see Ched Evans I'll buy him a pint 97th minute goal put my over 2.5 accumulator up £10 returns £80.
  4. Had Aberdeen, Southend and Liverpool on. £10 returned £100
  5. What a hit by Hamsik 3-1 against Cesena who've been down to 10 men since the hour.
  6. Pandev's just missed an open goal from about 8 yards
  7. For being supposed title contenders, Napoli have been pretty poor. Playing on a plastic pitch can't help mind you
  8. Oldham and Huddersfield let me down for £250 on my oover 2.5 coupon 2 goals inside 15 minutes and Oldham down to 10 men with 15 minutes left
  9. 9 points is a must and is achieveable. Although I still doubt we'll take anything from the Spain game, they will have qualified by time we go there and will play a "weakened" team you'd imagine. Gives us a slightly better chance I suppose. Mind you, slighty better than zero chance isn't much.
  10. Thought you could tell the future 3pm kick off
  11. 2-1 Scotland. Least we're not going 4-6-0 this time
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