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  1. Yes mate. Facing the dressing room. Well behind Gerrards office ( old boot room )
  2. The gym is done. Treatment room done. Corridors and Gerrards office more or less done. The players lounge is coming on nicely but I’d say another week or so.
  3. Was in this morning and it looks like they are addressing this. They have ripped up a couple of foot of the artificial surface and are laying turf.
  4. My mates a taxi driver and dropped Grezda off at the HTC last week. Grezda claimed he was off cos he didn’t like the weather 🤣. Also said in regards to Gerrard, he’s gonna be a top manager. Maybe even better than he was a player. Quite a claim, especially from someone been frozen out.
  5. And it was only £134 for the season for him. Couldn’t believe it was so cheap.
  6. Was on the waiting list for my 6 year old for a couple of years and got an email last week saying I could go for one. Went into the ticket office and got one in the CF1, just a few rows in front of where I sit. My cousin sits next to me and is gonna swap with my boy. Dunno who’s more buzzing , my son or me.
  7. It is mate but after the guy done the same at the Hummel last year they have been strict as fuck across the board.
  8. New gaffers office , treatment room and breakfast bar for players etc. Strict instruction not to take any pics unfortunately. The guy who took the ones doing the rounds actually got bumped.
  9. I started work on the job yesterday and couldn’t believe how much is actually being done. It’s a proper building site within the main stand. Will be there for a few weeks doing my part at least... looking forward to seeing the progress.
  10. Any word on when the kids sizes will be available. Like age 5-6 I mean.
  11. Brass neck some of the things I see on the Fan Pages.
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