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  1. How was it over the top? The guy has shown blatant disregard for all the laws of football by doing what he did, multiple times. This was what, the 5th or 6th time he has bit someone on the pitch?
  2. Remember guys, once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Only at three times is it enemy action.
  3. How fucking jammy do you need to be to get pumped out of Europe twice and reinstated on a technicality?
  4. Piggery officials have been handing out traditional green seat costumes.
  5. Trying to enjoy this, but I keep seeing the potatodome in the background and it reminds me.
  6. It's been changed and fucked about with about 20-30 times in the past 200 years alone, but you should look up the Holy Roman Empire.
  7. Uh, Germany is made up of multiple hundreds of countries. Most of which still dislike each other.
  8. I still believe Messi is only good because of the quality of his domestic team.
  9. Congrats to Denya Just glad I predicted Germany at the start (and put money on it!)
  10. Selling Luiz before this world cup was the best bit of business Chelsea have ever done.
  11. You enjoyed watching the biggest bit of cheating in World Cup history?
  12. A lot of money riding on Germany, feels strange to be cheering for them.
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