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  1. Same shite over and over. You still haven't answered either of my questions . Obviously you are incapable of any intelligent response so just you carry on being a prick looking for likes from your little fuck buddies. Some of us have better things to do.
  2. That's exactly what I mean. You can't even answer a simple question. Not one mention of Dave or King anywhere. In fact it started by you calling Kamara a Dundee reject. Now all you are doing is making a fool of yourself as usual by trying to be clever. Another simple question. When do you start high school?
  3. Moral of the story is lose weight and buy a medium.
  4. One simple question. Why do you generate conflict in every thread you post in?
  5. Vip league will be showing them. Works fine once you get rid of the ads.
  6. Hooked in his first old firm game by Advocat. That would break a lot of people. Not Ricksen. He came back fighting and he's been fighting ever since. Truly inspirational. No surrender Fernando.God bless you sir.
  7. Sorry for your loss sir. I think they may be quite valuable ie several hundred pounds but not sure. Why not donate them to govanblue to raffle for Erskine?
  8. Would love to see him bleed now, the taig loving cunt.
  9. Naw sir,I'm having a nice chilled night with a bottle of Fire and Cane .
  10. No Sonny. Not seething. Personally I couldn't give a fuck about you or your little " like " buddies. It just looks to me that you set out to take the piss wherever you can. The op merely made a comparison to Kent and Cooper yet you decide to call him a moron! In my mind that makes you a prick!
  11. That wasn't aggressive. That was me apologizing love.
  12. Oops so so sorry if I have said something out of line and upset you. From now on I will toe the line and just call you a precious little cunt. Is that ok for you ? Far too many sly digs at people for my liking from yourself and your bum chums.
  13. So are you m8. The op's point was obviously there is no comparison.
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