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  1. And the new compliance officer
  2. Dyslexic 😂😂😂
  3. Played for a team who went 12 months without defeat. Next game I lost my man at the back post and he headed in to make it 2-3.
  4. Feel sorry for him. Imagine if there wasn’t lockdown. The stadium and the streets around Ibrox when we win.
  5. Soon as possible then a routine win over them. Don't even let them think it's a big game for us.
  6. Any decent manager with half a brain will steer clear. They would want the descent to bottom out before riding to the rescue. Who ever comes in needs to clear out a lot of shit and find some quality bargains which won't be easy. Or they spend big on a big name hoping he will attract players.
  7. 6/3/88 Neutral venue. SAS v ira Final score 3-0
  8. Prove it. Mylene Klass toplrss now.
  9. Post a picture with nipples 👍
  10. And hold on. Hold on what? My fat hairy balls?
  11. He could be the subject of a new resolution at their agm!
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