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  1. Tonights game is dominating my mind at work today. I'm a mix bag of nerves, excitement and confidence.. I'm sure we will win tonight, but dreading the thought of 0-0 75 minutes in. Don't think I could handle that!
  2. "Well, Celtic never get penalties, do they?" Said by a certain legend.
  3. We sing it to commemorate the death of a Roman Catholic in an amusement arcade. We also sing The Bouncy to imitate bouncing on a poor catholics head. 'Cause we're sectarian n'at know?
  4. Dundee United are coming to Ibrox with something to play for. If they beat us and the bheggars beat Hearts then they play Hearts in the last game with a win securing 3rd position. They'll take confidence in the fact that they've already beaten us at Ibrox this season, and I don't expect them to hold back at all during the game. Looking at the fixtures in the split, I personally thought that Motherwell away would be the trickiest one. We showed a real desire in both that game and the Hearts game which has proven that we want this title badly. I think we've already proven in our recent form th
  5. Hokey Cokey was definitely played before the game. "Pyoor anti-irish racism n'at!"
  6. As long as we get the three points, I'm not bothered what the scoreline will be. I'm almost 100% certain that we'll beat Kilmarnock next Sunday, so I will just be glad to get through this game. Same team as yesterday should be enough to get us the result. We showed great character and determination to win yesterday and the same mindset must be continued on Tuesday. Theres no doubt that Dundee Utd will be looking to come away with a result as it will improve their chances of finishing third. We need to be fully focused at the back and prevent the likes of Goodwillie breaking through.
  7. This has definitely been some week. St Pauli Scum relegated by an 8-1 defeat at home to Bayern Munich. :lol:
  8. Hate it that QPR just get called 'Rangers'.
  9. The burd - Craig Whytes tie -
  10. He's been guilty at times this season of disappearing during games, but there is no doubt that he is the best midfielder in Scotland on his day. His recent form has been absolutely brilliant for us, hope he is as inspirational in the last two games.
  11. He's looking to bring in Messi for next season.
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