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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Just seen this on my Facebook This could be a huge u-turn in the takeover, anything could happen now!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw7QYrEIcQE
  3. His confidence will have rocketed, he had a massive cheeser when he finished that, obviously means a lot to him :crabflute:
  4. ...by the Motherwell goalkeeper This has brightened up my weekend, so happy for Healy, Weiss, Bartley everyone! :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic:
  5. 3-0 :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic:
  6. Just sat and watched the best moments from Old Firm games on youtube, getting me so hyped for this match. Not a better feeling than seeing Edu sticking that ball in the net in the 93rd minute, pretty much guaranteeing us the league. Hope to fuck we show up tomorrow and give them a battering. WATP.
  7. Without Me would've been more appropriate with the "Guess who's back, back again.." part. Dunno why they chose My Name Is
  8. Good piece of business done. 500k+ would be nice. Makes up for the cheap deal for Miller I suppose.
  9. :mcgregor: :whittaker: :weir: :webster: :davis: :mcculloch: :weiss: :lafferty: :beattie:
  10. Imagine Prso and Jelavic up front together
  11. Here's my ideal Scottish League system (sorry if it's a tad confusing, tried to help out by adding specific colours) : They should have 1 league of 18, and 2 leagues of 12 with the Highland League being the 3rd division. 2 promotions and 2 relegations from each league. Champions of the SPL automatically getting Champions League spot. 2nd and 3rd placed teams in SPL - coloured GREEN - play a 2-legged fixture for the 2nd Champions League spot and the loser going into the Europa League. Teams in SPL finishing in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th - coloured PINK - play-off for the 2nd Europa League spot.
  12. I fucking hate when the wee diddy teams get so much praise for "playing amazing" when really they are just there playing their average football, while we are the ones that beat ourselves with our shite performances week in week out. They're making out as if ICT are world beaters just because they drew twice against us, which was due to us playing badly. Piss poor once again.
  13. Make that Milan 0-1 Ajax. Need 2 now from Milan.
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