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  1. big belil was a better defender
  2. He only said that there is no guarantees that we would win the title if we spent 100 million. I reckon a flippant remark from big Davie has been turned into a headline. Load of bollocks.
  3. Tav, Halliday, holt and all the CB' s
  4. and how did you come to have that juicy nugget of information ? Nobody else seems to know with such conviction
  5. if we get 2nd he'll get next season if not he'll be offski. Can't see us spending anything in Jan, couple of loans. I really hope he goes on to be a success with us but if king doesn't back him properly in the summer he will be hounded out when we get embarrassed in the Europa early doors.
  6. 2 man. Just needed to make sure people knew it was tickets tickets and not just tickets
  7. Just looking for two tickets to the Inverness game on Friday. thanks
  8. Needs a partner up top. Struggled for pne last season as a lone striker. I know it's kinda a 4-3-3 we play but he's very isolated most of the time
  9. Seen some shit posts on here over the years but this takes the biscuit!
  10. Would you honestly want that on your pizza tho? Seems a bit crazy. And remember Broadfoot is at Rotherham, still the world class player he once was
  11. While I do think we need a new striker. I think we will see a better showing from the strikers we have with a better midfield behind them. I do like Holt and Halliday but you don't often see them thread a defense splitting pass. A quality attacking mid with a good range of passing is what we are really crying out for imo
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