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  1. I have no idea mate, but the only think I have to get on holiday is a piece of paper and I cannot see this shower ever getting an app or QR code working so they might have to just give up.
  2. I cannot see how 50 + K people can be checked before a game, just not possible time wise, how do the incompetent SNP/ Greens plan to sort this before the Hivs game??
  3. Thanks mate, I am on holiday in Spain and bought the game on Sat no problem then.
  4. Is the game on Rangers TV tonight, I bought the St Johnstone one on Sat but cannot seem to get this one bought.
  5. Just what I was going to post mate, the U B do so many good things, but this is pathetic, if it is their members who have indeed done it.
  6. Wankers the lot of them. This is just what we should expect from these people they do not even try and make it look like they are doing anything for the good of Scottish football, just the same old pish from the same idiots.
  7. Independent advisors 🤔 so not an independent investigation as we wanted. My prediction, this will end up costing a lot of money and nothing worthwhile will come from it, I genuinely hope I am wrong.
  8. Not sure mate, not been looking at the forecast for Millport lately. 😜 😁😁
  9. I hate to type these words but it is how it is unfortunately mate. 55 has really pushed them farther over the edge than we could have expected. On holiday so not posting on Twitter, you need a break from these SNP/Greens halfwits for a wee while, but reading a little they are just as nuts as ever it seems.
  10. People like him are the idiots who obviously only see this from one side, I cannot believe that he thinks tarrier fans never sing or do anything bad. Total wanker along with all the other wankers in our fucked up wee country.
  11. Managed to buy it on Rangers TV after changing my password, thanks for you help.
  12. Thanks mate, coming up as error here but will try and get into Rangers TV.
  13. Every chance a typical Nat, their kind can do no wrong, but big bad Rangers fans are sooooo bad. Shitebag.
  14. What a wanker that Stewart is, taken him two days to come up with that pish.
  15. I was not going to mention it on RM but the post from Zet seemed a good time to put up that pic. Took the laptop so hoping to watch the games while away.
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