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  1. i no what you mean lol .. i locked my office and just played penny arcade most of the day with the biggest smil on my face but was suffering even though i was at home still got air locked lol

  2. Aye had a great day, struggled at work on Monday!

  3. ah right excellent , couldnt get a ticket love so just at home , plus was working the next day so couldnt get flights and stuff back to belfast in time, im sure you had a good time afterwards as well

  4. Hey sorry only been able to get on. I was at the game and it was amazing! What did you do?

  5. I'm so excited but very nervous....

  6. let them come ..... we welcome the chase!!!!

  7. watp

    1. stephenbelfast


      I'll sing a song of history long,

      A struggle for the ulster we all love,

      A border town, a village strong,

      Whose people made allegiance to the crown,

      In Crossmaglen, theres Orangemen,

      Whose patriotic flame will never die,

      And when you hear the battle cry,

      It will be the Orangemen in Crossmaglen,

      The IRA's bazoka's roar,

      Their armalites go crackle in the night,

      But pretty soon, they'll know the score,


  8. new rangers top bought ... beers in for Sunday and the lads are ready to do the bouncy around the living room-----gutted I couldn't make it

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