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  1. Who’s that wank that hates Alfie? Is he still in here trying to talk him down?
  2. There’s a big rug in the east end we could sweep it under.
  3. SPWF


    I paid £25 in the sale.
  4. Obviously. I’d be gutted not to be there if it happened, but I wouldn’t want others to miss out. Fucking sociopath thinking IMO.
  5. Pretty childish that some would prefer no one to be there if there was a chance they wouldn’t be.
  6. “Jackie McNamara is a shitehawk” Jackie McNamara’s Wife 2020
  7. SPWF


    Cunts to get themselves into the 21st century. No more same old buses and same old faces getting away tickets just because. Deal with it.
  8. Aye right. Crack on into a huddle then mate.
  9. All the wee idiots that think he’s not done enough this season are nowhere to be seen. Every time he misses out, through injury, suspension, or being rested, we rarely play well. Then he comes back in and shows what we’ve been missing. He is fucking essential.
  10. Vile IMO. Please see to this admin.
  11. They weren’t the subject of the joke though, the other poster was.
  12. I think it was just a joke tbh.
  13. SPWF


    Couldn’t make that up. He’s never been injured for us.
  14. Can all the daft wee lassies stop bickering so we can keep updated on the actual story? Cheers.
  15. Because they didn’t have a tyre company on the sleeve?
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