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  1. I’m talking about the obsession with “dropping” players. We don’t have a settled 11 for players to be dropped. Bar a handful we rotate players based on that particular matches requirements. As for the how good is he statement... He’s played well over a hundred games for us. If you can’t tell how good, or bad even, he is you probably don’t know much about football. Fair enough if you just said you though he was shite, you’d still be wrong, but at least it’s an opinion. But saying he’s been too injured to make an assessment is a bizarre claim tbh.
  2. They think they’ve got to the bottom of the problem, so they believe he will be. He’s contributed enough to be given the chance to prove his fitness. Why are people so obsessed with this? We have a core of 14 players who all play depending on the the opposition. No one in that 14 is “dropped” if they play one week and not the next.
  3. Just because we’ve managed fine doesn’t mean it won’t be good to have him back. I’d use him where/when required so way Gerrard does with almost all his players.
  4. Football fans are split into two distinct groups IMO. Those that can see what players like Jack bring to a side, and idiots.
  5. He’s played 31 league games.
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