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  1. We’ve big Ittensy now though.
  2. He preferred playing centre half did he not? I wasn’t born back then, but pretty sure I’ve heard that.
  3. SPWF


    What the fuck do these jobbers have to do with how we’re playing this season? You’re having a nightmare pal.
  4. Aye for isolating, but he’s likely to passed it on to someone. We’ll have positive tests off the back of this in the next week.
  5. SPWF


    what’s staggering is how you can’t see what he’s bringing to the side. Is he on top form? No. But he’s still contributing, and if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be starting
  6. SPWF


    You know fuck all about football
  7. SPWF


    Bonkers than guys think Gerrard and his team would entertain him playing if he was overweight.
  8. SPWF


    He was shite post new year last season, but then so was the whole team. He’s been fine so far this season. Yes he’s not scoring as much as we, or he, would like, but the unselfish work he’s doing from a tactical point of view is one of the main reasons we’re controlling games this season.
  9. SPWF


    Most of our fans know fucking zilch about football. ”He’s dropping too deep!” “Doing nothing goes the team at the moment.” Blows my mind how naive people are when it comes to our tactical set up and the player’s roles in that set up.
  10. SPWF

    Ryan Jack

    I think he was just joking mate.
  11. Jesus Christ. I’d completely forgotten Jason Cummings played for us.
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