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  1. Well my order came today - Well after when I thought it was arriving but I’ve got it now and it looks great. Think Castore we’re abit economical with the advertising - ‘As worn’ to me means they were playing Aberdeen wearing it. Anyhow looked good for the celebrations. If your still waiting - Hang in there
  2. I just got an email saying I’ve got a 20% discount - I’m presuming as my order says dispatch May that means it’s 1st batch??
  3. I’ve emailed them again just now - Well and truly hacked off with the service
  4. Ordered within hours of the email coming out on the 7th March - Have emailed Castore relentlessly and keep getting told they are due to be dispatched…. I’m sure it will turn up soon, waiting on 3 (1 adults/2kids) What makes me more annoyed is they keep peddling fresh clothing via email/Rangers store to cash in but they can’t fulfil orders from the 7th March - Shameless.
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