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  1. Just get them pumped, there’s no doubt we are the better team and having all those away goals and being at home should help us McGregor Balogun Goldson Helander Barisic Arfield Davis. Kamara Aribo. Morelos. Kent 2-1 / 3-1 Rangers
  2. Been spot on for me recently except for when it changed over and I never got any of the St. Johnstone game
  3. Don’t think there’s a panic.... yet They were likely to win there games in hand, it’s us dropping silly points twice against teams towards the bottom of the league that’s causing concern. We don’t want to give them any glimmer of hope, having dropped points to Hamilton if we don’t beat Killie then it raises all the usual ‘bottle’ questions from previous seasons. This is a massive game minus Morelos and Roofe, Kent/Hagi off form, DeFoe injured so limited options doesn’t help Game takes on more importance as we can apply pressure with them playing Sunday Lets not forget
  4. There’s no doubt Gerrard got it wrong once again away from home like St Mirren in the cup. Bizarrely it’s one area he still hasn’t always understood when choosing a team away from home... Zungu, Kamara and Aribo away is madness - Maybe at Ibrox u mite get away with it but for me during this run in it’s got to be strongest starting 11 every game. If we get a decent lead then rotate McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Jack Davis Kamara Roofe Morelos Kent Thats the best 11
  5. No messing about from here on it - Strongest 11 every week until the League is secured. We can not offer them any encouragement during this run in. Europe has been a great run but we need this title win more than anything
  6. Barker is getting £1500 more than Kamara.... No way these figures can be realistic
  7. Really?? Can’t see any logic in these comments. Losing in the League Cup has done nothing other than knocking us out the cup - Could it have worked the other way that we can’t just turn up and win/change half a team and expect to win. There’s no doubt this is a big game before we even think about C*ltic, if we lose and if we lost the Old Firm game then yes questions to ask but if we win and win the Old Firm and they drop points against Dundee Utd tomorrow we will just be another step closer. Lets all stick together and one game at a time
  8. Was delighted when we signed him and have thoroughly enjoyed watching his effort, skill and goals. Keep it up Kemar! 👏🏻
  9. Struggles in more physical games but there’s no doubts he changed things for us today - Managed to find space behind the wing backs and in turn allowed us to overload the box and create chances
  10. Put ourselves rite under pressure going 1 down, they will just camp deeper and harder now. Need runners beyond the strikers to move the defenders out of position C’mon Rangers let’s get it going
  11. Can’t seriously have Itten ahead of Morelos??? Dont have anything against Itten and his performances just Morelos offered far more
  12. Let’s absolutely pump these c*nts tomorrow, they were the first and continually put the boot in back in 2012 and we need to send them the message. Let’s no forget recharging our fans for the replayed game and just their general scumminess over the years Rangers just get them pumped and put the pressure on the tims
  13. I would take him, but not at all costs If it’s a transfer that works for both parties that’s different, he gets exposure and first team games in what has already been a stop start career when u look at his games played. We get a player who could really improve the staring 11 and squad setup, he has the potential to be a game winner and changer. He doesn’t need the money and we possibly don’t need anymore midfielders but if he makes a footballing decision and the board view it a good business I’d be all for it
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