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  1. I want out strongest team played after the debacle of out Cup performances these last few years. Get the game won and then make some changes - Our issues so far this season are a lack of goals and a softness defensively so why people would want to make a host of changes to an already struggling team makes no sense to me. I’m hoping some continuity might help the players rediscover form from a solid team base McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Kamara Davis Hagi Wright Morelos Roofe If we get a decent lead then throw on Lundstram, Sakala, Arfield etc but get the game won’t firstly and lets guarantee our semi final status
  2. Hasn’t looked very good at any point since he signed. Yesterday twice he got done - Punt up the park early in the 1st half when he ended up the wrong side as the ball flew over his head and only Goldson getting back as Watt rounded McGregor spared us and secondly he was pathetic at the goal - Worst case he should have wiped the guy out just outside the box and taken the risk of the red card - He did nothing except shrink and let the guy through, From my view in the Broomloan I couldn’t believe Barisic never got a block in either. Simpson is our worst CB and if we can recall Katic we should and rotate him with Balogun until Helander is fit
  3. I was the same and got a reply weeks ago from Rangers. Rangers we’re saying Premium Credit needed all the ST paid in full by March 2022 - Not sure when u made ur first payment but I’m September 2021 so I can only get a max of 7mths from Sept - March. The monthly payment is only higher cause of the shorter term, the amount paid over 7 or 10 will equal the same total. I also wasn’t notified but accepted the explanation. Season 2022-2023 we will go back onto the 10mth lower payment setup as there will be enough months for it to run fully
  4. Were u on the 10mth plan but it’s been amended to 7mths with higher payments and no Notification of a change?
  5. Been woeful going forward since the season started - Don’t really look like scoring here either considering we have an extra man
  6. Just win Rangers. This mob weren’t very good at Ibrox and are still in the tie probably due to our sluggishness and poorish performance. Team picks itself, will worry about Sunday after tonight. Im still hopeful if we get some negative PCR tests then some of the players listed missing currently might be available for Sunday 1 game at a time 2-1 Rangers tonight
  7. I was quite happy with the explanation from Rangers and understand the 7mth reasoning, as I’ve said I’ve used the ST already this season and technically haven’t paid for it yet. lucky the higher payment won’t affect me but I totally understand it being an issue for others
  8. I emailed Rangers TO today to query why I had gone onto a 7mth payment scheme and just got a call back. Rangers are saying that this years instalments need to be completed by March 2022 - My 1st instalment for this season is due to come out 1st September so I can only get 7mths hence the shorter term and higher payment. Rangers are blaming Premium Credit as last seasons payments over ran if that makes sense hence we can’t now get the full 10mths. The cut off is March so it doesn’t happen again and we will get the full 10mths next seasoN
  9. It’s a fresh agreement for this seasons ticket with the 1st instalment due off September - No notification from anyone but the renewal options through the ticket office were 4mth or 10mth only
  10. Defo no correspondence from Rangers, I only noticed today as Premium Credit emailed me and I checked the direct debit mandate. It is poor if it’s right - I’ll be ok with the higher payment, just the principal. Be interesting to see if any other 10mth plans are also reduced?
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