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  1. Even though its complete bullshite, thanks for ruining my buzz there for a minute NorthernLights ya penis.
  2. Their Europa league results could have a fucking effect on them too if they are any good. Fuck that for a laugh.
  3. Sorry troops but see all this "I'd prefer they won this game, then drew that game then bla de fucking bla, and then this would mean this then this would be that"? Get that tae fuck. Thats playing with fire. Fucking ignore every single ball the cunts kick from now until the end of the season and concentrate only on ourselves.
  4. I find myself slowly tilting my head from side to side with my eyes slightly screwed up like I'm checking out a peice of artwork when I look at his hairdo.
  5. I just find players like this who have been on 80-100k for years without doing anything remotely in the game quite sickening. Be it from injuries, clubs being stupid and offering ridiculous contracts, I don't care. I wouldn't even take him for free.
  6. Thank fuck he's no coming up here. The chat around this cunt was giving me the fear.
  7. It was a big 4 year old VW Passat estate. Saved our lives tbh mate.
  8. Mrs broke her leg, youngest who is 5 was just bruised badly, eldest who is seven has a 12 inch scar round the top of her thigh where the seat belt almost cut right through to the bone.
  9. Some tosser was going way to fast in his car, lost control of it, spun over to my side and skelped our car head on at 70mph. Mrs and weans airlifted to QMUH the lot. Nightmare.
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