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  1. Superb mate, looks great👍🇬🇧 Barker gonny be the finishing touch aye?
  2. Organised yes, but something we could easily adjust to to take apart. Clarke's a balloon.
  3. Yip, a unit is a great way to describe it. That's exactly what I saw.
  4. Watched it sober last night for first time in years and was genuinely impressed with our passing, shape, movement, positioning. I'd recommend watching games sober to any cunt now. Totally different game
  5. Could not fucking believe that ref going over to check the VAR for the first penalty then the bent bastard ran back on and gave it! Thought it was a certainty to be overruled. Pish man. Anyway, extremely confident we'll fuck them and go through.
  6. Great game, although jumping up off the couch each goal with a broken leg was a total bastard. Sitting still with the arms in the air just can't be done lol
  7. I genuinely believe cunts follow the 90 mins through that thread
  8. No offence but stop bringing it in other threads and confusing cunts with the pish your see. You do it all the time. Stay out of it if you hate it that much. We certainly hate reading your cryptic snippets from it.
  9. Not surprised at all. Its like a trainee policeman convention over there at times.
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