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  1. I thought Denmark/Sweden were miles up the way from Orkney n that 😂😂 Geography was never my strong point at school.
  2. After checking a World map you've just completely blown my mind mate 😂
  3. Furthest north I've ever been is Ross County. Trip to Denmark is well on the cards here.
  4. 10m lol Get yersel tae fuck.
  5. My granny and 10 of her mates should be enough.
  6. Financially making the CL is so important. Retaining the title is just as important too for obvious reasons. So in short, aye we need them both. Retaining the title should be mandatory. Getting in to CL is the shot in the arm the club needs to keep boosting on further while we have our feet planted firmly on their weak, pale, horrible fucking drawn in necks.
  7. The way you said it implied to me he would consider joining their coaching staff the now if approached. Canny believe I'm even talking about this.
  8. Eh, that's why I said "ffs man" 🙈
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