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  1. Good luck in your new place in Loyalist Ayrshire pal
  2. More Car Park riots, the meltdown is never ending
  3. Sellik have found their rightful place, nowhere
  4. The Evening tims or Glasgow Tims which is normally Sellik daft have very little mention of them on their website tonight how odd
  5. Is there anything better than seeing those cunts shut the fuck up and vanish for a Summer? I think not.
  6. Badly needed money right down the shitter for Sellik
  7. his latest article was a riot, absolutely fuming
  8. If you know your history what a shower of shite
  9. They are utter fucking pish, the Scottish media has become a joke in fawning over them, what a great laugh
  10. Very sorry to hear this, a true Ranger.
  11. The Nats have what's left of the Scottish media by the nuts, we don't have any journalist with the guts to stand up to them, lest they fall off the tartan gravy train, the tartan thought police are well and truly in charge of our country. Krankie seems to be playing right into the hands of the destructive bigots in the hot air shop, that will never end well.
  12. Archer was another Rangers hating clown mate.
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