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  1. Right at full time, BBC Scotland's impartial report on "Sellik" Long haul back for Old Firm Well, that was a complete downer for Scottish football. Both of the country's so-called giants have been brought down to size and sit bottom of their respective Europa League group tables. Rangers ended the early kick-off with 10 men in Czech Republic as they lost 1-0 to Sparta Prague before celtic were thumped 4-0 at home to Leverkusen. So much to do if either of the Old Firm sides are to recover and qualify for the knock-out stage.
  2. The BBC Website says Dundee striker Leigh Griffiths has been charged with excessive misconduct by the Scottish FA after apparently kicking a flare into a stand of fans.
  3. Shocking performance so far, another goal surely to fuck?
  4. Very sorry to hear about your wee brother mate, must have been like going through a nightmare as a family .
  5. Absolutely horrific and tragic for the family of the boy killed, a worst nightmare for any family, my heart goes out to them.
  6. Every defeat at our hands will be another meltdown for them, could be a long slow and painful season for them
  7. tbf, they're good at ruining a country they profess to love.
  8. Goes for everyone at their "club", not just the players.
  9. After what Blair done to the UK, it does not sadden me at all, I wish they would vanish forever and a credible opposition arise.
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