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  1. The man is synonymous with Rangers, thanks for everything Jimmy and good luck for the future , you won't be forgotten, whenever you retire.
  2. half volley is good enough for me, fucking screamer V the scum
  3. Unionblue


    Stevie G is a winner and has turned us into a club of winners, fantastic times to be a bear
  4. No one listens to that daft cunt anymore anyway, he has that half pished when sober look about him nowadays
  5. imagine supprting those bastards, i think i'd rather jump from a bridge
  6. When they all wished me Happy new year, i had no idea it would turn out to be this happy what a riot
  7. poor sellik , decimated by government rules according to the bbc
  8. You know its a different era when even the herald are not pro sellik
  9. there is nothing in the world like hearing them hurting like fuck, one of life's true pleasures.
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