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  1. No a great thread at all. No vote option for Firth as number 1, what's that all about.
  2. Canny believe some of the comments here, Buff is playing more of a centre forward's role these days and that effects his goal scoring. A centre forward certainly used to be expected to net 15-20 goals a season the problem is we dont have the predator to play alongside him that gets 30+ goals per season.
  3. Just need the people around, who they are also disturbing, to band together an give them a rousing rendition of Who ate all the pies.
  4. On this occasion I would say it was a management thing the gaffer ripped the guts out of a team that was actually playing quite well apart from misfiring strikers. Yes his new signings need game time to integrate them but it's up to the management team to get the team playing well enough to create a platform for these lads to play not a top of the table clash with only a single goal lead.
  5. Shagger has never been the best at coming for crosses but has more than made up for it in other departments of his game IMO. Seem a bit strong tot start criticising the deficiencies in his game now unless people believe the balance of the various facets of his game have shifted? Has he been effected by not playing consistently, I dont know but it must have an effect.
  6. When we signed Lundstram I hoped he would become that CDM we been missing for years, he just has that edge to his game you need to play this role. Maybe now we can stop having go play two in front of our back four and we wont have so many holes between our midfield and attack.
  7. Sitting back at the end games trying to hold onto a single goal lead and inviting the opposition into the game, when we going to learn. Also if you dont convert yer chances this can happen. We move on, yes there are positives to be taken but got to learn the lessons too.
  8. With this poor excuse for a man I always console myself that I dont have to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and see the same bitter, miserable no mark that he saw the day before.
  9. Totally agree, management team are constantly on about loading. Also Tav needs game time as well to make sure he is fully match ready even if he wasnt our captain. Will no do Patterson any harm to have the competition for the place from a fully fit Tavernier who must be raring to go and cant be in any doubt that he has serious competition for the jersey from an in form Patterson. Just wish the manager had the same problem all over the park but we are getting there.
  10. I wouldn't say Killie understood less or more than other team but perhaps didnt let their bitterness blind them quite so badly.
  11. Can see where your going with a month when the qualifiers are played but that would raise another question as to when the players are going to get some down time or we will see ever increasing injuries in number and severity with the number of games being played.
  12. Is it pantomime season already, doesn't time fly when yer giving certain mid table teams a good skelping
  13. Real happy for the lad , let's hope it boosts the lad's confidence going forward.
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