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  1. Davis has had a great season and we would have been in trouble if he had no filled in when we had key injuries in midfield. Fantastic example for the young lads coming through.
  2. Is broon one of they b- boys then, they are always rolling around on the pavement although I think they may not be as pished as he was
  3. With Goldson and Helander our CB pairing and Balogun effectively first reserve who stays as No 4 pick, who goes out on loan and who just goes out of these players: Edmundson Katic Simpson Bassey ( more a CB than a wingback will never replace BB if he goes)
  4. Absolutely spot on mate, when have these clowns ever taken responsibility for their multitude of screw ups. Of course the bears will alland set an example to these scumbags, it is the Presbyterian way after all.
  5. Zero football content from the the clown. We are far from the finished article but this lot couldn't pick that out of it if their career depended on it, and it should do. Dont know why half these clowns get a wage off Bauer.
  6. Snyde have sent their letter off to the Vatican to have Broon canonised
  7. Comparing Broon to McNeil big lad must be turning in his grave. Cant ever remember images like this of McNeil
  8. Its hilarious, total distraction tactics and the numbnuts are falling for it.
  9. Appears this clubs ranks are full of wee scumbags and all this garbage they are coming out with just highlights that they should have been banned from all UEFA competitions for the upcoming season IMO. Of course UEFA will fail to do this, sadly I reckon they are far more likely to reduce the racist's ban.
  10. Apparently an assist 2 minutes earlier as well but I dont know if it is enough to secure him another contract at Ibrox.
  11. Only player I really dont want to see a so called project come in for is a central defensive midfielder. With Oforborh we already have one of those and experience really does make a difference in this position helping to make the right decisions often in a split second. If we are spending money would rather it was here.
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about Howe neither , he signed an unproven Solanke a couple of seasons ago for a Barrow load of cash and his goals have cost them about a million a piece so far.
  13. At a guess you'll be on some royal game soup and a couple of ootsiders for yer dinner then?
  14. John from Paisley a Rangers fan? Aye right, no even Morris's would credit that one.
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