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  1. Aye each to their own but I see it as a battle between Aribo, Arfield for that more advanced midfielder so I'd be keeping them for that position. Would include Hagi as well but the lad doesn't have enough graft about him to fit into that position IMO
  2. Bit undecided on whether to play Defoe . On one hand the wee man did the business at the weekend nobody can argue with that. On the other JD is done come end of season and doubtless Morelos agent will be touting his services around again any time soon in anticipation off January window. Surely the gaffer needs Roofe or Itten firing well , preferably both, and should be focusing on them.
  3. Shagger Tav Goldson Helander Barasic Davis Kamara Arfield Kent Itten Morelos Lads that came in did well but most returning from injury so surely the gaffer will not want to over load them to soon . Want Morelos back on goal trail so a wee bit of help up top might just do the business.
  4. Gaffer needs to get three points , doesn't need to be pretty and make full use of the five subs to get as many rested as required so the team is raring to go on Thursday. I know for many the main focus is 55 but we need these win bonuses in Europe even more without the gate money we would normally be expecting.
  5. With 5 substitutions we could get the game won then substitute the ones that could do with a rest. Agree with you lads though Kent is looking like he needs a wee break
  6. Livingston game would be ideal to take the pressure the wee man is likely putting on himself and put big Itten in at CF , If Buff can get a tap in off the big fella might well help put him back on track. Could Kent be due a wee rest as well as Arfield and Kamara, all have played alot in the past few weeks and will ne interesting to see how the gaffer deals with it. Still like to see a Morelos Itten Roofe front three at some stage, well ye never know
  7. 2-0 result away result in Belgium , any club would be happy with that these days.
  8. Agree with most of this except there is a euro place attached to the Scottish Cup so regardless of whether it is started or not it is the league cup I'd be cancelling
  9. If the front three can hit the form levels of our defence and midfield we could be handing this lot a right doing.
  10. I would add Helander to your list of Goldson and Kamara, all three had a totally exceptional performance yesterday.
  11. Canny see it unfortunately , dont know if it's the win bonuses or what but there does appear to be a priority put on Europa games.
  12. So in a topic about Gerrard it's off topic to discuss that he does not have another striker up to speed to replace Buff when he collects another yellow card
  13. Sorry to interrupt this weeks episode of the galloping gourmet but is Buff no a card short of a suspension, could easy be wrong like. With Roofe no match fit/sharp and Defoe no really suited to this lone striker role in Scotland imo, should the gaffer no be giving Itten more time on the park than 5 mins at the end of the game. Really need to see this young lad firing on all cylinders as surely you would have struggled to get odds off a bookie that Buff would have received a suspension at some point in the season
  14. Tough call by some leaving Arfield out, played well again today. Think the gaffer may leave it until the home game against Livingston before changing a team that's performing well and giving a select few a rest. Important to make a good start to the group and no doubt Gerrard will be keen to qualify again. Club could also do with the win bonuses I would imagine
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