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  1. A big fat balloon that's full of hot air.
  2. Cant help thinking of one of these when I hear Dalziel these days
  3. Just checked, BBC no updated their site to show us top of the table. No bitter are they, got to put it off as long as possible.
  4. Bassey will no be the first fullback that goes on to be a better centre back. There's a reason he played more games at CB than he did at left back when he was at Leicester.
  5. Decent result and performance for first game of the season. Wright finish has to be the highlight for me, showed alot of composure just to stroke that home with players bearing down on him.
  6. Thinking we are going to need to start at least with a strong midfield as I can see this lot getting a bit physical. Lundstram Kamara and either Davis or Arfield, guess it depends on who the gaffer is thinking on playing midweek. Given results toward the end of our pre-season I reckon they will be bricking it.
  7. Really appreciate your updates on the youth sides elf , are we still fielding underage sides to increase their progression rate?
  8. Watch out bud, you'll be called racist in a minute with democratic views like that.
  9. They better increase the size of the criminal justice system 10 fold then
  10. Ironic, dont see it. Trying to stop peoples right to peaceful protest I'd say that was akin to the behaviour of a fascist.
  11. If you've misread the statement try taking your time and sound out the more difficult words
  12. Lol Just because someone has the temerity to disagree with your point of view and you call them a racist. Get over yourself
  13. No your wrong again, trying to remove people's right to peaceful protest makes you a fascist. For the umpteenth time
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