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  1. Spot on mate. Will no be visiting their site if this is an example of their work.
  2. If Tavernier, Balogun and Jack are injured Patterson suspended who the hell do we play at right back ?
  3. Kennedy a fiddly fiddly o'dea, the mhanky dream team that's who those scumbags will be getting unless they have a disastrous finish to the season.
  4. I'm surprised they've no said they want Lampard. The Tranny man is oot of Europa league even with hi budget that far exceeds ours.
  5. Totally fails to mention the breaches in Dubai that were admitted to.
  6. Arsenal would be a cracking game, they are no at their best at the minute so we would definitely be in with a chance.
  7. Young boys beat Leverkusen in Germany so no sure I'd put them in that list.
  8. Sod covid I've heard there has been a major outbreak of uber-staunchness in Glasgow emanating from the Ibrox area.
  9. Hope the gaffer has told Patterson , that should have been you starting but while you were having to isolate Balogun made that Jersey his.
  10. We can afford to play our usual European style and be compact, hitting them on the break so looking for plenty of pace up front tonight. Looking forward to see what the gaffer's team is. Shagger Balogun Goldson Helander Barasic Arfield Davis Kamara Aribo Morelos Kent Allowing Arfield is fit enough, coz he was a bit short last time out.
  11. League all but won. Excellent chance of reaching the last 16 of Europa league. Would have been some atmosphere with enough noise to near make yer ears bleed
  12. The term legend is often overused but not when it is applied to Coop, was in total disbelief the day it was announced he had left us far to soon. Coop on form really was "a kind of magic" if he was on your side, must have been a total nightmare if you were the opposition.
  13. Auld fiddly diddly o'dea as defensive coach, oh please yes
  14. Match what values and sort of person they are and match them to the club, gonna have to be a right guttersnipe then
  15. TLB has chucked it and he's no saying the bunnet is selling up and cashing in where he can.
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