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  1. Always wondered how SNP intend to police text from outside their enclave. Waiting for the first extradition from Croydon.
  2. Hmm. Seems to want to walk a lot. Needs a kick up the arse.
  3. He had a big smile at full time, a rare sight.
  4. Better chance than Walters last assistant.
  5. What a 4 days! 2 rounds at St Pierre, a game this morning, then only missed first 10 minutes of a fantastic mauling of the beasts. Fucking bouncing!!
  6. Got it working fine from ipad, chromecast to big tv, lovely. Then 8 minutes in, big power cut! Whole town out till the 50th minute. Couldn't make it up.
  7. I always pay RTV when it's on in UK. Just not with apple. No way I risk a stream on the lads device.
  8. Thanks. Could I buy it at home then activate it at his house? Is the app needed, or will it work through the browser?
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