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  1. Barasa


    Thought Itten did well when he came on. Made himself available & held the ball well, definitely a player there.
  2. Barasa


    Don't know anything about this guy. Is he a DM? Was hoping he might be box to box. Will have to be something else to move Kamara.
  3. Seen it 3 times on English TV. Seen all over the world I would have thought. Time some in Scotland were shown up.
  4. Just showed it on ITV London.
  5. No excuse for not doing it from 25 yards now.
  6. Yeh but, only till it's time for me breakfast.
  7. Wife hates football & I made her watch it. "Hmm, is that it finished?"
  8. We don't score goals like that - Until Now! Just realised I've been swigging Stella all night. Thank you Belgium.
  9. He broke the line which gave away Goldsons first. Daft cunt.
  10. Giving them a polish you would hope, but sadly he would be on his knees just after like an auld wife with the front door step.
  11. Been backing him since he was getting slagged. Nice to see the appreciation now for what he does in the game.
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