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  1. I think comparing both squads we do.
  2. Feels like them last season. Some people believing they aren't a threat to winning it this season or it's fine because something similar happened in the 90s and we won it. We are still the best team with better depth which could be the deciding factor but unless we start showing it, we won't win a thing this season.
  3. It just feels like teams have worked us out. Maybe formation can change but we lack killer instinct at the moment. We have to go on a run in the league but it's a tough old fixture list ahead. Embarrassing we aren't already well clear even this early.
  4. If we hadn't been creating chances all season I'd have worried about that. I still think goals will come. Conceding every game and starting at -1 is going to kill us.
  5. I remember watching the football league show when he was at Oxford and had a lot of interest in him. Used to think I wish we spotted him. Was absolutely chuffed when we did get him. Injuries are probably the reason he isn't at a higher level but he's not had one in a while and is as sharp as ever. One of those players that you can just tell is a few levels above.
  6. Big win but I hope as confidence starts to build we won't stop playing when we go ahead. Need to be hungrier than ever at that point.
  7. What was that stat Crocker said about late goals conceded? It didn't sound very promising whatever it was. Really need to start making life easier. Not sure if they are being coached to sit deep when in front but we should be controlling the ball at this stage, you can always give up a chance but I'd rather we were going for the kill.
  8. We need to get this ball down and start playing. Feels like we are just waiting until we give up a chance as per.
  9. What's he moaning about ffs. He took an awful touch, slipped and nutted Aribo's leg 😂
  10. Hear Walker there? Had to add in "dangerous from Morelos" during that scramble He's such a twat.
  11. Can see Alfie being sent off today. Booked for celebrating. Power meanwhile is allowed to scythe players down at will.
  12. Going and fucking dominate this now, lads. Don't sit off for fuck sake.
  13. Thank fuck Hagi been our best player. Not always come off but he always tries to make it happen. Also, Power has wiped Hagi out and given away a pen but no yellow 🤣
  14. Why the fuck do players insist on taking an extra 3 touches. Drives me insane. 5 breaking into the box but Roofe needs to fuck about it with it.
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