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  1. Was always going to get injured today as I triple captained him in fantasy
  2. I do wonder how we plan to replace Morelos. Are we going to bring in a project and start to shift focus to Roofe/Itten up top? Or, will we look for something similar. Only based on a few appearences but I really liked that Striker Midtjylland had against us. Kaba I think his name was. Whether or not he would be attainable is another question.
  3. Are they really this thick or are they trying to get onto Kerrydale Meltdowns?
  4. 46 professional games at 26? Not saying he's not a player but that's a bit of a red flag.
  5. I thought Greggs, Helander, Patterson, Davis and Kent were the only ones with pass marks today. Worst I've seen Barisic since we were ready to shift him back in the day.
  6. Felt very lazy from us all game. Thought with the league done, we'd go the other way and express ourselves. They were very good at staying compact and being a threat on the counter but in the second half I never felt like they were in the game until the goal. My stream died in the second half and had to switch to one with Hibs' commentators. Apparently they deserved at least a draw and it was the toughest home game we've had all season.
  7. I can't believe how many times they've slipped a ball through and have a 2 on 2 scenario. Don't know who is to blame, is it Aribo not being part of that midfield 3 during those defensive moments?
  8. I really like Aribo and think he's shown that if he can perform consistently then he'll be a top player for us. That said, his position isn't in that midfield 3. He makes sloppy passes and is often missing in that role. Far better up the park going at players.
  9. I'm sure I've read in the past that when Sky and the like buy the TV rights, they can only show a certain number of home games for each team. That's why we are usually away when we are live, they use the allocation of every other team to show us. I can't remember the amount of home games they can show (5 maybe?) but we obviously lose two straight away for the Old Firm games.
  10. Checked that lot's forum to see how their fans think they are playing - Never again. Saw this post and thought "I'm out." "We were robbed last couple of games against Rangers, help from officials is way past 'conspiracy theory' when it comes to games against this lot. Last couple of games we were playing against a team chasing what was for them a quite significant title, now that is in the bag I'm hoping that will help the ref officiate with unbiased judgement.....if that happens and we play as well as we have done against them all season then there is every chance of a point or thre
  11. Yea, I hope so. Was always my favourite player growing up and after he retired I drifted right away from snooker. Still play it (although mainly play pool) but just lost that desire to watch it when I had no one to support.
  12. Hendry was horrendous tonight. Started quite well and missed frame ball for 2-0 but once Si stole that second frame the shift in momentum was unreal. Si looked like he was gaining confidence with every shot whilst Hendry's was sapping away. I know he's planning on playing a lot more next season and I've heard his practice sessions are going really well, it's just about bringing it to the match table.
  13. White certainly was. Hendry wasn't happy with his own performance but I think for just his second game back, he's showed enough to keep going with it. Clearing the table from 62-0 to win 66-62 was absolute vintage Hendry vs White. I thought that, as well coming back from a snooker needed were the two best frames but aye, Hendry wasn't great and White was atrocious.
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