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  1. Will be interesting to see the players they sign and how they get on in the first few games. Media are already in hyper-drive banging on about his achievements. Any manager that has been successful and actually won trophies is always handy but it's not the unprecedented success they make out. Won 2x championships with Roarcelona or whatever stupid nickname they gave them. Actually finished 2nd in the league for one of those. Finished 9th out of 10 teams in his first season as well. Went to Melbourne Victory and finished 3rd before losing in the semi-finals of their play-off cham
  2. Going to dive into the comments on Twitter later. I'm hoping for more celtic fans slating him and Australian fans telling them he's the best manager to ever live.
  3. Just had a look through that. Seemed every offence video was pace down the wings and drill a cross into the 6 yard box (defending was woeful in every single video). Only other thing I noticed was the football in every single video was absolutely dreadful form both sides. There's about 4 open goals that the striker fluffs first time before putting in at the 2nd or 3rd attempt. I've said before, he must be a decent coach as he has had high praise but so was Warburton. If he was coming into a quality celtic side then who knows, maybe it could work but it's a complete and utter reb
  4. Kelly, Gallagher, Campbell and Cole all gone for nothing (albeit Kelly was only a loan but big player for them). I'd take Campbell on a free as a backup, think we could turn him into a decent wee player.
  5. Devante Cole to Barnsley on a free transfer. Always thought he looked like a decent striker to be fair. Good move for him but Motherwell will be gutted they didn't get a fee.
  6. Didn't see the game against the Dutch but heard we played quite well. I'm watching this one and honestly Luxembourg have been the forward thinking side, we've caught them on the break a few times.
  7. I can see an argument for a lot of the selections even if I don't agree with them. The one I can't understand is O'Donnell. Literally got there because we had 0 right backs and he worked with Clarke. Left Killie for a big move and ended up at Motherwell finishing bottom 6. He's barely bang average. Has OK attributes and that's it. Patterson may not be experienced but he's worth the risk getting him in now. This defence will get absolutely torn to pieces against a top side. I'd love to see us beat England (regardless of falling out of love with the national side, living in England m
  8. I think him going there is a huge positive for us. From their point of view it's an awful appointment. A rebuild needed and you're going to appoint a guy that only has a brief stint in the lower divisions of Greek football. For us, yes, it's exactly where it should be.
  9. Report said this morning his never seen before, all conquering, win every game style ended in a 1-1 draw last night. The guy probably has some good ideas and deserves a chance in Europe. It should never be a rebuild at celtic though, the job required is fucking huge and this guy has no experience of our game. The fact they keep rolling out other nobodies from Australia to tell us he's going to blow our socks off is laughable. I've seen a few people say they attack at all costs and can't help thinking with the way we counter attack, we could end up taking 5 or 6 off them.
  10. Just had one of those feels scripted moments. I know that it isn't but sometimes just feels like the game has you down to lose a certain match. 48 unbeaten in the league across two seasons. Something like 27 points clear and we go to celtic. 2-0 and 3-1 up before they make it 3-2. We then have 3 goals disallowed as well as hitting everything but the back of the net. They equalise. We continue to batter the door down and have a FOURTH goal disallowed. They then stick in an 84th minute free-kick from around 30 yards and of course no matter what I change at the end there is no more highlight
  11. Been playing a 93-94 patch on CM0102 and it's class. Hateley and Coisty up top with the likes of Durrant, Gough etc. Also brought back a 37 year old Davie Cooper from Motherwell
  12. Can't believe Barry left them. I assumed it was because the money wouldn't be splashed around like before but they've made some signings man.
  13. Just saw a thread on Reddit and the Aussie fans are clashing with celtic fans celtic fans calling him a nothing manager and Aussie fans reckon Japanese league is miles above Scotland and he should hold out for a much better job. If he does come in he'd have celtic dominating and winning by huge margins every week. Winning the J-League is mentioned a lot but nothing about finishing 9th the next season. I don't know what's funnier, celtic fans in tears over appointing this guy or the Aussie fans making him out to be the new Pep.
  14. I've seen a couple of journalist singing this guy's praises for winning the Japanese League. Haven't mentioned they followed it up with a 9th place finish
  15. I'm in season 4 I think with Rangers (Clydebank, Arbroath and Motherwell before the Gers) and the only time we seem to drop points is if I bring all the kids in to give players a rest. celtic are having a nightmare, appointed some Spanish coach who led them to Europa League final (against us at celtic Park!) and after losing that they barely made it to 2nd. Alex Neil replaced him and after starting well, they fell away again. Following season he fucked off to England and now they are searching again. What's the weird things people are coming across in their game? In mine, Barry Fergu
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