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  1. I think they mentioned that the flag was up for offside which was perhaps the only thing that saved Duffy as it was definitely a red card. Should have been a talking point at least though, they just glossed over it as usual.
  2. Loved him. Always wanted the ball and hardly ever wasted it. You were just so confident if he was on the ball. He'd suit our style now all day long.
  3. Not sure if it's the same for other comps but I think the rules for Nations League showed that UEFA can look to reschedule the match so Scotland won't necessarily get 3 points awarded.
  4. He's a cracking wee player. I don't mind us picking up some of the young Scottish talent. I'd prefer Campbell though, think he's got a far higher ceiling.
  5. He's certainly rated very highly by people. I reckon Lennon signed him just because of his ability to score from distance. His whole midfield are picked by their ability to shoot from 18 yards + (bar Brown). Motherwell fans all wishing him the very best is funny. You know he wouldn't go with their best wishes if we had signed him
  6. Posted this in the English football thread but probably better in here. Pompey 3rd kit.
  7. So many goals have come from crosses. Annoying but they rarely drop points to the bottom feeders of the league. We have to make sure we do the same this season as we won't get any favours from anyone else. I swear I these sides are a far more compact against us 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Stuck the football on and same as usual. Teams not taking their chances against them before leaving a load of space in defence.
  9. Saw BBC did an article on Lennon today, mentioned that number 9 is definitely coming, nobody knows when, but it's coming. Nothing like an agenda eh?!
  10. Johnsey


    Hibs fans seem to think he's key to them signing Docherty permanently. I'd rather sign Kamberi and keep Docherty. Christie spent time away from that lot and nearly left at one point, now one of their most important players. Even if Docherty doesn't come back to be like that for us, we'd get more of a fee for him than we would pay for Kamberi I think. He's definitely a player Kamberi, I think playing at a higher level will see him step up and get better and better. The offsides were incredibly frustrating (although Alfie is guilty of it too, not quite on the same scale). For someone w
  11. We are too fragile. Teams fancy it against us and that's the difference. A lot are unwilling to go for it against that lot because of the fear of losing, they are beaten before they even go out on the pitch. Against us, these teams fancy it before the match, during, even if they go behind. We've no fear factor whatsoever because we will always give up chances. I use to think Katic was a great young player but some of his errors are almost unforgivable. Why does he keep fucking slicing the ball up in the air?!
  12. Katic and Gerrard cost us that. Katic shouldn't have even been on the pitch with the game he was having. He made a positive change in formation and personnel and then shat it and went back to it.
  13. Katic can't even stay on his feet when the ball is nowhere near him at the moment, needs dropped.
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