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  1. These teams have continuity and that's exactly what we don't have. They may change managers but they haven't had to build a whole new squad from near enough scratch. They are also competing at a higher level on a weekly basis. We're untested at that level. People need to be realistic and realise we are undertaking a huge rebuilding job. It's not easy losing £30m worth of first-team players as well as your best youngsters. We are a club who doesn't even have a scouting system. We face many huge challenges if we're going to get back to challenging for titles and competing in Europe. Even when we had all our international players it was still very difficult to win the league.The SPL is not an easy league to win. Only once in the last 13 years have Celtic not at least taken it to the last day. Substantial investment, good management, a stable boardroom, and a good scouting network will be required. Ally is making good progress with the team. We see big improvements in every area this season. We've won 14 games in a row, scoring 51 goals and keeping 11 clean sheets.
  2. It's heartbreaking. I didn't know much about this disease until I heard the news of Fernando and decided to research it. The survival rates are terrifying. I wish him all the best.
  3. I seriously doubt we'll win every game. We may remain unbeaten though. Even if we had all our international players of two years ago I wouldn't expect us to win every game. I think we'll definitely drop points in the games we play after the league has been won. That always happens.
  4. Hibs are such a poor team. They are very weak up front. Take Hefferman (and even he's just decent but not outstanding) out the side and they're fucked. The boy Stevenson at right back is a total bombscare and teams target him. One man did impress me, however, and that was Kevin Thomson. He looks like he's beginning to get his form back. We are currently a better side than both Hibs and Hearts, without a doubt.
  5. It seems to be quite common in South and Central America. Messi has been known to do it also.
  6. He was breathtaking for about four months. Post injury he wasn't the same player. There's no way he offered more overall than Hateley.
  7. During my lifetime it has to be Hateley and by some distance. He terrorised defenders.
  8. Don't be too hard on Peralta because of one poor free-kick. I think he's a good set-piece taker. Remember he scored a cracker against Dundee so we know he has the ability. He also looks very dangerous from long range in open play and he had a tremendous effort tonight which hit the bar.
  9. There's no doubt huge investment will be needed if we're to get back to winning titles and competing in the CL. Celtic have a huge financial advantage as they have a clear run at the CL every season we're out the top division. It's not an easy league to win. Even when we had all our internationals it was very difficult to win the league. Only once in the last 13 years have Celtic not at least taken it to the last day. We are undergoing a huge rebuilding job and major investment will be needed. That's why it's so important that we see the required boardroom changes. People are ready to invest if these changes happen.
  10. Allan McGregor didn't get in the team until he was about 24 and yet went on to command a first-team place for a number of years. Andy Little finally got his big chance under Ally towards the end of our last SPL season. He scored some important goals during that spell and has continued to score goals in the lower league's. He may well have left if we were still in the SPL as he would have been behind top strikers like Jelavic and Miller but the reality is we're in the lower league's.
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